Warren Calls on Congress to ‘Shore up’ USPS Amid Pandemic and Election Concerns

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is calling on Congress to save the United States Postal Service (USPS) while accusing President Donald Trump of attempting to “undermine” the government agency.

On Tuesday, the Massachusetts senator took to Twitter with her concerns about the issues plaguing the postal service. She also stressed the importance of Congress stepping in on the post office’s behalf.

“Donald Trump and his partisan cheerleader of a Postmaster General are trying to undermine the postal service,” Warren tweeted, adding, “Congress must shore up the USPS so everyone can continue to receive the essential supplies they need, and so as many Americans as possible can safely vote from home.”

Warren’s concerns about USPS follow her previous calls for financial assistance for the government agency. As a critical component for mail-in voting, the Democratic lawmaker is stressing the importance of recovering and stabilizing the postal service.

She tweeted, “Our postal service is on the verge of collapse. I’m calling on Congress to act swiftly to shore up USPS so that everyone can continue to receive essential medicines and supplies, and as many Americans as possible can vote from home. [Save The Post Office]”

Despite ongoing calls and proposed bills that included funding for USPS, Trump has refused to extend the olive branch. In fact, he previously blocked a proposed bill that included funding for the agency.

Even though there are concerns about the future of USPS and the upcoming general election, the agency has released a statement on Monday insisting that it has “ample capacity” to meet the demand for the Election and Political Mail volume.

“The Postal Service has ample capacity to adjust our nationwide processing and delivery network to meet projected Election and Political Mail volume, including any additional volume that may result as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” the statement read.


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