While Wearing Gloves and a Mask, Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Defends Holding Election

As voters in Wisconsin went to the polls on Tuesday, the state’s Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R) was seen wearing a face mask and gloves at a polling station.

Speaking to reporters, Vos defended the push to continue with the election, “It is no guarantee that in May or June we’re gonna be safer.”

Vos added, “We could be dealing with this in August or November.”

Watch the video below:

Posted by The Journal Times on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Vos continued to assert that voters were “safe” at polling stations because there was “very minimal exposure” compared to going to a grocery store. 

He said, “Actually, there is less exposure here than you would get if you went to the grocery store or if you went to Walmart or did any of the things we have to do to live in the state of Wisconsin.”

Voters went to the polls on Tuesday after a chaotic series of events on Monday when Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) issued an executive order postponing in-person voting until June due to the coronavirus outbreak.

State Republican officials quickly announced their decision to challenge Evers’ order, arguing that he did not have the power to move the election date.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned Evers’ order on Monday night, and the election was back on for Tuesday, as IJR has previously reported.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) criticized the decision to go ahead with the election, “It’s outrageous that the Republican legislative leaders and the conservative majority on the Supreme Court in Wisconsin are willing to risk the health and safety of many thousands of Wisconsin voters tomorrow for their own political gain.”

Democrats had pushed to send every Wisconsin voter a mail-in ballot and extend the deadline for returning the ballots, but those ideas were rejected.


  1. By dressing up like that, he shows just how dangerous voting under the current conditions really is. He knows the voters aren’t going to be similarly protected, the poll workers are going to be exposed to continuous danger, but he doesn’t care. Not in the least.

    The only important thing to him is unbalancing the election do that he can get the judges that he wants.

    Elections have consequences.

      1. So you can see why Democrats may be a little frustrated that Republicans forced an in person election during a pandemic when none of their voters needed to be put at risk.

        Then to make matters worse, he shows up in a full medical gown, that is NOT readily available to the general public, and tells everyone its safe.

        At BEST this is terrible optics.

        1. “Republicans forced an in person election”. If you check the facts a little more closely, you find that is was the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court that did the forcing and all they forced was upholding the law, instead of trying an end around on the law with an illegal executive order by the dim governor.

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