Trump Slams Tax Return Ruling: ‘This Is a Continuation of the Most Disgusting Witch Hunt’

President Donald Trump expressed his frustration on Thursday after a federal judge ruled he is not permitted to block a prosecutor’s subpoena for his tax records.

During an Oval Office meeting with the Iraqi prime minister, Trump told reporters, “there has never been anything” like this investigation, and no other president has ever been subjected to it.

He predicted the case will “probably end up back in the Supreme Court.”

Trump claimed because the case was handed down to New York–a state where Democrats are in power–it is only prolonging what he believes is an unjust investigation.

“This is a continuation of the most disgusting witch hunt in the history of our country, all it is. The Supreme Court said fishing expedition; this is the ultimate fishing expedition…We don’t do things wrong, but they’ll say let’s go in and inspect every deal he’s ever done,” Trump said.

He added, “Let’s get papers from 10 years, every paper, every deal he’s ever signed. Maybe we can find where some lawyer made a mistake where they didn’t dot an I, where they didn’t put a comma down some place, and then we can do something. This is a disgrace, and this should never ever be allowed to happen again.”

Watch his comments below:

He appealed the decision, and to delay handing over his tax returns he filed an emergency motion, as IJR previously reported.

It is unlikely Trump’s financial records will become public before the presidential election on Nov. 3.

U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero wrote in his decision, “The President is entitled to claim no greater shield from judicial process than any other person” and, “Justice requires an end to this controversy.”

The Supreme Court ruled on July 9 a sitting president is not immune from criminal investigations, as IJR previously reported.


  1. WOW roachbelle you cannot help yourself from passing fake news can you. Prove to me and millions of others that President Trump is hiding anything. Please show us the proof that he owes millions and has paid no taxes. You communists/fascists just cannot seem to get facts before you spew your evil, nasty lies. You just make it up as you go. This is and has always been a witch hunt from the beginning. It is NOT a requirement that any President should show their tax returns. If you think so then show me the proof. obutticus only showed one year of tax returns so the same question applies to him. What was he hiding?????

  2. This is NOT a witch hunt. Trump’s right, NO President has had to to this because they disclosed their tax returns and he has NOT. What is he hiding? He’s hiding the fact that he owes millions and for that, he hasn’t had to file taxes.

  3. We are NOT the ones who are brainwashed it is YOU!!!!!!! It is your party that requires you agree with them in ALL things or you will be abolished. That requires a no brain attitude on your part. You are just like a bunch of Lemmings. I remember Charlottesville very well. I remember that there was a peaceful demonstration happening until your communist/fascist party injected antifa and blm into the mix and STARTED the violence. It was you and your members that made Charlottesville what it was. You are one nut case that I hope never has any say in what America should be. You have NO respect for anyone who has a different opinion than you. You have no clue about history do you. The Vietnam War was over before I ran from your party and yes I was for the war but people like you tied our hands and got thousands killed because you would not let us win it. I see you are still with the Russia, Russia, Russia lies. Where are your condemnation of the riots, arson and murder in this country. My concern is NOT what is happening in other countries. We have enough problems here with you communists/fascists. The Law of Insurrection should have been activated for ALL the rioting, looting, arson and murders on the streets of America and the full power of the military should have been used with real bullets to stop the overthrow of this government and removing a sitting President. That is an act of Treason on your part. I guess you approved of Waco and Ruby Ridge. They were set up unlike Kent State. That was a true power grab for your heros (spelled hemorrhoids) the klinton crime family. If people are going to turn violent then they deserve what they get. It is NOT the republicans who will vote for biden (I can count them on one hand) it is the thousands from your party that have come to realize what you really are (communist/fascist) and will vote for President Trump that should worry you. You really are a prima donna. Every point I made can be proven in history books and not your 1619 project which is nothing but lies.

  4. Bob you are brainwashed! Trump is the most divisive president in history. David Duke supports Trump, remember Charlottesville? Good people on both sides says your dictator Trump. There has never been so much hate as there is now. Your president loves Putin, more than his own country. There hasn’t been a word from the Republicans for the latest poisoning in Russia. The Republican party has turned into a bunch of quacks Bob, Trump calls QAnon good people, they’re interesting to him! That is the Trump base. You didn’t fit in the Democratic party buddy, what were you for in the 70’s? Staying in the Viet Nam war? Hating peace protesters? I bet you were gung ho over the Kent State killings. You’re right at home with the nut case republicans, you know…..all the real republicans are voting for Biden….I’ve lost count.

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  6. Cheryl is blind to her Dear Leader’s corruption because she DOESN’T WANT to see it.

    Dear Leader stays on his own properties about one out of every three days, ever since he has been on his golden throne. He profits from that EVERY SINGLE TIME that he does that.

    The Trump administration authorized foreign governments to rent condos in Trump World Tower in New York. This is what the Emoluments Clause is all about.

    These are but two of the many, MANY examples of how he has personally merged his businesses and his presidency.

    Why is it that YOU don’t oppose this wannabe fascist’s continuous royal corruption? We both know that if Obama did anything close to the same thing that YOU would be screaming about it. But about your Dear Leader? Silence.

  7. Cherl…..Trump should have kept his salary and paid his travel expenses and his childrens travel expenses. Trumps ‘s golfing has cost taxpayers $102 million! Trump has taken more than 12 times the protected trips than Obama! Obama traveled the world to meet other world leaders during his first year in office, unlike Trump. Donald Jr. costs the taxpayers over $75,000 in security detail every time he goes on safari. Eric Trump cost taxpayers $97,000 to travel to Uruguay to oversee a Trump building being built there! Taxpayers pay the Trump organization over $1 milion dollars for hotel rooms booked by our government, which is probably illegal but he’s gotten away with. Obama’s travel bill for 8 years came to $97,000, I think you can do the math. Look it up.

  8. Generally Confused
    Once again you take your own route with someone else’s words. But now that you mentioned it ad nauseam just HOW is he “ripping off the country”? All I hear is how he stays in his own resorts. So what? If he was so desperate to make a cool million he would not have donated $400K X 3 years is $1.2M.
    Don’t tell me what I know. Unless it is that the Obamas came to DC with a worth of $990K and left 8 years later worth $40M. Please don’t stupidly say book sales (saw some in the dollar bin at Sam’s Club) or speaking engagements. But Democrats the party of spend never asks that question. Or how Biden accumulated so much wealth and did nothing in almost 50 years.
    President Trump is rich. Get over it.

  9. I am confused, Cherl.

    Why is it that you have no interest or curiosity about how King Donald The Loser is ripping off this country. You obviously know that he is doing it, but you don’t care. That is very confusing for someone who supposedly supports the party of “values”, don’t you think?

    Very confusing.

  10. Well this sure cranked the trolls up didn’t it? They continually spout off generalizations but nothing worth considering or remembering because there is no substance. Just hilarious. Must get paid by the word.

  11. PUTRID…you can spin it, misdirect it and lie all you want but the fact is you follow a Russian traitor who supports Putin’s regime. A regime which poisons adversaries and where people mysteriously fall out of windows. Not one public outcry or condemnation from the WH about the resent poisoning. People who support trump are not American, whether they are Democrats, Republican or Independents.

  12. Jaybird, Facts are facts. I realize you are too ignorant to understand. Especially the one in reference to in my book.

  13. Trump is a con man; even his supporters know that. In fact, they applaud it. Trump just didn’t want us to see the real evidence of the con.

  14. PUTRIDPAUL….you can dish it but evidently you can’t take it. Not so nice is it when someone gives it back to you…poor you! Lol

  15. We checked an archive of presidential tax returns maintained by the Tax Analysts, a publisher specializing in tax policy. It shows that going back to 1976, all but one major-party nominee released at least one return…..No witch hunt dearie Standard practice

  16. Jay bird the Clintons were/are more unscrupulous than anyone in politics but they always got free passes from the Dems. One day though their world will come crashing down.

    In regards to my genitals in comparison to Scotty the Imp. I beg to differ as he is a capon.

    And in my book you are an ignorant ct.

  17. Regina is very confused about our tax laws. Uh, they are fighting for the RIGHT to get ahold of His Majesty’s tax forms. How would YOU like it if different state departments could immediately get ahold of yours?

    Why are YOU not curious about what Dear Leader is hiding? That is very strange, suspicious.

  18. Hey, you losers that can’t stand the fact that President Trump is the President of the USA:
    If New York State wants President Trump’s tax returns so bad, why can’t they get them from the New York State taxation office? Could it be that they want more than that so they can actually conduct a witch hunt? Don’t they trust their taxation office to do their job according to their laws? This truly is a witch hunt. And all of you posting here wanting to see his tax returns are only nosey, partisan, witch hunters.

  19. Actually, Bobby, I DO want to know how King Donald The Loser is ripping this country off?

    I am confused as to why YOU are not even curious about his corruption. That is very strange. If Obama hid his taxes, I know that YOU would be livid over that.

  20. Ahhh PUTRIDPAUL. sounds like you are jealous that GENERAL actually has genitals that work.

  21. Ahhh BOOBY. You don’t care how many laws trump has broken as long as everything’s right in YOUR world. You’re a disgusting excuse for a man! Selfish ahole in my book!!

  22. Bobby, Don’t try educating Scotty the Imposter aka the Troll aka the Genital with facts he only absorbs fairy tales and fantasy.

  23. What is Trump trying to hide? How crooked he is? What a loser! The Southern District of New York has them though, and they know how crooked he is and how crooked all his cronies are. More warrants to come for sure!

  24. Uh, King Donald ThecLoser COULD HAVE kept his word and released his tax returns himself, like he himself said that he would, but no. He has to be a royal ass about it.

    1. I don’t give a rats ass about his taxes. He has made my job better and my stocks better. Stop worrying about his taxes. Its none of your business anyway. Dummy

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