WH Will Not Allow CNN to Interview Health Officials Unless They Air Briefings In Full

The White House is refusing to allow their top health experts including Dr. Anthony Fauci to appear on CNN unless the cable network airs the coronavirus task force briefings in full, according to a CNN report.

The outlet has usually been airing the first part of the coronavirus briefings — the part where President Donald Trump speaks — and then cutting away to fact-check him after he leaves the podium. But Vice President Mike Pence’s office, which controls the bookings, apparently had a problem with that approach and they want the network to run the full briefings, which sometimes run for nearly two hours.

A spokesperson for Pence’s office told CNN, “When you guys cover the briefings with the health officials then you can expect them back on your air.”

The network reported that Pence’s office has blocked health experts from appearing on the network for the past week.

Some experts, like Fauci, were previously frequent faces on CNN. The network notes that Fauci appeared in their last five weekly town halls.

While the briefings began as informative sessions in which the president and his health experts explained the coronavirus pandemic to the public, lately, they have become notable for the president’s frequent spats with reporters in the room.

The White House also received criticism in late March when Mike Lindell, the colorful founder of MyPillow, appeared at a coronavirus press briefing. He said that his company would be manufacturing personal protective masks, before going on to say, “God had been taken out of our schools [and] lives, a nation had turned its back on God.”

Previous to Lindell’s appearance, Trump had made other claims that put the veracity of the press conferences in question. In a mid-March coronavirus briefing, he said, “This is a very contagious — this is a very contagious virus. It’s incredible. But it’s something that we have tremendous control over.”


  1. CNN doesn’t want its listeners to hear directly from either President Trump or his Cornavirus taskforce. They want to have their reporters attend the briefing, then spin what they were told to promote their agenda. The openness of the Trump administering in the crisis (and everything else) has made their spin machine redundant….

    1. The Trump administration, OPEN and transparent?? Are you out of your mind.
      I’m a former GOP, who left the Paryh after they nominated a clinically narcissistic mob boss who is only into power for his own gain. That you still cannot see this shows you’re too brain dead to vote.
      Get off our lawn.

    1. No. The dims response is ridiculous. Trump is being TOTALLY TRANSPARENT but the cannibis news network doesn’t want to show the full briefings. WHY?

      1. Let me answer that one for you phoenix, it’s because they don’t want their viewers to see the TRUTH. PERIOD. And you are just another mindless mynah bird, repeating what you’ve heard from less than reputable sources.

        1. You poor sad sack. Go away. Real Americans can see right through this asswipe Drumpf….he’s transparent all right, like the stain on your whitey tighties.
          He’s GONE , November 2020.

          1. Hope your kids have a lot of money to take care of an idiot like you in your old age.

          2. JUST WHO is gonna win the 2020 election, asswipe? Please show us all here just how STUPID you really are.

      2. They are showing his initial remarks – which is good content and the WH official statements on daily changes.

        It’s the two hours of other, less official, content that it seems they are less enthusiastic about showing live.

        1. Your reviews are soooo partisan. Not even funny anymore, phoenix. You SHOW you aren’t watching anymore.

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