Trump Says He Would Rather Run Against Bloomberg Because Sanders ‘Has Real Followers’

As former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has struggled in the first two Democratic primaries, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s (D) presidential campaign appears to be gaining steam. 

Speaking to reporters in the Oval Office on Tuesday, President Donald Trump took a shot at Bloomberg, calling him a “lightweight” and “one of the worst debaters.”

“He’s a lightweight, you’re going to find that out. He’s also one of the worse debaters I’ve ever seen,” Trump said, adding, “And his presence is zero.”

Additionally, Trump said he would rather run against Bloomberg than Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) because the Vermont senator “has real followers.”

“Frankly, I’d rather run against Bloomberg than Bernie Sanders because Sanders has real followers — whether you like him or not, whether you agree with him or not. I happen to think it’s terrible what he says. But he has followers, Bloomberg’s just buying his way in.”

Watch the video below:

Trump has previously suggested that Bloomberg has intentionally skipped the Democratic debates because of his debating skills.

However, Bloomberg has been self-funding his campaign and therefore failed to meet past fundraising requirements from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to get into the debates. 

But now it’s possible that Bloomberg could qualify for future Democratic debates as the DNC recently changed its requirements to get on the debate stage.

Candidates must now either receive at least one delegate from Iowa or New Hampshire or meet polling requirements. While Bloomberg didn’t compete in either of those states, it’s possible that he would meet the polling requirements for future debates.

Andrew Cullen/Reuters

While Sanders appears to be the front-runner for the Democratic nomination as Biden has failed to secure a top spot in the first two primary contests, some Democrats have begun to look to Bloomberg.

Recent national polls have put Bloomberg in third-place behind Biden, and state polls have found Bloomberg to be one of the candidates best positioned to defeat Trump in the general election.

However, it’s yet to be seen if his unconventional approach to the campaign will result in actual votes in the primaries. Bloomberg has focused most of his time and money in states that hold primary contests on Super Tuesday — skipping Iowa and New Hampshire altogether.

Regardless, it seems that Bloomberg’s candidacy has tried to get under Trump’s skin — as most of Bloomberg’s ads and attacks are focused on him.

In recent weeks, Trump has dubbed Bloomberg “Mini Mike” and attacked his height and debating skills on Twitter.


  1. Genital,
    “How’s your better and cheaper health care for everyone under Dear Leader’s administration? He promised NOT to go after your Medicare and S.S., but he is planning just that – again”

    You keep talking like you even know what better and cheaper healthcare are.

    Please provide a real example of “better and cheaper healthcare”. Share your experience with it.

    It ain’t Canada (see their VATs, income taxes, incredible delays, and “not better” services.) Ever wonder why those who can afford it have private insurance OR travel to the US for treatment? That is neither cheaper nor better.

    1. So…Genital. Like all good little keyboard commandos you’re making shit up. You fantasize about healthcare and free shit just as much as someday touching a real, live woman who isn’t a relative.

      Tell all of us how much better and cheaper your COMPLETELY IMAGINARY healthcare system will be. We’ll just laugh at you. Did you learn nothing from the technocratic nightmare which is Obozocare? It’s not cheaper or better.

      Maybe all you socialists should start a fund to buy health insurance for those who don’t have it instead of throwing money at Bernie’s campaign. That would be immediate and real world.

      1. According to the numbers, the universal health care in all other developed countries is supposed to be HALF of ours, and they have better outcomes. It is also a fallacy about medical tourists.

        1. Also, you KNOW these things. You just keep on repeating the same old tired nonesense. No matter what the facts are, you keep on your same backwards path. Pathetic.

  2. Remember a time when ANYTHING Trump was anathema to the TDS? If he came out in favor of gun control or abortion those would no longer be issues.

    Now he wants Mikey over Bernie. That’s brilliant trolling of the thementally/emotionally damaged who vote Dimocrat. (was that redundant?) The bobbleheads will go exactly opposite of whatever Trump speaks in favor of and that means Commie Bernie will get the nom.

    That’s a non-starter for anyone NOT a selfish, hands out, failure.

  3. Mikey vs. Bernie. Godzilla vs. King Commie. They both have totalitarian goals for the country but only one can be King of the Monsters.

    Playing supporting roles: Gaydrah from a failed IN city, and Klobuchar (who already sounds like a Japanese monster)

  4. I’m thinking that Trump is calling out opposition to Bloomers.

    As a wannabe-fascist Mikey is Bernie’s natural and political enemy (though they are both on the Left).

    The Bad Orange Man is wise to call out the cultists, Bernie Bros, and other incels to rally behind their Communist leader to defeat Bloomers.

    Excellent trolling.

    1. #METOO violation AND an uber-capitalist? Where do you think he got the billions to fund his campaign?

      That should make a wannabe-Commie’s blood boil, even if most of them have no personal experience of sex (with other people) or wealth. After all, wealth is evil and “property is crime” according to socialism/wannabe Commies.

  5. Once again, Trump calls a spade a spade; and, he is 100% correct. Bernie’s followers are the disenchanted liberals who have been indoctrinated by their socialist college professors and still don’t have a clue about basic economics or principals this country were founded on.

    1. Indoctrinated? I am confused.

      How’s your better and cheaper health care for everyone under Dear Leader’s administration? He promised NOT to go after your Medicare and S.S., but he is planning just that – again.

      1. So….when was the last time YOU paid for someone else’s healthcare?

        That is exactly what you propose. IF you have a job I’ll happily suck up Social Security YOU pay for, even if the gov’t takes 85% of it back. I’ll use it to buy ammo and reloading supplies.

        After all, my tax dollars got sucked up to subsidize your education locally and federally.

        1. You idiot. Universal health care would be cheaper. It isn’t “free” as in beer. It is free of the ridiculous killer system that we have now, though, including the insurance death squads that either break our banks or deny us service.

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