Trump Claims Millions More Watched the RNC Than the DNC — Ratings Show Otherwise

President Donald Trump is claiming that millions more people watched the Republican National Convention than the Democratic National Convention despite the ratings showing that the opposite is true.

In his Wednesday morning tweet, the president wrote, “We had FAR more people (many millions) watching us at the RNC than did Sleepy Joe and the DNC, and yet an ad just ran saying the opposite. This is what we’re up against. Lies. But we will WIN!”

The Nielsen ratings showed that the Democrats’ convention consistently beat the Republicans.

The Republican convention received its highest ratings when 23.8 million people watched Trump accept his party’s nomination for president. However, that is still lower than the 24.6 million people who watched Joe Biden accept the Democratic nomination.

On the opening night of the conventions, 19.7 million tuned in to the Democrats’ convention while 17 million watched the first night of the Republican convention.

The Republican National Convention’s numbers did beat the Democratic National Convention’s on the second night of the convention, when Melania Trump spoke at the GOP convention.

Trump’s reference to “an ad” that ran saying that the Democrats beat the Republicans in the ratings appears to be a nod to a clip from the Lincoln Project — the group of former Republican operatives who have made it their mission to troll Trump out of office.

The ad begins, “Uh oh Donald, bad news, the ratings are in for your convention, it’s not pretty.” The clip then cuts to a voiceover of a reporter announcing that Biden had better ratings than the president while showing images of a smiling Joe Biden.

The dialogue continues, “Democrats beat you in ratings every night, except one: when your wife was giving a speech. Ouch, that’s got to be awkward at the dinner table.”

A Lincoln Project spokesperson told IJR that the ad is currently running in Washington, D.C.

While Trump did not name the Lincoln Project in his Wednesday morning tweet, he’s attacked them before. In early May, he tweeted, “They don’t know how to win, and their so-called Lincoln Project is a disgrace to Honest Abe.”


  1. Considering that many people stopped watching because the Liberal media showed only a couple of speakers every night and spent most of the time being an ad for the Biden campaign. NBC was the worst, ABC second and CBS was actually better. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats spent their time criticizing the speakers during the RNC, but praised the DNC speakers at every turn. The Liberal commentators on several news programs praised Michelle Obama and ran parts of Biden’s speech over and over, giving Biden free air time disguised as ‘news’. The Liberal media is as corrupt as anything in the Middle East and North Korea.

  2. Lying Paul The Emeffer: this was supposed to be the paste, below. I apologize if that confused you.

    “you have no clue, zero, nada how many are in the silent majority”

  3. “The United States said on Tuesday it would not join COVAX due to the Trump administration’s objection to WHO involvement” Lying Paul The Emeffer

    Impossible. You sound just like Hitler making “miracle” predictions. There may be a few hiding in their hovels – somewhere – but King Donald The Loser needs millions. Won’t happen. There is no secret, hidden army lurking, just waiting to vote.

  4. Well we know he had the largest crowd in inauguration history, so he must be telling the truth about this. Sort of like the 13000 empty seats at the Oklahoma rally.

  5. John, you sound like a little child who has lost his way, dropped his candy bar and is standing in the middle of the road crying about it. Get out of the road before a truck splats you all over the pavement. Your attempt to be clever isn’t fooling anyone. (Well, maybe other Democrats, your bunch ain’t all that bright) Thinking Trump hasn’t done anything and the Democrat are the better side is like saying Saddam Hussein had a chance against the United States when he got out of line. We all know how that turned out. Or do you? You don’t seem capable of reading past third grade level and newspapers are designed for a little higher education than what you seem to possess. So you might want to go back to mommy’s house, be careful heading down to the basement, play your PlayStation games and forget about that big, nasty world above you. Come out, like Punxsutawney Phil, November 4th to see if you see your shadow. You will, instead, see the great shadow President Donald Trump will throw. Now it’s nap time, sweet dreams.

  6. Maybe people were interested in how creepy uncle joe would do in his speeches and how ridiculous the DNC convention would be. Well, creepy uncle joe squeaked through. And the convention itself was meh and, well, a little creepy like joe.

  7. Isn’t it amazing that Democrats and liberals hate when a Republican or conservative mocks or calls someone else a name. Whether it be the LGBTQ-LMNOP group, the BLM group, or any other group they can get behind. Can’t take a swipe at them.Don’t call Nancy Pelosi Piglosi, or Botox Betty. That might get you a stern warning from the left. But the left is great at calling Donald Trump YOUR PRESIDENT Drumpf, ot Trumpf, or any of the other names you seem to label this man who has done nothing but raise the bar for this country. And he’s doing it for free. Let’s see sleepy Joe or Heels Up Harris do that. Let’s see Feinstein, Waters, Cuomo, Schumer, Pelosi, or any other candidate/politician do that. Instead they take take take way more than their $172,000 per year salary. But keep calling Trump names. You’re going to have 4 more years to do so.

  8. Termite, before you spew more BS, you have no clue, zero, nada how many are in the silent majority.

  9. Termite, we shall see who “budges the needle” on Nov 3.
    I can answer that right now for you it’s called the Silent Majority.

  10. Dorothy, every time you comment you show you are permanently embedded in the world of OZ.

  11. Larry, every time you open your mouth, you reveal your true character. Keep typing boy, it’s fine.

  12. Joe! You gullible eager beaver you! Lol “Deep State polling services”…keep drinking that Murdoch-instigated Kool-Aid, bucko.

    Drumpf is a lying Liar who lies. He’s a fraud and a visible-from-space schuckster. People who STILL cannot see that? are too blind and dumb to vote in a Republic.

  13. Let’s see…a rousing crowd of 25 people show up for Biden in Pittsburg of which half were forced media attending and didn’t get to ask questions. Trump arrives in Kenosha with miles of supporters lining streets to see the President. Yeah, and I’m suppose to believe deep state polling services? Thanks for the levity.

  14. “Nothing said about those who watched it by live stream” Lying Paul The Emeffer

    It doesn’t matter. As I noted below, NOTHING has budged the chart needles. Both candidates are tracking a parallel path and nobody has changed their minds about EITHER nominee.

    So, please, explain how MORE people who haven’t changed their minds makes a lick of difference? How? It doesn’t. More is irrelevant.

  15. Poor little John makes more asinine comments. I had hoped you were still in your safe place, playing in your little bitty sandbox. Have you wet yourself, lately?!!
    OK, wise guy, how about you letting everyone know the facts as you see them.
    Take your time, as I know it will be difficult. Please try to construct intelligent comments, not the ones everyone expects from you. I do hope every day is miserable for you.
    Cheers, Butt Wipe.

  16. Facts and trumphuck’s feelings are mutually exclusive.

    THE LIAR-IN-CHIEF has never encountered a fact that

    changes his opinion.

    trumphucklicans love to humiliate ” leftists ” because they say

    that they only respond to their feelings and ignore facts.

    trumphucklicans are lousy projectionists because they

    and their god-idol always ignore facts and act on their feelings alone.

    Going so far as to declare their feelings and opinions to be inarguable facts.

  17. Nothing said about those who watched it by live stream because they did not want to hear dumb ass commentators from MSM including FOX break up what was being said at the conventions. CSPAN although not a live stream had 600% more watching the Republican convention than the Democratic one as they did not have dumb asses interrupting the coverage.

  18. Neither nominee got a noticeable bump out of their respective convention because everyone has made up their minds about who they will support. Even the percentage of undecideds are way down from 2016. There is nothing happening to make anyone change their minds yet, either. Updated less than one hour ago:

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