Warren Tops List of Who Dem Voters Want to Become Biden’s VP Pick, Poll Shows

Democratic voters are highly in favor of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) being the vice president pick for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, according to a poll.

According to the CBS News poll, Democrats are most concerned about crisis management experience and economic expertise. Voters have reportedly expressed the importance of the Democratic vice presidential nominee having the ability to manage these top concerns.

With the pandemic, voters’ concerns about rising unemployment and fears of contracting the virus have become far more prevalent.

A large margin of voters believe Warren is the right Democrat for the job.

The poll shows 71% of Democratic voters believe Biden should consider Warren as his running mate while a total of 36% of voters are already convinced she is the right choice.

Racial demographics of the poll show favorable opinions of Warren with 72% of both black and white Democratic voters suggesting she is the right candidate.

James Oliphant/Reuters

Voters are also interested in a vice-presidential candidate who can boldly stand on Democratic principles and influence voter turnout while having the ability to step in as President of the United States if need be. A staggering 82% of voters say Biden’s running mate should be able to step in as president if there was a time when Biden could not fulfill the role.

Although many reports have suggested that Biden would have a stronger chance of winning with a female running mate of color, the poll results suggest color may not be a factor as much as the candidate’s gender.

While it is still unclear who Biden will pick, it is important to note that the two have previous experience working together in crisis management. Biden and Warren recently penned an op-ed in McClatchy.

As vice president, Biden headed the implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Inspector generals evaluated Biden’s work. The report concluded that 99.8% of funds “outlayed and delivered” were properly disbursed with no “fraud, waste, or abuse.”

Warren headed that oversight panel for the Troubled Asset Relief Program. She also sphere-headed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2010 and developed a professional rapport with multiple inspector generals who lauded her work, as well.


  1. Just exactly what the Nation does NOT need as (ahem, eye roll) “leaders”: a family mob boss with financial ties to Communist China and a dementia patient walking around off his leash and a fake Indian Socialist millionaire. USA would most definitely be heading to the trash bin of history on a rocket sled.

  2. They need someone ugly enough so he won’t try to grab her ass on stage.

  3. Sphere-headed? Does this mean she is a round-headed person? Who edits this?

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    If Warren sphere-headed the TARP that would be quite a feat, she did however SPEARHEAD it.

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