Trump Touts a Bill That Obama Passed as One of His Biggest Accomplishments

President Donald Trump’s Thursday night town hall on Fox News offered him a chance to speak to supporters about the possibility of a second term and the accomplishments that he has made in his first term as leader of the free world.

But, asked about his biggest accomplishments, Trump appeared to tout an Obama bill to reform the VA.

Trump began by saying “I think, before I finish this term, we’ll have close to 300 judges — federal judges,” he also noted that he put two justices on the Supreme Court, as the town hall transcript reads. He also touted his creation of the Space Force.

But, moments later, he seemed to boast a 2014 Obama bill, saying, “And we got Veterans Choice approved and Veterans Accountability. That’s where you can fire people that do a bad job. You couldn’t do it before. Very hard to get, they tried to get it for 50 years. Because of civil service unions, et cetera, you couldn’t, you know, get it. I got it.”

Trump continued:

“And the other thing is Veterans Choice, where if they can’t see a doctor — we have great doctors at the VA. But if you can’t see a doctor, you go out, and you get a private doctor. We pay the bill. … You have no idea how great it’s been. And it’s actually, you save money, believe it or not. But you have no idea. We save lives, a tremendous number of lives. And I would say that’s an achievement.”

But the choice program, which allows vets to see doctors outside the VA system, was passed in 2014 by President Barack Obama and when Trump boasted his bill in 2019, The Associated Press slammed him in a fact-check for “claiming full credit for health care improvements that were underway before they took office.”

In 2018, Trump did sign a VA bill that was aimed at cutting down on wait times that vets might experience in the VA and making it easier for them to go outside the system. However, there was serious concern as to how the administration would pay for the bill that Trump signed into law.


  1. I hope Mr. Thomas and Mr Rupar are not journalists. I’m sure fact checking the President shouldn’t have been so hard that you screw it ip. Or was that just another fake news to hit him look bad. Thank you Chuck for clarifying the truth about it.

  2. Well, whomever wrote the story didn’t get it straight. “Jun 6, 2018 – President Donald Trump signed a landmark bill Wednesday to replace the troubled Veterans Choice Program and expand private health care .” Also – “The Veterans Choice Program will be ending on June 6, 2019 and transitioning into the Patient-Centered Community Care Program. ” Veterans Choice became an unworkable program and has been replaced with a bill signed by the President in 2018. Both Senators here in Mt supported replacing it.

  3. Well, he also couldn’t list any priorities for a 2nd term:
    “Well, one of the things that will be really great, you know, the word experience is still good, I always say talent is more important than experience. I’ve always said that. But the word experience is a very important word. It’s an, a very important meaning.
    “I never did this before. I never slept over in Washington. I was in Washington, I think, 17 times. All of a sudden, I’m president of the United States. You know the story. I’m riding down Pennsylvania Avenue with our first lady and I say, ‘This is great,’ But I didn’t know very many people in Washington, it wasn’t my thing. I was from Manhattan, from New York. Now, I know everybody, and I have great people in the administration.
    “You make some mistakes. Like, you know, an idiot like Bolton. The only thing he wanted to do was drop bombs on everybody. You don’t have to drop bombs on everybody. You don’t have to kill people.”

    1. Nice try supporting a fake news report. They lied and you swear to it. Typical for a Liberal/Democrat.

  4. This article is a great example of why the media is not trusted by the vast majority of Americans. The title itself is completely fake news. Trump never said Veteran’s Choice was his legislation. However, he mentioned Veteran’s Choice as a major accomplishment because his 2018 legislation actually fixed the program so that it was effective and probably saved it from collapsing. If he can’t mention that as an accomplishment, which it most certainly was, then you need to send back your journalist credentials. Just more of the same fake news that keeps being put out there by a biased and hostile media.

  5. Of course the no good, lying, Caucasian n*gger trash,

    piece of shit trumpuke has to take credit for an Obama bill.

    Other than getting a massive tax break for the wealthy who

    can never have enough money, THE MURDERING PSYCHOPATH

    has done absolutely nothing to make the lives of everyday Americans better.

    Quite the contrary, he has been shitting on America non stop since 1/20/17

    1. you must live in a different country than the rest of us because Trump has done more for this country and its people than any other president before him ! And who did he murder ? You are just as fake and full of shit as the media !

      1. Amelia, because your standards of excellence

        and accomplishment are lower than the bottom

        of the Mariana Trench you would think so.

        He has murdered 127,361 Americans by his

        completely irresponsible, inadequate, and incompetent

        address and response to the Covid-10 pandemic.

    2. In 2017, Trump signed a bill that eliminated the program’s expiration date and twice signed legislation (in August and December) that authorized funding to keep the program afloat.
      John, your psychotic infantile ravings do nothing for your credibility and may lead to your internment in an antifa “Care center”. But then that is likely a far better facility than the cot and a bowl of rice you have there at the windowless compound in Guangzhou.

      1. R : There is one name on the list of people

        whose opinion of me I care about.

        It isn’t yours.

  6. How can anyone, including the press/media, keep up with His Majesty’s lies, gaslighting, and deflections?

    This is so tiring and it distracts from the things that we need to focus on right now.


    And Matt Gaetz is a rusty tool.

    1. it wouldnt be tiring if you didnt listen to fake news ! Fox news tells the truth and Trump does not lie , gaslight or deflect , that would be the liberal left snowflakes ! # MAGA

        1. Sounds like a Pee Wee Herman reply. Bet you were beat up at recess.
          “You can’t stand the truth”

          1. At least I can rest easy knowing that I lived my life having never voted for a stupid, fascistic cult leader that can’t even string words together to form a sentence that makes any sense to a normal person.

            When Dear Leader is gone, you will have to make up your mind as to whether you will lie for the rest of your life. “No, I never voted for THAT guy! No way! He was nuts!”

          2. I see you’re still your inane self Churl.

            It is comforting knowing that some things

            never change.

  7. When was the LAST time that you heard a president talking about a ‘sleepover’ in Washington, let alone ANY grown-assed 74-yo man saying it?

    He is such a weak loser.

  8. HE SAID that a friend told him that he was a perfect person.

    How can ANYONE listen to him speak like this and say, “Yup, he’s my guy!” If anyone else said something like that to you, you would pay for your beer and go to another bar on the other side of town.

  9. Can anyone answer what Trump plans to do if elected to a second term? He can’t. Did not present any plans at Saturday night rally nor when asked by Hannity last night.

      1. I bet you spent that check he sent you though , didnt you ! And have enjoyed all the tax breaks and low unemployment ! MAGA

        1. Amelia, are you posting from America?? The May unemployment rate was 13.3%–that is 12.7% for whites and 16.8% for blacks. In June, the NEW weekly unemployment claims filed were 1.57 million, 1.54 million, 1.48 million, and a predicted 1.38 million for this week. If an unemployment rate of 4.8% in January, 2017 wasn’t satisfactory to you, HOW do you explain claiming 13.3% as “low unemployment”??

      1. You are confused, AMELIA.

        His Majesty is likely getting ready to quit and leave all of you hanging. If it comes to losing his re-election, I predict that he will likely disappear like the loser that he is sending this election, the American Fascist Party and the country into chaos. Call it a hunch.

        In two, to four, weeks from now, deaths from the Trump Virus are going to go through the roof! Pressure has to be applied to get him to act (or at least react) to deal with this atrocious death toll. He will have to retreat while eating his words and that will gnaw him inside.

        When the death toll rises, states will be forced to shut down again. King Donald The Loser has no plan, the American Fascist Party has no plan, many state governors have no plans, people are not taking things seriously enough. He has no idea even what his priorities are beyond enriching HIMSELF! He couldn’t even answer Sean Insanity’s softball question about it.

        We are screwed, but if I am correct, at least Dear Leader will be gone. 127,000 of us cannot vote for him BECAUSE THEY ARE DEAD!


      2. The Anti-America, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Democracy,

        Anti- Rule Of Law TRAITOR stopped making America great on

        1/20/17 and has been shitting on her 24/7/365 ever since.

        Only desperately delusional morons, like you Amelia,

        support the Caucasian n*gger trash piece of shit trumpuke.

      3. In what world is a country considered great whose POTUS mishandled the pandemic as poorly as Trump or whose POTUS gets publicly laughed AT during the U.N. General Assembly AND privately by 4 ALLIES at the G20? Whose POTUS has such a limited knowledge of world history and geography, that he tells the PM in response to Modi’s concerns with China, “It’s not like you have China at your border.”? (China and India went to war for 10 yrs over their shared border.) Or whose POTUS lack of AMERICAN history includes a belief that the Revolutionary soldiers successfully defended the AIRPORTS???

    1. I know, he’ll get rid of a lot more of the Obamanation crap, improve the economy even more, create millions of good jobs, increase manufacturing, get our space program back in force, get the pipelines completed (I know you “man made global warming” cult members will hate that), replace Ginsburg, convict the Obama administration of multiple crimes, kick out more of the Obamanation spies and obstructionists in the government, improve the infrastructure, and much more. Hopefully, it will really piss you lowlife Liberals/Democrats off.

      1. “improve the economy even more”?? Do you live in a time warp? The GDP under Trump has been 2.4% in 2017, 2.9% in 2018 and 2.3% in 2019. With the 1st quarter of 2020 being MINUS 4.8%, the 2nd and 3rd quarters will need to be much better than expected if Trump is going to fulfill his pledge of “4,5, maybe even 6% GDP.”
        Unemployment was at 4.1% when Trump took office and yes, it did go down to 3.6% in January, 2020 BUT NOW it is 13.3%.
        Are you saying that Trump has not removed “obamanation spies and obstructionists in the government” in 3.5 years so he needs 4 more years to remove them??? Perhaps Trump should just simply institute better hiring practices so he does not find it necessary to fire so many of his hires.
        You have a very distorted view of what Americans want from their POTUS. We want a POTUS that, if in the case of Trump, he is not educated to the history of the regime he is dealing with, to at least listen to his advisers and the American people who HAVE been paying attention. Putin is an adversary, not an ally. China has no record of transparency. The Kim family has no record of abiding by agreements with POTUS. When the POTUS gets played, the entire country gets played.
        I am surprised that your goal is to anger Liberals/Democrats. To what end?? Would your country not be better served by a goal to further the interest and respect for America?

          1. So you are saying IJR readers don’t “believe” the current unemployment rate? That China was not transparent in 1997 bird flu or 2002 SARS? That Putin is an adversary, not an ally? That the Kim family has signed and ignored agreements with Clinton and GW Bush?
            I perceive you misused the word “believe” when you intended to imply that IJR readers that agree with you will not ADMIT they are aware of anything that does not fit Trump’s narrative of the day.

    2. He plans to… wait for it… MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
      What is it going to take for Democrats to get it?

          1. Well that makes no sense….How did you miss Trump’s campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again”? That does not sound as if he or those who supported the mantra were proud of America in 2015-16.
            WHAT quote from his inaugural speech said to you that he was “proud of our country”? “American carnage”??
            When Trump claimed to believe Putin over the U.S. Intel agencies, did not tell the world that he was proud of our country’s intel agencies.
            Need I go on?

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