Trump Warns Senate Not to Approve War Powers Resolution on Iran

 U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday warned the Senate against adopting a resolution that would curb his ability to wage war against Iran, saying it would send “a very bad signal” and allow Tehran to act with impunity.

“It is very important for our Country’s SECURITY that the United States Senate not vote for the Iran War Powers Resolution. We are doing very well with Iran and this is not the time to show weakness,” Trump, a Republican, tweeted. 

Democrats last month said they had the votes in the Republican-controlled chamber to approve the measure, which would require the president to seek congressional authorization for military action against Iran.

(Reporting by Susan Heavey; Editing by Chris Reese)


  1. As usual, the General is confused. The POTUS is commander in chief of the military. Not in the House. Not the Senate. Congress can’t even pass a balanced budget. They sure as hell couldn’t manage a military action.

  2. Well I see that confuction, syphilis and michael (capital B) are still alive and well and still lying their asses off. The three of you and the whole of your communist party do not know anything about the Constitution, in fact, you don’t even like freedom or anyone having rights except the government. The War Powers act DOES NOT take the power to answer another nation’s aggression against us when war is not declared. ONLY if a war is declared does it come into play. All Presidents have had the power to act without congressional approval. Did you ever hear of the action along the Barbary Coast between the pirates and US Navy???? That was an action not a war. This is just one example of MANY that the President of The United States has had the authority to do without congressional approval. The same goes for IRAN. I understand you are totally ignorant and hateful about anything American, especially the Constitution. so please, take your fascist, communist and totalitarian desires and put them up your collective asses.

  3. The Dims claim to have the Senate votes to block military action. BS. Remember that this party failed to garner impeachment votes in the Senate.

    Are they lying? You betcha.

    1. No, actually, they figure that they HAVE more than the necessary votes to pass it. The president can still veto the bill, but that won’t look good on his record, either, and can / should be used against him.

      I think you are confused by the amount of resistance to Forever Wars also in the American Fascist Party.

      1. The Genitally Confused: “The president can still veto the bill, but that won’t look good on his record”

        Maybe to the constitutionally illiterate, clueless like GCO, SyPhyllis, Drive-By-Michael, Paul et al, it may look bad. To a majority of US citizens with concern for the well being of this country (the only thinking among us), the passage of this War Powers Act is utter stupidity and a suicide pact!

        And I highly doubt the Senate will conjure up the 2/3 veto over ride President Trump’s most certain veto.

  4. Iran’s asshole leadership will do what it will. The only curb is being able to smack them in the nose when the do it via sanctions or targeted retribution.

    1. The bill does not charge a POTUS’ power to react to an imminent attack. The bill calls for Congress to take back the War powers assigned to them in the U.S. Constitution. When Obama went to Congress to request authorization for military action in Syria post Assad’s chemical weapons attacks on his own people, R’s were suddenly opposed to military action if they had to put their name to it. If we are not paying our Congressional representatives to do their constitutional duties, WHY are we paying them?

      1. SyPhyllis, So WHY SHOULD any republican approve of ANY motion to save Obama from writing a check that his ass couldn’t cash?
        The only reason Obama approached Congress in the first place was an excuse to share the blame! Funny how he never approached congress before taking out Bin Laden but has received nothing but praise for it. Maybe the ONLY thing he did right in 8 years, too bad it was strictly for HIS political gain.

        Trump takes out Caseof Salami, who arguably killed just as many US citizens as Bin Laden, and all the Democrats have a hissy fit!

        My buddy/co-worker who is a former Marine (he is no longer officially serving, BUT STILL a Marine) witnessed many IED victims in the Middle East that Caseof Salami was responsible for, has a slightly different attitude towards Salami’s “droning” and the Democrats who have come out against it,

  5. “It is very important for our Country’s SECURITY that the United States Senate not vote for the Iran War Powers Resolution.” King Donald The Loser

    The king is confused.

    It is very important for our country’s security that the United States Congress reasserts its own powers over the presidency when it come to doing things like starting wars.

        1. General, I agree with your post, but would change “constituted rights of Congress” to constituted RESPONSIBILITIES of Congress. If Congress does not wish to perform their RESPONSIBILITIES, those members should resign. If they did not know what the responsibilities of the job are, they don’t deserve to draw the paycheck or warm the seat.

      1. James, Are you at all familiar with what branch of government the war powers is assigned? HINT: it is not the executive branch or the Supreme Court.

        1. SyPhyllis, are YOU aware of who the Constitution assigns “Commander In Chief”? It ain’t Congress! Are you also aware that there has been no declaration of war, so Congress has NO say?

          Are you also aware that the Korean War, and Vietnam War engaged US troops by Democrat presidents without a declaration of war ??? Maybe we should go back and charge Truman and Kennedy with “Abuse of Power” violations. Maybe THEY were warmongers! Those wars turned out so well for us!!!

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