Trump Suggests Dems Want to Keep the US Economy Shutdown ‘for Election Reasons’

President Donald Trump is sharing why he believes Democratic governors are not reopening their economies as quickly as he would like them to.

Trump met with governors on Wednesday to discuss coronavirus response efforts. While he acknowledged some states are not ready to open, he claimed some are waiting for the wrong reasons.

“Some governors and some perhaps partisans maybe for election reasons don’t want to have their states open,” Trump said.

He added, “And then some shouldn’t open them quite yet. They’re not ready, they went through a lot and they’re not quite ready.”

Watch his comments below:

Trump followed up on his comments during an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo.

She asked Trump if he believes his critics want him to keep the economy closed going into the election.

He replied, “Yeah I do, I do. I think it’s a political thing in addition.”

Bartiromo pointed out some believe Trump is putting the economy before the lives of Americans.

Trump doubled down on his position.

“No, no. The people that want to see the right thing happen, they agree with me. We have to get our country open,” Trump said.

He continued, “You know, if it was up to some people let’s keep it closed for a long time, okay, a long time and watch the United States go down the tubes, not going to happen, never going to happen on my watch.”

Check out the interview below:

Trump’s comments come shortly after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the United States is “going to slowly open the economy,” as IJR previously reported.

According to Mnuchin, there is a risk of “destroying” the economy if the nation waits too long to reopen.

He noted if the economy reopens safely, “We’ll be back to having a great economy” next year.


  1. Another month and my business will have to shut down. I can go work for a family member but my employees will have to continue to collect…of course here in NJ I hope they put the blame on King Murphy because I don’t see how the gov says it’s ok for Home Depot to be mobbed with people but my business which has a handful of people at most at a time cannot be open…..

  2. I total believe that democratic governors would gladly stoop to driving the country off the rails if they believed it would impede President Trump from being re-elected. In my opinion they hate Trump more than they love their country.

    I am one who believes it is high time we got back to a sense of normalcy in addressing the “threat” of Corona.

    Contrary to what some may believe I do not want to perform the viral equivalent of lining people up in front of an open ditch and gunning them down because I disagree with the forced continuation of “Shelter in place.”

    While here in Missouri they have thankfully begun to relax some of the restrictions to employment and commerce, in other places, not so much.

    As much as the number crunchers and the communicable disease experts believe they know, they do not have the eyes of God. They may be good at what they do, but in the end they are much like meteorologists. Making predictions about a future that no man can predict. I live on the edge of tornado alley. We have the potential of severe/dangerous weather here. During tornado season it seems that whenever a storm rolls through, the local airwaves are taken over by the weathermen with their Doppler radar and their dire predictions, tornado watches, warnings, etc. If the wind and rain kick up, the municipalities start leaning on their tornado warning horns. I swear it sounds as if the Luftwaffe is going to imminently fly over and bomb the living crap out of us.

    There are some who are terrified each and every time the horns sound and run for the bathroom and hide in the tub. (Furthest inside room with no windows.) And you have guys like me who go, “Okay they’re blowing the horns, so what? Maybe there is actually a tornado within a hundred miles, more than likely there isn’t.” I’ve lived here long enough to know that your garden variety tornado is a very fickle thing. Drops out of the sky, is on the ground for a few seconds/minutes and gets sucked back up into the clouds. They do have a potential to do a lot of damage while they are down, (See The Wizard Of OZ) anywhere from one roof, house, barn, etc. to several, to more than just a few. The monster tornado that hit Joplin in 2011 was what they call an EF5. That one was a direct hit on a major urban area. In both cases pretty rare.

    I look at tornados much like I do vehicle accidents. Vehicle accidents are an inevitable risk inherent with motor vehicles. It goes with the territory. You take what precautions you can, but that doesn’t guarantee a positive driving experience. I know this from first hand experience. Same, same with tornados. When all is said and done tornados tear up a lot of real estate, however, they are not as deadly as motor vehicles. So having been nearly killed in a wreck, do I tremble with fear each time I get behind the wheel, or find myself a passenger? Hardly.

    All that said, my position is that there are not enough places to hide from all the dangers of life. Corona is but one more risk to be considered. Proverbs 22:13 (Amplified Bible) says The lazy one [manufactures excuses and] says, “There is a lion outside! I will be killed in the streets [if I go out to work]!” Lazy could be interchangeable with timid. There comes a time when one has to put on their big boy pants and get out in the real world. There are few who have the financial luxury of being able to afford selective agoraphobia. To demand that society pick up the financial slack so that they can continue to hang out at the house is a self-centered pipe dream.

    There are literally millions, who have been forced out of work due to the bureaucrats running the country, economy and citizenry into a tree in an attempt to stave off the perceived threat of Corona. While more than a few have died and people do die, that’s a fact. None of us will get out of this world alive. I just don’t believe that forced quarantine of the entire population is the way to go. It is a financial disaster for the poor displaced working schmucks who have been forced into unemployment by the millions. It is also a financial disaster for many small businesses, who are facing going out of business over being classified as “non-essential.” The myopic and heavy-handed executive orders are crushing the life out of the country and all over trying to prevent a bunch of what ifs. The economic poison cure is rapidly outpacing the perceived danger of Corona in its destructiveness.

    And yes, I do admire Shelly Luther of Dallas, Texas. I look upon her as a gutsy lady. She was tired of not being able to provide for her family, care for her stylists and keep her business from going under. So she got up on her hind legs and defied the stranglehold that the executive decree had over her. Much like the founding fathers stood up to king George and broke free from England.

    And as Forest Gump would say, “That’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

    1. You are an ignorant fool who will willingly place others and yourself in front of danger.

      It also looks as if you have this diatribe saved as a text file that you update every now and then.

      1. How many people are dying because if the stress of losing their livelihood? What about drinking and depression caused by the prolonged forced closure of their business?

        What about all the deaths from missed cancer screenings and other surgeries and procedures that sometimes detect another issue that would have stayed unknown?

        There are smart ways to get things back open..there are also areas that are not hot spots that should open. Only an ignorant person would believe in a one size fits all approach to the entire country.

  3. BS!

    NOBODY wants to keep this great nation shutdown. He is just making broad, worthless statements accusing his opposition of lies, because he knows that his incompetence is failing to contain the Trump Virus and that is hurting him in the polls.

    He says this kind of thing ALL of the time.

    1. Que ignorancia la tuya que ni nombre te pones y se ve que eres enemigo de la libertad y amigo de los demócratas pedófilos y satánico, trump no es perfecto pero es la mejor opción contra los finalistas satánicos

      1. “What ignorance of yours that you do not even name yourself and it is seen that you are the enemy of freedom and a friend of the pedophile and satanic democrats, trump is not perfect but it is the best option against the satanic finalists”

        There is a new type of bot posting on IJR.

    2. So irresponsible and sick. It’s hard to see where his delusions end and the delusions of his followers begin.

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