‘They Need to Follow My Order’: Wisconsin Judge Orders Panel to Purge 200,000 Voters

A judge in Wisconsin found the state’s Elections Commission along with three of its commissioners in contempt of court for not complying with his ruling from December.

Ozaukee County Judge Paul Malloy, on Monday, issued fines to the Commission and its three Democratic members for not following through on his December order to purge some 200,000 people from the state’s voter rolls.

The Elections Commission will be fined $50 a day, and the commissioners $250 a day until they comply with his order, as the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal reported

“I can’t be any clearer than this,” Malloy said. “They need to follow my order.”

At issue is a December ruling from Malloy that ordered the Commission to remove people from the voter rolls after they failed to respond to a request to update their information.

In October, the Wisconsin Elections Commission mailed notices to some 232,579 people it believed had moved and asked them to update their information, or they would be removed from the voter rolls. More than 230,000 did not respond to the notices.

The Commission planned to remove those individuals from the voter rolls in 2021, but three Wisconsin voters sued and argued that the voter purge should happen sooner.

Malloy agreed to hear the case in December and ruled that the Commission must remove those who had not responded immediately. 

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) weighed in at the time saying the move was “stifling the democratic process.”

After Malloy’s ruling, the Democratic members of the Commission sought to challenge it in the District 4 Court of Appeals and decided not to take action on the purge until that court issued a ruling.

The decision to hold off on the purge until the appeals court ruled on the matter led Malloy to find the commissioners in contempt of court.

Conservatives argued that ensuring the Elections Commissions has the correct information protects election integrity. Meanwhile, others say the purge is designed to de-register minority candidates who would likely vote for Democratic candidates.

The Milwaukee Sentinel Journal looked at the list of voters who were supposed to be taken off the rolls and found that about 55% of them lived in municipalities that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton carried in the 2016 election.

Ben Wikler, the chair of the state’s Democratic Party, responded to news of Malloy’s ruling by calling for his followers to help ensure those who were purged register to vote again.

Wikler went on in a series of tweets to claim that conservatives were pushing the purge to hurt Democrats in the presidential election later this year.

The issue has become a hot button topic in Wisconsin, which is seen as a must-win state for Democrats after Trump won the state by a narrow margin of fewer than 23,000 votes.

The Commission is set to meet Tuesday to decide whether to begin removing voters from the rolls.


  1. Dems are such cheaters they don’t even care that they got caught…to the point that they won’t comply! Ha ha! You can’t make it up…

  2. WI had 234,000 voters to purge and sent notices entirely according to legal procedures. About 15,000 responded and renewed registration. That leaves 209,000 who must legally (i.e. per law) purged.

    That the committee members have not done so in over a year is a felony. Any voter of any affiliation, should be concerned about this flagrant dereliction of duty AND that it has bearing on all elections.

    fun fact: the committee members still receive pay for their “services”.

  3. Hey Wikler, the GOP didn’t send the letter out, you did. 230,000 didn’t respond and you were going to remove them from the rolls AFTER the election – again Democrat decision not Republican. The judge asked you to remove 200,000 (30,000 less than did not respond) in the month of December of 2019 – it is now January of 2020 and nothing has been done so the judge found the party in contempt of court. Again not Republican. Because Judge Malloy is Republican, the GOP is making all the decisions for him?
    Try growing a spine and telling the truth sometime because you never know, it might actually help.

  4. “I won the race for governor by less than 30,000 votes. This move pushed by Republicans to remove 200,000 Wisconsinites from the voter rolls is just another attempt at overriding the will of the people and stifling the democratic process.”

    OR your election was a fraud. Because if there are hundreds of thousands of people registered to vote that are no longer entitled to vote, it’s pretty easy to envision 30-40,000 fraudulent ballots tipping an election.

    Generally speaking these notices are sent to people who have not voted in several years. In other words, these 230,000 registrations represent those who HAVEN’T yet been harvested for voter fraud, but are prime candidates for doing so. It doesn’t usually include the registrations that HAVE been harvested and used to cast fraudulent ballots. So this election board hasn’t even BEGUN to do its job and clearly doesn’t want to do so.


  5. court orders don’t mean nothing to the demwites. laws don’t apply to them. they just 200,000 demwite votes.

  6. *Paul* If that’s an attempt at sarcasm it is very sophomoric. All the Democrats have is President Trump lies. Their count is somewhere near 15,000. Didn’t know they could count that high. Meanwhile the market hit 29000. The highest in history. Unemployment the lowest. Kind of sounds pathetic when you’re hit with those facts!!!!! (No it’s not stuck)

  7. The system of notifying voters (by a non-forward-able post card) at their registered address is specifically designed to determine if they still live there. If they did not respond, then they didn’t get the card, so consider them ‘moved’ and remove them from the rolls. They can re-register at the polling place with proof of address & identity.

  8. Follow orders and then work your add off to get the purged voters re-registered.

    That is, of course, assuming that they actually exist. Wisconsin is pretty close to Illinois.

  9. The only reason HRC had those votes is because of the corruption in the votes! Every state should be cleaning up their registers! The left does whatever means they can to reregister, vote multiple times, get illegals with drivers licenses so they can vote, haul people to the voting booths and register prison inmates; only to name a few. They are nothing but liars and cheats. Truth and justice will prevail!! When our courts decide to hold people accountable with stiff consequences, thinks will turn around! Just like kids and demonrats, give them consequences!

    1. Michele, Michele: Settle down and take a deep breath. You are for “truth and justice” and you support Trump? Truth: he is the biggest lie producer in the history of our country. Justice: He let charges be dropped, and restored rank to an admitted murderer. (Also, please check your exclamation mark on your keyboard. It seems to be stuck. Just trying to be helpful.)

  10. Have worked as BOE volunteer for 20 years. It would be difficult to do in small towns like ours. But in more populated areas the turn over is more frequent and the volunteers don’t know every voter. Wikler is ridiculous. The election board should research obituaries and property transfers. When someone has not voted for years then they’re just asked for ID. Wikler sounds like he’s trying to game the system. No surprise.

  11. Clean the rolls like you are required by law and the left melts. That’s because they want those ballots to commit their voter fraud. We’re on to you Smalls.

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