Trump: Will Submit ‘Enhanced Papers’ on US Supreme Court Immigration Decision

President Donald Trump on Friday said his administration will make a filing on “Dreamer” immigrants who are in the United States illegally but entered as children, without providing details, to address the Supreme Court’s ruling he broke federal procedure law in ending a program shielding them from deportation.

“The Supreme Court asked us to resubmit on DACA, nothing was lost or won. They ‘punted’, much like in a football game (where hopefully they would stand for our great American Flag). We will be submitting enhanced papers shortly in order to properly fulfil[l] the Supreme Court’s ruling & request of yesterday,” Trump wrote on Twitter, referring to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy.

Trump did not explain what he meant by “enhanced papers.” The highest court in the country left the door open for Trump to attempt again to rescind the program, ruling only that the administration had not met a procedural requirement and its actions were “arbitrary and capricious” under a federal law called the Administrative Procedure Act.

Ken Cuccinelli, the Department of Homeland Security acting deputy secretary, on Friday said the department would “move as quickly as possible” to present Trump with various executive options he could take.

“That still leaves open the appropriate solution, which the Supreme Court mentioned, and that is that Congress step up to the plate,” he told Fox News in an interview shortly before Trump’s tweet.

(Reporting by Lisa Lambert and Susan Heavey, Editing by Franklin Paul and Jonathan Oatis)


  1. I hope you ask Roberts it it meets his approval before submitting it again. Something stinks in this matter…. maybe Obama and his minions have more illegal FISA files…..who else has he found “dirt” on…. blackmail is a powerful tool for those unscrupulous enough to use it. Who else behaved contrary to usual, left government unexpectedly… Paul Ryan? Obama is the only former president I know of to ever keep his fingers in the pot after his term was over. Just what is he up to? I hope the DOJ is watching him closely.

    1. You’re saying Obama is somehow influencing people? Got any proof to back up that claim?

  2. Big deal. So the process will need to be redone to right the illegal wrong done by Obama.

  3. I am confused.

    It took this long just to get this far. Does King Donald The Loser really think that his royal court will move that quickly, just to beat his likely election loss?

    1. Dork….Trump doesn’t need this issue closed before the election to win it handily. If Obama instituted it ILLEGALLY it should be voided, cancelled, made null.. the court said Obama’s act was illegal – end of story.

      1. Winning is one thing, especially for a loser. Getting the court to move on it is a completely different issue.

        Even the majority of American Fascist voters want DACA resolved in their favor, so imagine the backlash that would happen just before an election if the bozos are stupid enough to get it recinded. Justice Roberts saved the AFP’s ass, here, if even temporarily.

  4. Obviously a baby handler told the bunker baby that the decision was not really a defeat to end his temper tantrum.

    1. What is wrong with you people? Trump isn’t perfect, no one is, but he is the best thing to happen to the US in at least the last 30 years. If you deny what the Left is doing to destroy our nation and gain power, then you are a fool. A gigantic, massive, sh**-for-brains fool. Think about it really hard if you’re able.

    1. They will when the matter is submitted once again. In the meantime, someone needs to ask Roberts what the hell was he thinking???

      1. No they won’t Gayle.

        When it is submitted it will be put in line at the end

        of the list of cases already scheduled.

        It is done for this session and the earliest

        it will be heard is after the election.

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