Warren Pushes for Protecting Right to Vote Amid Pandemic on Miley Cyrus’ Instagram Show

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) appeared on singer Miley Cyrus’ Instagram live show “Bright Minded” to share her thoughts on voting in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

Warren explained the best way to tackle the coronavirus is through leadership.

“Everything we want to do in part depends on our leadership,” Warren said. “So, critically important that we protect our right to vote.”

Warren said she is pushing for every registered voter in the U.S. to receive a mail-in ballot. She pointed to online registration and expanded registration periods as ways to mitigate the effects the coronavirus is having on the election.

Watch her comments below:

The former presidential hopeful reiterated the importance of voting in the election despite facing a health crisis.

“If we have another wave of this pandemic, we do not want to make it so that people are having to make the choice between their health and voting,” Warren said.

She noted former Vice President Joe Biden (D) is “strong on protecting voting.”

“One way to make sure we’re strengthening our Democracy is go to JoeBiden.com, pitch in five bucks, volunteer to do a little texting or a little phone banking,” Warren said.

She closed the exchange reiterating the significance of Democracy and leadership.

Biden continues to gain momentum as he adds to his list of endorsements.

Warren endorsed Biden shortly after Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) suspended his campaign. He also recently received an endorsement from former President Barack Obama.

Biden’s search for his running mate continues, but Warren did say she would take the job if he offered her the position, as IJR previously reported.

Several states have postponed their primaries as a result of the outbreak. Wisconsin made the decision to move ahead with theirs after Gov. Tony Evers’ (D) executive order to postpone the primary was shot down by Wisconsin’s Supreme Court.


  1. I’d like to Inform Wacky Warren that masks and gloves would do fine. People wear them to shop etc so they can wear them for a short time to vote.

  2. If vote by mail is not an option, then they need to consider something else. More voting locations, extending voting to a few days vs one day, whatever! Something to help limit the number of people standing in line for hours at a time.

    It was an issue before, its a major issue now.

  3. If you can grocery shop, you can vote; wear a mask, gloves, set up stations 6 feet apart. Easy peasy.

    1. There are significantly less voting locations than there are grocery stores. There will also be significantly MORE people as everyone needs to be at one of these locations during a specific period of time.

      These are two completelt different things. Not so easy peasy.

      1. Extend the times, days, etc. anything to get this done correctly without allowing ballot harvesting by the Liberals.

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