‘Not Representative of Who We Are’: Gretchen Whitmer Responds to Protests Amid Pandemic

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) was greeted by protesters after extending the state’s stay-at-home order on April 30, and she is adamant they do not constitute the state as a whole.

“Displays like the one that we saw at our capitol is not representative of who we are in Michigan,” Whitmer said.

She added, “There were swastikas and confederate flags and nooses and people with assault rifles. That’s a small group of people when you think about the fact that this is a state of almost 10 million people.”

Whitmer issued three executive orders to extend the emergency and disaster declaration set to expire at midnight on April 30, as IJR previously reported.

Watch her comments below:

Whitmer acknowledged the majority of Michigan residents are abiding by the guidelines and as a result, the curve has gone downward and lives have been saved.

She urged Americans to continue to listen to epidemiologists and health experts rather than political rallies and tweets.

Whitmer explained how the protests displayed the most tragic moments of the nation’s past.

“Some of the outrageousness of what happened at our capital this week depicted some of the worst racism and awful parts of our history in this country,” Whitmer said.

She reiterated these protesters do not represent all of Michigan.

“The behavior that you’ve seen in all of the clips is not representative of who we are in Michigan,” she added.

President Donald Trump weighed in on the protests urging Whitmer to compromise with the protesters.

“The Governor of Michigan should give a little, and put out the fire. These are very good people, but they are angry,” Trump tweeted on Friday.

He continued, “They want their lives back again, safely! See them, talk to them, make a deal.”

The coronavirus continues to spread across the nation. As of Sunday afternoon, there are more than 1,000,000 coronavirus cases and over 66,000 deaths.


  1. She has blown her chances for re-election and she will never be VP. Power hungry.

  2. Her eyes in this picture seem to be saying “I dare you – just come and try to take my powers away from me!” Michigan really needs to start considering a recall vote and get her out of office.

  3. wHITLER needs to wake up and realize it is she who brings out the worst in people!

    1. So even if she brings out the worst in people swastikas and nooses are ok? There’s no excuse for that

      1. People bring swastikas because she’s being a Nazi (as all democrats are), they bring nooses because she’s hanging their futures (as all democrats are currently doing).

        1. Yeah I’m sure that’s exactly why they brought swastikas and nooses 🙄🙄🙄

        2. Like they call President Trump a member of the KKK. But history kills that statement . The Dixie democrats STARTED THE KKK . Reason for it was to keep the Republicans out of the south . Just like the Jim Crow laws DEMOCRATS. Now that was voter suppression. But now they blame Republicans.
          One of the greatest KKK members was George Wallace governor of Alabama he was placed to become the president of the United States. The man that went to the Alabama university to stop black students from going in. He was taken out by the National Guard .
          Now the Demarcates need to be watched they rigged 2 states maybe more so Obama could win. Now they are behind the 8 ball. They hit Bernie in Michigan problem with machines. So this governor is power mad and now should be checked for voter fraud before the election takes place or have all polls monitored . Or changed for proper count. Computer voting has been hacked so anyone there watching can’t see the votes changed. Paper ballots can be checked . A delete on a computer you got nothing.

          Now that vote was to kick Bernie and get Joe ahead and now she is one of the top people to be VP. What bothers me she has that dirty smile on her face as if she is laughing at everyone.
          The people of Michigan don’t want her do we want her going to Washington. Damn Joe your life isn’t worth much if you take her. People of Michigan recall her now.

      2. Was hanging President Trump in effigy OK? Was the comedian ( so she calls herself) Kathy Griffin holding his severed head bringing out the worst in people?

        1. No it wasn’t ok but I guess you think 2 wrongs make a right

  4. Every demarcate state is trying to bust the constitution. She went way out to make a point. She claims she took the call from Biden and accepted the great advise she got from Biden. First BIDEN is in la la land he isn’t sure were he is or were he is going. But this woman thinks she should be on the ballot . We just call her Sarah Palin THE 2ND. But if she gets on the ticket she will become a partner in the 2nd biggest conspiracy’s in this country. The 1st was also done by the demarcates with Wilson. He had a stoke and was bedridden for most of the 2nd term. His wife ran the White House. Someone would come by and and say they have something the president needs to sign. She said he isn’t seeing anyone now but I will run it by him and get back to you. She walk away and when she was out of sight she would sign it and return with it. That joke went on till the end of his term. But his wife was going to set him up for a 3rd term. But the democrats knew it couldn’t fly so they stopped it.
    So now we got Biden is his Wife going to run everything behind everyone’s back . Obama is giving his support but he did tell Biden he didn’t have to do this. Now feel bad about Biden he is being used. But he is at risk. He seems a little better now but not much. There is a drug he could take it will help him seem more himself . But on the long term it will kill him . That drug damages the heart. So he wins and this woman is on the ballot she be the first woman president no one wanted. Went she spins her stories she got a grin on her face. The people of her state needs to do a recall.

      1. It is a state run by Demarcates. Mass is one also but it has a republican as governor. But like Mitt, Weld, and Baker does what the demarcates tells him. If he jumps off on something Trump wants he goes over board to say it don’t work.
        Trump wanted to stop illegal opioids but Baker stopped doctors from giving pain medicine altogether . I was in the hospital a guy came in he was cutting trees with a log splitter . Seems his hand got in the way and he cut his hand in half. So for pain he was given a IV of tylenol. Seen TYENOL was given for everyone. So they made a fortune for fake medicine. It first cane out for headaches them arthritis didn’t do anything . Reason it had a very low dose of aspirin . But bet they gave big donations.
        Finely after lots of people committed suicide he said what to give. All pills were changed but none work. I was put on 2 mg dilaudid my pain is total from damage to neck , spine , and hips. Asked them to give it to me because it worked before. It don’t work at all now.
        Asked the nursing assistant why is she giving me sugar pills. He said it is against the law to give sugar pills. Online it said all doctors are giving sugar pills all the time.
        Seems doctors gave up there license to practice to politician but continue to collect there big fee’s . As for knowing it is sugar pills I had a gastric bypass made worse by another butcher. So I can’t have sugar of any kind. Got to be careful from sugar in food. I was doing good not taking any.
        See after a bi-pass sugar acts as a laxative . Have runs since I been on it. But got to stay on it. If they decided to give me something that works or wait till I can’t take the pain anymore have to take care of it myself.
        There use to be treatment to help but not anymore. Under Obama care it is ration medicine . They claim insurance can’t turn you down for expensive illness true. But Doctors are not giving you proper treatment if it cost too much. I got cat scans and MRI showing what is wrong with me but under Obama care they use x-rays . T-7 of my spine the doctor had told me it will be letting go. Ex-rays don’t show it so am cured. Doctors who treat it like a neurologist. They found a arter next to my brain . That will bust and I will bleed to death. Asked the doctor if there was any treatment for it. He said yes wrap it with mesh to make the wall stronger. I was discharged . I had good doctors who quite because they became doctors to treat people.
        So they say you want to keep your doctor you can. You won’t be turned down by any insurance but they didn’t tell you the doctors aren’t going to treat you.
        The only ones in this country who got good insurance is senators or representatives in Washington. They destroyed all the rest.
        So what we got Fake news , Fake politicians and fake doctors. Well Nancy you got great insurance go get treatment and bring Creepy Joe with you.

  5. Make a deal? She’s thinking he means bridge. She is so incompetent it’s staggering. No talent except she an effing feminist. I hate feminists!

  6. I saw none of the things she claimed were there. I won’t go so far as to blatantly call her a liar, despite the fact that’s she both a democrat, AND a politician. But if there WERE any swastikas, I’m certain they were accusing HER of being a socialist, since that’s what the nazis were, the national socialist party, and of oppressing the citizens of Michigan. When you tell them they can buy weed, but not seeds to grow food, something is wrong. And every person I talked to in Michigan, when I was working up there, was sick of her crap. She knows her days are numbered, and she’s trying to seize as much power as she can. Either that, or she’ll be re-elected, because so many idiots in Detroit would vote for a lump of poo, as long as it had a D next to its name.

  7. “depicted some of the worst racism and awful parts of our history in this country”. There was racism at the protest? Oh wait, that’s always the inflammatory word the Democrats use. Never mind.

  8. “Not representative of who we are”? She talking about herself, right?

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