Trump Urges Congress to Approve Small-Business Funding, No Additions

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday the funding measure to help small business should be approved by Congress with no additions, as a partisan skirmish in the U.S. Senate cut short a Republican effort to speed $250 billion in new assistance.

Republicans sought quick Senate passage of a small-business measure sought by Trump’s administration on Thursday but ran into opposition from Democrats who wanted to add provisions such as funds for hospitals, local governments and food assistance.

Democrats then tried to move their own measure, only to see it rejected by Republicans.

Trump, a Republican, blamed Democrats for the impasse over the funding, designed to help small businesses keep paying workers.

“It should be for only that reason, with no additions. We should have a big Infrastructure Phase Four with Payroll Tax Cuts & more. Big Economic Bounceback!” Trump said in a Twitter post.

It was a change from Trump’s comments on Thursday at the daily White House coronavirus briefing, where he said his administration was working with Congress to replenish the program.

“We need both Democrats and Republicans to come together to get this legislation completed and it looks like it’s on its way,” he said then.

The $250 billion in small-business loans, which could turn into government-paid grants if lenders meet certain terms, would be in addition to $349 billion already allocated by Congress.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican, provided no clear path forward on Thursday, telling reporters, “There’ll be additional discussions” involving the leaders of Congress, including Democratic House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

(Reporting by Doina Chiacu; Editing by Chizu Nomiyama and Steve Orlofsky)

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  1. I agree each bill should only involve the subject it’s about, adding unrelated items is completely ludricrus

  2. It should be a Law that all Bills presented and passed by congress (house and senate) should only be for the intended subject, that all other items (pork projects) as add on’s are not allowed at any time, and shall be removed prior to presentation to the president of the united states.

  3. Democrats don’t care about the country or Americans. They only care about obtaining more power and control. They’d be perfectly happy ruling over a 3rd world country as long as they have control.

  4. You sound a lot like Generally Confused. Are you plagiarizing him? Or is this his given name? Either way you both sound childish, churlish and wrong.

    1. Gez, how critical!
      Chuck is 100% correct in writing that the Dems don’t care about the country or Americans. It’s all about power for them, not integrity and what’s best for America.
      And it’s “General Confusion” not Generally Confused Cheri. You sound like a liberal Democrat.

  5. DEMON-RAT’S are not going to do anything for ACTUAL AMERICAN CITIZEN’S without first doing everything possible for MILLIONS of ILLEGAL ALIENS! They claim now they want to help minorities in this bill. Their meaning of MINORITY is ie ILLEGAL ALIENS! Or getting their RADICAL SOCIALIST AGENDA pushed because they know that’s the only way because they know they will not win the presidency with ALZHEIMERS joe!

  6. No pork!!!!! But Dems would rather our economy not get back on track. Games, games, games. #Trump2020Landslide

    1. Pelosi and her tribe don’t really care about the little people. They sit behind walls in their mansions or multiple homes and plot and scheme ways to hold up any progress for anyone. Even those half wits who loyally support them. To her supporters…..THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR PAIN. Wise up!

  7. “should be approved by Congress with no additions” King Donald The Loser

    I am confused.

    Does this mean that Dear Leader will instruct the American Fascist Party to stop adding their corrupt, nonsensical and non-related amendments to future bills, too?

    1. Why are you confused? This is why nothing gets accomplished. Getting money to small businesses to keep them from closing their businesses and putting Americans out of work is the sole purpose of this legislation. Why should anything unrelated be added to it? Take up those unrelated matters in a phase 4 legislation that they can fight over until the cows come home, but don’t hold American citizens hostage to political ambitions. This is not about new legislation. It’s simply about increasing funding for existing legislation – scratching out $349 and substituting it for $600. Why complicate this legislation with funding for new initiatives when American small businesses are barely staying afloat?


      1. You are confused.

        This is a bi-partisan policy. Will Dear Leader tell his own fascist party to clean up THEIR act, too? He doesn’t control the Democratic party, but he DOES have influence over his own party.

        Why does this confuse you?

        1. It’s not a bi-partisan policy. The President and Republicans drafted the bill, then the Democrats stalled it as they did the last bill. Stop lying.

          1. You are confused, Chuck. The policy I am to add unrelated items to any bill. It is usually done to sucker the other party or to do something corrupt. Both parties do it.

    3. You sound a lot like Generally Confused. Are you plagiarizing him? Or is this his given name? Either way you both sound childish, churlish and wrong.

    4. So, you’re confused again. Perhaps you haven’t been watching or are just lying about what the Democrats did during the last stimulus bill or are doing now. They only want to complete their agenda at the cost of Americans and the economy. Wait, they’ll blame the republicans for any problems.

    5. You are still at it calling us fascists eh confuction. You always lie to protect all your totalitarian forms of government of which fascism is one. You and your party are the authors and instigators of all totalitarianism. It is impossible for you to change your spots. History is NOT on your side.

      1. Bob, you seem to think fascism comes from the left? You might want to study up on your history before throwing terms about with an incomplete understanding.

        1. I’ve tried to unconfuse Bob, but nothing works. I think, like Confused James The Protectionist, they both purposely project fascism onto whoever is today’s target. It doesn’t matter which terms of the day are being thrown around.

        2. You need to read history because it is obvious to anyone with a brain (that lets the two of you out of the equation) that fascism is a socialist form of government and that puts it directly in the path of you communist assholes. When will your party stop with the fake news and lies. The two of you are liars.

        3. It does come from the left. You need to read history. fascism is socialism and that lands directly on your side of the equation. You two need to get a brain.

          1. Doubling down on ignorance and name calling I see. Try the Google to learn about fascism …

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