Trump Says the 2020 Election ‘Will Be the Greatest Scam in History’

President Donald Trump said that the 2020 election “will be the greatest scam in history” as he criticized the Democrats push for mail-in ballots as the coronavirus has changed the political landscape.

In a call in to Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Trump said, “it’s a disaster and it’s going to be. No matter how you look at it. They’re sending out 51 million ballots to people that didn’t ask for them.”

He noted that he votes in Florida via an absentee ballot, saying, “Absentee ballots are great … but that’s when you go through a process. You ask for it, they send it to you and it’s very secure.”

Trump continued:

“They want to send mail-in, it’s called mail-in, universal mail-in ballots. 51 million ballots sent to, who knows who. Where are they going? This is going to be the greatest scam in history. This will be the most fraudulent election in history. 51 million ballots being sent to people, many of them will have been dead. Many of them will get more than one. It’s going to be a really horrible thing.”

It’s not clear where Trump got his number that 51 million ballots will be mailed. But this is not the first time that he’s used this attack and said that the election will be fraudulent and has bashed mail-in voting.

During a call-in to Fox & Friends this week, Trump said, “Now with that being said, I have to tell you that if you go with this universal mail-in where you send millions of votes — in California, tens of millions of ballots being sent to everybody and their dogs. Dogs are getting them, okay? People that have been dead for 25 years are getting them.”

USA Today noted this week that only nine states and the District of Columbia are planning universal mail-in voting this November.


  1. I Ching is making up excuses for why King Donald The Loser will lose BEFORE the election even happens! You don’t sound very confident that he will win, I Ching.

  2. You don’t know much about the Constitution, do you?

    The Constitution clearly states that the President’s term of office ends at noon on January 20th.

  3. Mikey and Asswipe,

    I’m still waiting for rational arguments and evidence to prove me wrong.

    You simple-minded pinheads.

  4. Screw says the sky is going to fall and then demands others to prove him wrong. He is nothing more than a scared and insecure loner with an overpriced college degree who thinks he is smarter than everyone else and, like his failed hero Trump, thrives on his followers telling him how smart he is. He is nothing more than a bitter troll who comforts himself with his wasted wit and hides behind his EDC.

  5. Donald Trump and Sean Hannity need to share the evidence that they are using to conclude multiple ballots, ballots to dogs, etc…. Not only have they not share evidence of “massive fraud” with their audience, they have not shared it with the lawyers for the Trump campaign, RNC, and the Republicans that join the lawsuits against the states that they are claiming “massive fraud” takes place.

  6. Well, the Trump campaign, RNC, and a few PA R House sycophants, including my U.S. Rep, has sued PA over mail-in voting. There are no absentee or mail-in ballots sent to voters without a completion of the APPLICATION for a ballot. In order to receive the APPLICATION, one must be a REGISTERED VOTER. In order to complete the APPLICATION a PA photo license NUMBER or PA state photo ID NUMBER must be indicated on the application. The ballot must be returned to the County Election Bureau in the provided envelope with a signature affixed to both the application and the outside of the envelope. The STATE of PA’s publicly displayed policy also indicates that the ballots are counted AT the county election offices, not the precinct.

    A Trump appointed U.S. judge gave the plaintiffs 24 hrs to provide EVIDENCE of the “massive fraud” they allege in the suit. I would direct you to the info they provided, but it was NOT indicative of massive fraud.

  7. Too bad the Genital, or Scott like the bathroom tissue, is such an asswipe.

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  8. Imagine the civil war which will result with many, many bloody atrocities. Good. The Left is infamous for purges, except now they failed to take our guns (like so many of their “bright” ideas). q.v. Nazi Germany, Russia, etc.

    Go ahead and defund the police. Let’s have the politicians suiting up and kicking in doors.

    The Left is already holding dress-rehearsals with their “peaceful protests”.

    Yeah, the resistance since 2016 is saying that things will get so much worse. Buy guns and ammo now. More importantly train with them.

  9. Imagine the conflict. Imagine how long it will take to verify EACH & EVERY vote.

    Imagine this going to the SC.

    All this takes months if not years and Trump will still sit in the WH.

    Apparently the Dims/Left didn’t think this one through. Typical.

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