Trump to Suspend H-1B Work Visas and Others Through End of Year

U.S. President Donald Trump will expand an existing visa ban to include certain non-immigrant work visas as part of a move to protect U.S. workers amid the economic devastation tied to the coronavirus pandemic, a senior administration official said on Monday.

Trump will block the entry of foreign workers on H-1B visas for skilled workers and L-1 visas for workers being transferred within a company through the end of the year, the official said. The president will also block seasonal workers on H-2B visas, with an exception for workers in the food service industry.

The move comes despite opposition from businesses who depend on foreign workers, including major tech companies and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the nation’s largest business association, which have said it will stifle the economic recovery. Critics of the measure say Trump is using the pandemic to enact his longstanding goal to limit immigration into the United States.

The immediate effects of the proclamation will likely be limited, as U.S. consulates around the world remain closed for most routine visa processing due to the pandemic.

Trump is running for re-election on Nov. 3 and has made his tough immigration stance a central pitch to voters, although the coronavirus, faltering economy and recent nationwide protests over police brutality have overshadowed that issue in recent months.

The visa suspension is the latest step by Trump to restrict immigration in response to the pandemic and economic fallout.

Trump also will renew an April proclamation that temporarily blocks some foreigners from permanent residence in the United States, the senior administration official said on Monday.

Trump rolled out new health-focused rules in March that allow for the rapid deportation of immigrants caught at the border and virtually cut off access to the U.S. asylum system.

At the same time, he announced the land borders with Canada and Mexico would be closed to non-essential crossings, a measure that has been extended several times.

(Reporting by Ted Hesson and Steve Holland; Editing by Sandra Maler and Grant McCool)


  1. H1-B visas are for skilled workers. Computer professionals, doctors, etc. The economy we are so proud of is supported by these guys, who add value way in excess of their salaries. Americans who want to keep those jobs for themselves will need to learn Oracle and coding or go to medical school. Note enough do. So, we import them. Or lose money.

    1. Bullshit!! We have plenty of skilled workers here. Many are just not willing to work for the pittance that many employers want to pay when they can pay some immigrant sucker to work for peanuts.

      From your liberal uninformed views, I figured you’d be against slave labor. Oh wait…you’re a Democrat. Never mind.

  2. You Caucasian n*gger trash sure are some shit.

    Most of you are unqualified for the tech jobs

    and too undisciplined or smell yourselves

    so much that you can’t hold the others.

    1. Not true. We have thousands of young people graduating from schools with technical and STEM degrees in the U.S. that are not getting hired. Also, there are many Americans who were laid off and were required to train their replacements — foreigners. This has been well-documented. There is no reason the companies couldn’t have provided training or required employees to learn new skills. This is done all the time. The issue here is wages. And that, my friend, is illegal.

      1. You are so full of shit Gigi.

        Companies are free to pay the wage they choose

        and folks are free to accept it or not.

        This action by the Caucasian n*gger trash

        trumpuke will not result in higher wages for

        qualified Americans but it may very well result in American

        tech companies relocating their facilities outside of the USA.

        Which is perfectly legal.

    1. WOOOHOOO #KAGTRUMP2020 Weed out those illegals!! They want in? Come in through the FRONT DOOR???

  3. Everything with democrats is about immigrants it’s time for Americans. Illegals “We do jobs lazy Americans won’t,” BS I cleaned up every vile thing there is on jobs no complaints here

  4. I know it is hard for many to understand, most of them are Democrats, but the American people come first.

  5. So, why are they calling it a ban. It’s a temporary suspension of these visas. For a ban, look to the Liberals/Democrats attempted bans of guns. The word ‘temporary’ seems to be lost (on purpose) by ignorant Liberals/Democrats.

    1. It Was NOT a Ban on Alllll Guns !!! It was about Banning ‘Assault Rifles’, like AR-15’s, etc. NO ONE..NEEDS GUNS LIKE THAT, OTHER THAN THE MILITARY. If YOU Think You Do..Then, Can You Tell Me..Why You Need A Gun, Like That ?

      1. Wendy, look at what’s going on in Minneapolis, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago. Every American needs an AR-15.

      2. What makes an AR15 an “assault“ rifle? Because it’s all black and scary looking? Or is it because you’re just ignorant and don’t know what the phuk you’re talking about when you throw around the term “assault rifle”?

  6. “The president will also block seasonal workers on H-2B visas, with an exception for workers in the food service industry.” Article

    Ha ha ha! Yeah, HIS food service industry, at his royal golf properties and hotels. He is sooo corrupt!

    1. Except that foreign workers can’t legally vote. Of course they look the other way in blue states.

  7. The less immigrants that come to America today, the better off we will be because of the virus and loss of so many jobs!

    1. You idiot, Sheldon!

      Immigrant workers are necessary for so many temporary jobs because they do the work that lazy Americans WON’T do. Do you seriously think that Wal-Mart will pay more for food just because farmers had to pay way more to convince Americans to do the backbreaking field work? No, they will just import cheaper foreign food.

      1. “because they do the work that lazy Americans WON’T do.” There it is, the BS cry of Liberals/Democrats. You should clarify, the work that Americans won’t do for $5.00 an hour. Americans used to do those kind of jobs, then the illegals came and offered to do them for less. More lost American jobs resulted. Let them stay where they are. We have no obligation to support them. An upside is that 1. we won’t have so much imported disease (you know, Squat, the spread you are constantly complaining about) and 2. we won’t have to throw away so much produce picked by people with no hygiene, wiping themselves with their hands in the field. They work for 8 hours or more in the field with no facilities, even toilet paper. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats, readers of The Guardian, lying rag

          1. Pull the race card Snott. Where does produce come from? I’ll just tell you since you’re so confused. Produce comes from the DIRT! Again, skin color has nothing to do with anything. You’re just as racist as porta-john and Dilbert.

        1. Chuck thank you, Illegals to me “We do work lazy Americans won’t do,” biggest BS lie on earth I cleaned up damn near every disgusting thing there is on earth and have no complaints, they got most of the jobs I was turned away for. The minute you show facts dems whip out the YRC your racist card in an attempt to guilt us into submission

      2. How can Walmart get any cheaper foreign food when they already get food from Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, etc.?

      3. You are the idiot Scott
        You have swallowed hook, line, and sinker the line given you. Why do you think Americans are lazy? Could it be the young ones that are still living in their parent’s home. By the way, farmers are going to pay way more anyway because the minimum wage is going up in so many states.

        1. “Why do you think Americans are lazy? Could it be the young ones that are still living in their parent’s home.” Bernadette

          Too bad you have so little experience in the real world. You should meet a variety of young people, some day.

          1. Meet more young people like you? No thanks, Snotty. I’ve seen enough young losers like you out looting and vandalizing under the guise of “protests”.

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          2. you mean ignorant? No thanks
            What do you consider the real world? Could it being born and raised overseas? Or maybe working in pediatricians (doctor for the young) office.

          3. ANYONE who believes that young people are lazy are themselves ignorant conservatives who have no idea what they are talking about, no matter WHAT their life experiences have been up til now.

            Get out of your bubble, Bernadette!

        2. Bernadette,
          Dumbass Scotty Dontknowsquat can’t see how he’s contradicted himself in this thread. He argues that immigrant workers are needed because Americans are lazy and won’t do certain jobs, then goes on to deny that he and his generation isn’t lazy.

      4. The lazy Americans are welfare collecting democrats. You’re just trying to supplement your own laziness with foreign help.

          1. My intent isn’t to insult the Americans who require assistance, but the, LAZY Americans who don’t want to go back to work, because of a bogus apocalyptic pandemic, for example.

          2. Now you resort to nitpicking. The fact is that whenever someone uses the term “dirty” to describe foreigners, especially ones who are not Caucasians, they are using a racist trope. You can disagree all you like, but that is what it is all about. That is the sole purpose of dirty in this context.

          3. If anyone needs help Snotty, it’s you! You’re the only one that’s going to save YOU from being the loser that you are! However, I’m pretty sure you’re beyond help. Confused Loser!!!

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