Trump Surprises ‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Saying He Will Make Appearance Every Week Until the Election

President Donald Trump is looking to appear on a particular show every week ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

During his phone interview on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning, the president revealed that he may join the show every week for an interview.

At the start of the phone call, Trump said it was “good to be here. Great to be with my friends.” He then mentioned, “I think we’re going to do this, we’ve agreed to do it once a week in the morning, and I look forward to it like the old days.”

Co-host Steve Doocy responded, “I haven’t heard that. Well that’s an exclusive right there!”

The president added that they will “do it mostly on Monday, and if we have to, Tuesday,” before co-host Ainsley Earhardt mentioned the network has reached out to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to set up an interview as well, to which Doocy added that Biden “has not called us back.”

The president responded, “I have a feeling he’s not going to do it. He’s gonna need a teleprompter and you don’t want to give the answers early.”

Watch the video below:

However, things shifted a bit near the end of the interview.

“It’s been great,” Trump said at the end of Tuesday’s interview before co-host Brian Kilmeade jumped in saying, “We’ll do it every week?”

Trump responded, “I look forward to it.”

However, Doocy then clarified, “You may want to do it every week but Fox is not committed to that. We’re going to take in on a case-by-case basis.”