Warren and Sanders Rip Trump for ‘Windfall’ Deal Given to Gilead For Remdesivir

Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and several other Democratic lawmakers are pushing back against President Donald Trump’s administration for its “windfall” deal with Gilead Sciences to acquire the vast majority of the pharmaceutical company’s supply of the drug Remdesivir.

In the letter addressed to U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, Democratic lawmakers noted multiple concerns about the deal, which will give Gilead up to $500 million for the antiviral drug.

Citing the $70 million in taxpayer dollars spent to develop and test the drug, the lawmakers are arguing that the deal is “bad for taxpayers, terrible for public health, and unethical.”

“Outside analysts have concluded that ‘The deal is amazingly good for Gilead’s executives and shareholders and amazingly bad for everyone else — bad for taxpayers, terrible for public health, and unethical,’” the lawmakers wrote.

The Democratic lawmakers are requesting some form of an outline detailing the steps Trump’s administration has taken to ensure the drug supply.

The letter continued, “We are therefore requesting information from the Department to help us better understand why President Trump — or whichever Administration officials were responsible — would strike such an expensive deal, and what steps the Administration is taking to ensure sufficient supply of the drug.”

See the full letter below:

Letter to HHS Secretary Aza… by CNBC.com on Scribd

The Democrats’ letter comes just weeks after it was reported that the White House had reached a deal with Gilead Sciences for its drug Remdesivir as a form of treatment.

Under the new deal, Gilead will provide more than 500,000 treatment courses of Remdesivir for United States hospitals nationwide through the month of September. The treatment courses account for Gilead’s full projected production line of the anti-viral drug for July, and 90% for August and September.

Democratic lawmakers are also raising questions about the drug’s price tags.

The company also set prices for the drug indicated that it would cost $2,340 per COVID-19 patient for “Medicare and governments of developed countries” and $3,120 for patients with private insurance, as previously reported on IJR.

As of Thursday afternoon, there are more than 3.6 million known coronavirus cases in the United States.


  1. The problem with this letter is that no one has any respect for any Democrat anymore. They have put forth so many lies, fake investigations, fake heritages, and roadblocks to this administration that nobody gives a damn what they think, want or say. They sit up on their high horses criticizing the president beyond belief and when he does do anything they jump all over Him like he has killed their proverbial dog. It’s time to show them how things are done to make this country succeed and they need to be replaced by people who get the whole concept that they work for everyone and their job is not to break laws and do nothing trying to tear this country apart. The only way to do that is to show them what we think of their job performance. Vote Republican and let’s show them what success looks like.

  2. Oh…but of course the Dems don’t like it…..attack, attack, attack! Idiots!!

  3. Centrist
    Seems that’s what was said in 2016. He can not win. LOL. How’d that shake out?

    1. I am confused, Cherl.

      Tell us honestly. Do you REALLY understand the differences between the two terms possible and probable? Really understand them?

      Because you are not exhibiting any signs that you do.

      Is it POSSIBLE that King Donald The Loser could pull off a second term win? Yes, over the course of 3.5 months remaining before the election, all kinds of things could happen that would change the POSSIBLE outcome to his favor.

      Now, here comes the real test of your knowledge. It comes in the form of a very simple question: What is the PROBABILITY of King Donald The Loser winning a second term, and why? Show your proof of your answer.

      Now, remember, I have already shown my calculations on why it is very UNlikely that His Majesty can win, so you have to have some pretty good calculations to show proof that it is PROBABLE that he will win.

      Let me know when you are ready to show your math. I’ll eagerly await it.

  4. “The man can not win with these morons !” AMELIA

    With a 1-in-3 approval rating on some very prominent and important topics, yes, somebody IS a moron.

  5. So Elizabeth, how is your son-n-law doing since he received money from Iran to make that film?
    Would you describe him as being as pathetically desperate as you and your fellow dem/leftist?

  6. This crap is pissing me off ! First Trump tried to get people to us HQC which we know would work better than Remdesivir and is much cheaper and the dumbocrats had a temper tantrum and said it could kill people even though they knew that was a lie and started pushing remdesivir because they could put money in their own pockets and Dr. Fauci would profit as well ! Now Trump makes a deal to insure we have a good supply and the dumbocrats have another temper tantrum ! But I bet if he had not made this deal they would have said he was
    trying to kill people ! The man can not win with these morons !

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