Trump’s Niece Says POTUS Should Be Fact-Checked in Real-Time ‘Even If It Means Interrupting Him’

President Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump is offering a suggestion for reporters to confront her uncle when he states claims that are not factual.

The best-selling author appeared on MSNBC on Thursday evening where she criticized the president as she described him as a pathological liar. Mary Trump also noted how to detect when the president is lying.

“Nobody tells as many lies as he does on purpose, you know. It’s almost like breathing for him,” Mary Trump said.

She added, “So, I think the only way to combat that, and I wished this happened all the time, is to correct him in real-time. He needs to be fact-checked in the moment even if it means interrupting him.”

Mary Trump went on to explain why it is often difficult for reporters to fact check Donald Trump.

“Because letting him lie, letting the lie sit there, and then coming back later to restate whatever he said factually is to give him an advantage,” Mary Trump said. “He’s had enough of that and it’s gotta stop because it’s dangerous.”

See Mary Trump’s remarks below:

She also expressed concern about the upcoming presidential debates. According to Mary Trump, the president should be fact-checked so he cannot use the debate floor to spin claims.

“I really do hope the debates do not become yet another forum for Donald to tell his lies and spin facts to favor him while everybody else just sits there and lets him do it,” she said.

Mary Trump also offered a few words of advice for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“I hope Vice President Biden refers to Donald as ‘Donald’ just ’cause I think that’s an easy way to get under his skin and nobody’s disrespected the office as much as Donald had,” Mary Trump said. “So, he doesn’t deserve the cover of the respect of the office of the presidency.”

She added, “But, in terms of the lying and what to do about, if the moderators don’t step in to fact-check Donald then Vice President Biden needs to do it even if it feels rude. Even if it feels like he is interrupting. It’s too important for us to sit on.”


  1. Do you remember the social experiments in which shocks were used to control behavior?

    During his interviews, there should be a group of fact-checkers with buttons and every time that King Donald The Loser lies he should be zapped. I think that would make for a foreshortened interview, or possibly one with fewer lies. Maybe. But he can’t help himself. He would definitely know that his fat bottom hurts, though.

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