Streaming Service Twitch Temporarily Bans Trump’s Account Over ‘Hateful Conduct’

Another social media platform is taking action against President Donald Trump’s account after the president made comments that violated its community guidelines.

Video streaming service Twitch has temporarily suspended Trump’s account after the streaming service said the account violated its policies. 

A spokesperson for Twitch confirmed to Fox News that it had temporarily suspended Trump’s account, “Hateful conduct is not allowed on Twitch. In line with our policies, President Trump’s channel has been issued a temporary suspension from Twitch for comments made on stream, and the offending content has been removed.”

Twitch said it flagged some of Trump’s comments from his recent rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and a video from his 2015 campaign launch for violating its policies. 

Specifically, Twitch said provided an example of Trump’s comments from those videos that it said violated its policies.

One example came from Trump’s Tulsa rally when he blasted the new push to defund police departments.

In the video, Trump said, “Hey, it’s 1:00 o’clock in the morning and a very tough, I’ve used the word on occasion, hombre, a very tough hombre is breaking into the window of a young woman whose husband is away as a traveling salesman or whatever he may do. And you call 911 and they say, ‘I’m sorry, this number’s no longer working.’”

Another example came from his 2015 campaign launch when he said, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Twitch’s hateful conduct policy reads:

“Hateful conduct is any content or activity that promotes, encourages, or facilitates discrimination, denigration, objectification, harassment, or violence based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability or serious medical condition or veteran status, and is prohibited.”

Mike Blake/Reuters

Twitch’s decision to suspend Trump’s account comes as Twitter has added several advisories to Trump’s tweets, as IJR reported.

After Trump warned that if protesters tried to set up an “autonomous zone” in Washington, D.C., they would “be met with serious force,” Twitter applied an advisory to the tweet.

It read, “This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about abusive behavior. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible.”

The platform explained its reasoning for the advisory, “We’ve placed a public interest notice on this Tweet for violating our policy against abusive behavior, specifically, the presence of a threat of harm against an identifiable group.”

Twitter has previously fact-checked Trump’s tweets about mail-in voting, as IJR reported

The moves by Twitter and Twitch comes as Trump has voiced outrage over alleged censorship of conservatives by social media platforms. He also vowed to “strongly regulate” the companies if they censor conservatives. 

Last month, Trump signed an executive order aimed at limiting legal protections for social media platforms, as IJR reported

As protests against racism spread around the country, several companies have announced they will cease advertising on social media platforms until they crackdown on misinformation and hate speech.


  1. Never heard of this, Twitch shit, and I will NEVER become a user of such leftist forum… Twitter either… Can you imagine if there was a charge for these social platforms and every republican/conservative canceled their account, all either of them would have is the liberal welfare swamp democRATs who can hardly pay their way until their government check comes!!

  2. trumplethinskin, the biggest piece of shit in

    American history, has been told to go phuhk

    himself by so many different people in the

    last 2 weeks that Melania is smiling sweetly

    for the first time in years.

  3. And, of course, every hate laden Twitch or Tweet by the left is totally acceptable. Just be honest, you are trying to shut down every opposing views to the Dems, the left, BLM, Antifa and the list goes on. Remember the quote…”when they stop burning books they start burning people”…in this case..”when they shut down opinions and free thought everyone is in danger. The left and the Dems….true children of Stalin and Hitler.

    1. I am confused, Paul.

      How often do you go on Twitch and who do you listen to there? Because the majority of accounts there are probably still game related, not politics related. They are getting more diverse, though.

  4. Trump needs to shut them down. Maybe the government needs to take them over for constitution violations . That will effect their community. But google is the worse they caved in to China and reports everyone to the government. Shut google down and let them run out of China.

  5. Unless you agree with Polosi, Schumer, Shcit, Biden and the likes of them (who constantly have very hateful statements to spew), Twitch sees it as hateful. So who cares what Twitch thinks anyway. I don’t even know who they are.

      1. The two comments that were cited don’t look very inflammatory to me. In one he’s alluding to Mexicans being a social problem in his eyes, in the other he’s saying (without the authority to do anything about it) that police will come down hard on people trying to construct “autonomous zones.” Compared to the crap he says other times, these look pretty miquetoast. Compared to the hateful and incendiary things his dittohead supporters say online, it’s nothing at all. I’m a little puzzled. I’m not saying the old fool doesn’t need to shut up, but I don’t see what it is about these comments that he should be shut down.