WH Blocks CDC Director Robert Redfield From Testifying on Reopening Schools

The White House is blocking the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Robert Redfield from testifying before Congress regarding the reopening of schools amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday, it was made known that Redfield would not be allowed to speak at the hearing for the House Committee on Education and Labor’s Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education scheduled for July 23.

Shortly after the announcement, House Education Committee Chairman Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Va.), the lawmaker who requested Redfield’s presence at the hearing, released a statement, as he pushed back against the White House’s decision.

“It is alarming that the Trump administration is preventing the CDC from appearing before the Committee at a time when its expertise and guidance is so critical to the health and safety of students, parents, and educators,” Scott said in the statement.

He went on to condemn the White House’s “lack of transparency” at such a critical point during the pandemic as “difficult decisions” are being made regarding schools.

“This lack of transparency does a great disservice to the many communities across the country facing difficult decisions about reopening schools this fall.”

Tami Chappell/Reuters

Scott also criticized the White House for “prioritizing politics over science.”

“The administration’s strategy of prioritizing politics over science has had a devastating impact on our country throughout this pandemic,” Scott said. “It should not make that same mistake when it comes to reopening schools.”

Despite the push back from Democratic lawmakers, the White House is standing by its decision to deny Redfield from testifying.

“Dr. Redfield has testified on the Hill at least four times over the last three months. We need our doctors focused on the pandemic response,” a White House spokesperson said on Friday.

The White House’s decision comes amid ongoing deliberation about reopening schools in the fall.

As more than 38 states are seeing increases in coronavirus cases, President Donald Trump has continued to demand schools reopen in the fall.

When the CDC released its guidelines for safely reopening schools, the president took to Twitter lambasting their recommendations deeming them “very tough and expensive.”

Trump also demanded that they revise the guidelines. Redfield, however, made it clear afterward that the CDC does not plan to revise its guidelines but instead plans to provide more information, as IJR reported.

As of Saturday morning, there are more than 3.7 million known coronavirus cases in the United States as the death toll surpasses 142,000 and there are over 1.7 million reported recoveries.


  1. jay jay

    July 19, 2020

    Only assholes, idiots, imbeciles, and morons trust

    trumplethinskin and his fascist administration.

    Anyone who sends their child to school during

    this raging viral epidemic is a CHILD ABUSER.

  2. Ahhh. Bobbie Boy is butt hurt! lol. Why aren’t trumpsters able to have an adult disagreement without becoming crass and vulgar? So sad….

  3. Does Albert really believe that a non-partisan agency staffed with medical professionals and headed by a Trump appointee is less trustworthy than the Trump WH which is all about holding onto power?!?! Phyllis is right about deprogramming–someone please help Albert STAT.

  4. “Look up: the God of Creation has ordained Donald J Trump to destroy the evil cabal in this country.” Steven

    Phyllis: and don’t forget that Steven thinks that this whole mess is god’s fault because of some sort of divine right to rule that he gave to King Donald The Loser. Oh boy.

    So not only are we dealing with cultism and stupidity in about 35-40% of the population, but we have to fight with a god on Earth, too!

  5. Why don’t you do some real reporting?
    The question that has been puzzling me for some time is that if the CDC was deliberately attempting to sabotage the US response to the Wuhan virus and damage President Trump’s reelection chances, how would they act differently than they have so far? The answer, sadly, is that they would act precisely the way they have performed so far. Quite honestly, I’m not really sure which is worse; the nation’s premier public health agency being so enmeshed in partisan politics that it is willing to kill large numbers of people to win or the CDC being so blindingly incompetent that it killed a crap-ton of people because it can’t find its ass with both hands.

    By controlling the Wuhan virus data collection, they could manipulate the numbers of cases. And by focusing on the number of cases rather than useful metrics, to make it appear that the problem is much more severe than it really is. Why? The aggrandizement of power (are you wearing a face mask? are you keeping six feet from other people?) and as a way to damage a president, they intensely dislike.

  6. Oh, dear. We will need at least a million cult deprogrammers when Trump leaves office. FL’s positivity rating is 11.3% and Steven believes a FL lab is reporting 100% positive results. Same poster (Steven) believes 130+ campaign contacts with Russians is apparently the norm. Then we have Cynthia that believes the cases and deaths are “padded.” We have Bob who is in a lala land where Trump is transparent and anything he does not wish to hear is a “lie” or “fake news”. BHW believes questions on how to safely open the schools would be “misleading” “liquid” believes the CDC, whose director is a Trump appointee, is “owned by gates and [big] pharma.”
    Scott, I don’t believe these people are insane–but they are in desperate need of deprogramming from the cult of Trump.

  7. Only assholes, idiots, imbeciles, and morons trust

    trumplethinskin and his fascist administration.

    Anyone who sends their child to school during

    this raging viral epidemic is a CHILD ABUSER.

  8. Sir, you are a fool. All if us in the real world know how the CDC thru bribes to the hospitals have padded the numbers of COVID deaths. Thats why we have cases in Florida like the one in Orlando where a young man under 20 died in a mororcycle crash but was counted in COVID deaths. That’s why 300 test sites reported 100% of all tests in Florida were positive for COVID…and we arevaware of tons of evidence from state to state where the liberals manipulate the numbers, like when Florids reports a 98% desth rate which was actually 9.8%. Why don’t you guys grow up? You couldn’t get him on “Russia, Russia, Russia.” You couldn’t get him on an illegal impeachment. You won’t get him in this Coronavirus conspiracy whete the “disease” has a lower death rate than the common flu. And, while we expect at least one more major push, your Antifa thugs, your MS-13 enforcers, are all rounded up; your democrat Congress has been caught and exposed in dozens of lies; your treasons are being exposed thru document declassifications. You cannot defeat him; with over 40 assassination attemots, you couldnt just kill him. Look up: the God of Creation has ordained Donald J Trump to destroy the evil cabal in this country. And all you fake journalists and fake scientists will go down with your sinking ship. Its already over, and you dontbeven know it…but soon enough, you will…!

  9. “How are we expected to respect and believe the CDC when they are padding the cases and deaths” Cynthia

    It sounds to me as if somebody really confused Cynthia. Who got to you, Cynthia?

  10. Hey, Confused Bob The Projectionist!

    When you are finished projecting, don’t forget that you have an appointment with your analyst in half an hour. Wow, you get really cranky when you go off of your meds.

  11. One of the numbers that they can’t pad is the number of deaths from all causes. Dead is dead, regardless of the cause. Predicted death numbers from all causes is pretty easy to calculate using historical data and statistical analysis. For any given time with a given population size, you can predict with fairly good accuracy how many people will die. These predictions include flu death projections.

    Since February, we have had a lot more deaths – from all causes – then normal. For the week ending April 11, we had 142% of the predicted number of people die. The predicted number of death from all causes for that week was 55,267. There were 78,480 deaths recorded that week. Of the 78,480 people who died that week, 16,040 were considered Covid related. That still left 7,173 extra deaths, which included pneumonia without a Covid diagnosis. Those “extra” deaths were 12.8% of the excess deaths. Given our current situation and how accurate those numbers usually are (+/- 2% or so) it is pretty safe to assume that we are undercounting Covid deaths. I’m not saying that some of these Covid deaths shouldn’t have been classified this way, like for accident victims who tested positive, but the statistics strongly suggest that we are undercounting Covid deaths by a great deal – unless there’s something else going around that is killing many more people than usual.

    These numbers are straight from the CDC website. We’re doing a pretty crappy job of managing this outbreak, no matter how you look at it. Rest assured, our response will be studied for years to come as what not to do in this kind of situation. Meanwhile, other countries who were hit pretty hard in the beginning are starting to go back to normal, without a second wave. Time will tell if it flares back up again in those places, but we never even stopped the first wave.

  12. It’s ridiculous to split hairs by asking how many of the 3.7 million were actually covid! What difference does a few thousand more or less make?This virus is killing people period! It’s not Gates…It’s not Fauci…It’s not the WHO. It’s courtesy of tRump. He’s blocking the CDC and states from supplying the full counts. My guess is it’s worse than The Fascist in chief lets the American public know

    1. You jayjay like your butt buddy confuction are just a bunch of liars and deceivers. President Trump is not hiding anything. It is you bunch of freaks that are padding numbers by 2/3/4/5/6 times and more. Your desire to keep us down will get you a new Revolutionary War. I am ready for it. People like you are going down. You had better think twice about keeping us locked up.

  13. How many of those 3.7 million corona cases in the US are true corona cases? How many of the 142,000 deaths are really from corona? How are we expected to respect and believe the CDC when they are padding the cases and deaths, and if we can’t trust them why should they expect to testify to the lies they have told throughout the whole panic?

  14. @General Confusion, It seems we hear from Mr. Redfield on a regular basis, why do we need him going before a Democrat stacked committee to answer misleading and ambiguous questions in order to get a sound-bite for the evening news?

  15. Let all the democrat controlled schools to shut down and all private schools make them look even more ignorant

  16. Hey, liquid!

    Are you saying that we are all better off NOT knowing what Robert Redfield probably has to tell us?

    That we are better off with this administration forcibly hiding causality numbers from us?

    Are you kidding? That is unconscionable, and you really need to take a long soulful look at that face in your mirror.

    1. You are still an imbecile confuction. It is not President Trump hiding numbers. It is you freaks that are padding numbers by 2/3/4/5/6 times in order to keep the panic going. WE know your plan and I, and several million others, are not going to let you keep us at home and control our movements and all we do in order for you and your democrat/communist/fascist party to over throw this government and Constitution. We are very armed and we have the Second Amendment to keep you and your ilk in check. I believe that you and all in your democrat/communist/fascist party should get at least 30 year sentences for your attempt at Treason. Many of you should get the military firing squad.

  17. This is outright unconscionable. It’s akin to treason, as without proper advice, many more children, teens and adults will suffer, and some will die. There are no more words evil enough to describe the behavior of this so-called “President”. He absolutely is not my President. He can and will go to H-ll.

    1. The treason is being committed by your democrat/communist/fascist party hp. You need to be with your other two butt buddies in confuction’s basement.

  18. soon as this baby sitting site approves the links you dumba$$es can see the who and the cdc are corrupt and owned by gates and bif pharma

  19. Phyllis: at least they aren’t taking medical advice for Cult-45 on IJR.

    Oh, wait. My bad. Some are.

    Who are the dropouts? I don’t know them THAT well.

  20. General, Dr. Redfield is a medical doctor. Trumpers take medical and public health advice from a corrupt businessman & reality show host, 2 radio hosts that flunked out of college their freshman year, and a law school grad/cable host. WHY would they need to hear from a medical doctor?

    1. And syphilis of the mouth has spoken. Just her/it pushing the usual lies, fake news and deceit as their party always does.


    So, during a global pandemic crisis with an escalating death count, the Asshole-In-Chief is stopping the head of our main organization that is dedicated to protecting our heath from testifying to the American people?

    Are they INSANE?

    This idiot is a danger to us all! Get him out! Get him out! Get him out!

    We MUST elect better politicians.


    And Matt Gaetz is a tool.

    1. And you and yours are part of the facist party not conservatives asshole.

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