Trump White House to Welcome Venezuela Opposition Leader Wednesday

The White House in Washington said on Wednesday it will welcome Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido to visit U.S. President Donald Trump, the day after Trump used a national address to support Guaido’s effort to oust socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

“The visit is an opportunity to reaffirm the commitment of the United States to the people of Venezuela and to discuss how we can work with President Guaido to expedite a democratic transition in Venezuela that will end the ongoing crisis,” a statement said.

It called Maduro’s government an “illegitimate dictatorship” and pledged to “stand alongside the Venezuelan people to ensure a future that is democratic and prosperous.”

Guaido, president of the opposition-held National Assembly, is recognized as Venezuela’s rightful president by dozens of countries including the United States. For nearly three weeks, he has been on an international tour aimed at drumming up support.

Guaido was a guest at Tuesday’s State of the Union address, when Trump, a Republican, praised him as a “very brave man who carries with him the hopes, dreams and aspirations of all Venezuelans.” Guaido received a standing ovation from U.S. Congress members of both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Maduro has overseen an economic collapse in the once-prosperous OPEC nation, and has been accused of corruption and human rights violations. He calls Guaido a U.S. puppet seeking to oust him in a coup.

(Reporting by Luc Cohen and Sarah Kinosian in Caracas; Editing by Chizu Nomiyama and David Gregorio)


  1. No General, the only one that can’t/doesn’t/isn’t thinking here is you. You fail to make the connection between your socialist wet dream with Bernie and the connection to the piss poor economic conditions of Venezuela, Cuba and other failed states.

    You claim that Gaiado only cares for about the aristocratic class in Venezuela but the only ones left after Chavez and Maduro, ARE either the wealthy or the poor.

    After Maduro forbid all of the parties against from taking part in their voting process, of course he claimed victory, but the majority of Venezuelans think otherwise, along with 60 other Democratic countries see it differently. Maduro is a dictator who got into his position on the backs of fools like you who believed socialism would SAVE them. Instead it ENSLAVED them.

  2. Yeah General, Venezuela is a great example of socialism/totalitarianism success. Chavez did a great job of turning one of South America’s wealthiest middle class into poppers in just a few years. Now, like much of Latin America, there is a wealthy class and a poverty class.

    Maduro won his election just like Kim Jung Un and Vladimir Putin. Tell me how their people love and adore them like Venezuela loves Maduro.

    Just like all totalitarian governments, the few in the ruling class live like the kings you claim to detest, and the others are left with their scraps.

    General, if you feel the need to defend Maduro, you really ARE confused.

    1. Whatever gave you the idea that I approve of Maduro? Just because I don’t approve of the U.S. installing ANOTHER corrupt puppet in Venezuela, just like we did recently in Bolivia, does NOT, IN ANY WAY
      B mean that I approve of Maduro. Only a stupid person makes THAT kind of assumptions. Or someone who can’t think.

      Maduro has been elected just as legitimately as King Donald The Loser. You can argue against that as much as you like. That is the fact of the matter.

      Guaido, on the other hand, has absolutely NO LEGITIMATE claim to power and has the nod from only a small fraction of the rest of the world governments, many of which are our client states. He is a poser and you know it.

      1. General, how does it feel to be so blinded by your beliefs that it makes you look stupid?

        “[Gaiado] has the nod from only a small fraction of the rest of the world governments, many of which are our client states. “

        60+ countries aligned with Gaiado in the world is hardly a small fraction.

        “The people want nothing to do with him”. By “people”, you mean all the protesters against Maduro who claimed to have won after excluding the votes that were against him?

        I take it back. You don’t just LOOK stupid, you ARE.

  3. Juan Guaido is acting like an heir presumptive. Entitled, though illegitimate.

    “Trump, a Republican, praised him as a “very brave man who carries with him the hopes, dreams and aspirations of all Venezuelans.” Article

    BS! He only carries the hope$ and dream$ of the wealthy Venezuelan and oligarch class. The PEOPLE want nothing to do with him. That’s why they didn’t elect him.

  4. Sing along to the tune of
    Bernie the unwashed dinosaur:

    I love socialism,
    You love socialism,
    We’re a socialist family.
    We’re all starving and broke,
    ‘Cause we voted for Bernie!

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