Trump Visits Pennsylvania PPE Distribution Center Without Wearing a Mask

President Donald Trump toured a medical equipment distribution center in Allentown, Pennslyvania on Thursday. 

The Owens & Minor Inc. facility has sent personal protective equipment (PPE) including N95 masks, gloves, and surgical gowns around the country.

But during his visit, he did not wear a mask – although other individuals who also toured the factory did. 

Last week, Trump toured a mask-making factory in Arizona where he also decided to skip wearing a mask. That decision drew criticism from some who suggested he should lead by example by wearing a mask.

Trump’s decision to not wear a mask comes as members of the White House staff have tested positive for the coronavirus. Additionally, Vice President Mike Pence said he would distance himself from the president over coronavirus concerns.

The White House has noted that Trump and Pence are tested daily for the virus and have tested negative so far.

In light of that, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that the White House is not discussing plans in case either Trump or Pence test positive for the virus. 

“That’s not even something that we’re addressing,” she told reporters on Thursday. “We’re keeping the president healthy. We’re keeping the vice president healthy, and, you know, they’re healthy.”


  1. Correct. A Neurosurgeon said again the other day, Masks can be Harmful. I do not wear one. Our best defense is to obtain immunity which we won’t do if we don’t open the Country and the Schools.

  2. Are we really comparing wearing or not wearing a mask to carring a baby to full term or abortion.
    He can do whatever the hell he wants including focusing on important things which he doesn’t!!

  3. We don’t wear a mask when it’s flu season, we never have. We’re becoming a paranoid society that is so frightened of germs, that our bodies can’t develop immunities. That’s why we’re in the mess we’re in today. Too many antibiotics and antibacterial products have actually weakened our immune system, so now we can’t fight off viruses like this. This virus just isn’t bad enough to warrant all this paranoia. Too many are surviving it or not even showing any symptoms. If a woman has the right to carry or not carry a baby to full term, shouldn’t we have the right to wear or not wear a mask? And before you say her decision isn’t threatening the health of anyone else, I’d have to say that deciding to get rid of that baby is most definitely a threat to that baby’s health, and it could be a threat to hers if she doesn’t survive that abortion!

    1. “We’re becoming a paranoid society that is so frightened of germs, that our bodies can’t develop immunities. That’s why we’re in the mess we’re in today.”

      Wrong. That is NOT why we are in this current mess. We are in this mess because of incompetence of this administration. They had their chance to stop this and they all failed the American people.

      It’s Dear Leader’s fault and even 70% of American Fascist voters are slowly starting to realize that.

    2. “If a woman has the right to carry or not carry a baby to full term, shouldn’t we have the right to wear or not wear a mask?” Crystal

      Speaking of ignorance…

      As a woman, you should know that stress can permanently affect the fetus. In fact, studies show that thousands of changes to its DNA can be directly traced back to stress during pregnancy. If the stress causes DNA changes at the right time when, say, the brain is at certain stages, it will have lasting congnitive challenges for the child. It can affect the child’s weight and cause other health issues.

      Do you really think that consequences resulting from the Trump Virus are not causing stress of pregnant mothers TODAY? There is going to be lasting generational DNA effects that will last a lifetime, AND probably echoes from the first change.

      Grow up. You are a fool.

  4. I pray that he gets the virus and dies from it. It would serve him right

        1. And you are still a filthy mouthed Neanderthal. Worthless for the good of the world.

          1. I want to live long enough so I can piss on Trumps grave soon I hope

    1. You’re an idiot. Only ones here that are having health issues are inside in a nursing home.

    2. No, don’t do this, TOM.

      If he gets the Trump Virus, karma is a beotch, but this can be a horrible way to go (plus you and I will have to pay for his treatment) and I would not wish that on anyone, and if he survives, he can have permanent disabilities.

      1. That means we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from what he’s like now

  5. Masks are to protect other people from you. If you might have the virus, wear a mask. If you’ve been tested today (like POTUS has) and, therefore, know you don’t have the virus, wearing a mask doesn’t help anyone.

    Simply to insist we all ought to wear masks because of the virus, is not thinking. We need to pay attention to facts and think through what reasonable actions we should take, based on those facts.

    1. WRONG!!!!!! It works both ways. Healthcare workers are wearing masks to protect themselves from Covid patients. In public you should wear a damn mask to protect yourself and everyone else! You could be tested one day and be negative, that’s not forever. The following week or days you could be positive. There is an incubation period that we know nothing about. We know NOTHING about this new virus, I don’t get these people who think everyone is overreacting. It’s better to play it safe unless you don’t care who you could bring this virus home to.

      1. “There is an incubation period that we know nothing about. We know NOTHING about this new virus” Donna

        Please be more accurate, Donna. We DO know SOME things about the Trump Virus, such as how it is spread. That is why we have guidelines for controlling the transmission of it, with social distancing, masks and gloves, and quarantining, etc. They do work.

        1. Scott I was replying to Jeffrey who made an incorrect statement about wearing a mask. I totally agree with wearing a mask and social distancing. I work as a Laboratory scientist. In the lab we are wearing homemade masks because that’s all we have. Nobody is safe, everyone should be concerned. These people who complain about wearing a mask in public have no idea what it’s like to wear one for 8 hours and they have absolutely NO concern for health care workers who have to take care of them when they are infected. Trump only cares about Trump. This is far from over.

  6. That hideous insect Lori Lightfoot of Chicago doesn’t wear a mask, so why should Trump if he’s tested everyday? I’ve never worn a mask and I don’t intend to submit to tyrant wannabes. If they come for me, I won’t go down without a fight. My husband will be taping it. I’m a gray-haired Asian lady, the optics aren’t on their side in a fight.

  7. Why does he need to war a mask if anyone else is? I think you need to focus on important things.

  8. I don’t believe it is a federal law to wear masks? If you want to by all means wear one but not everyone feels the same way.

    1. Scott: What does wearing a mask have to do with being a “part of the solution”?
      If you want to wear a mask, please do so. No one is trying to stop you. But it sure looks like you are trying to FORCE your views on others.

      1. If YOU won’t look after yourself, that’s on you, Regina, but you DO NOT have the right to possibly infect other people, maybe even someone in your own family.

        Conservatives keep on talking about taking responsibility for one’s own actions. Well, that’s your cue, Regina. Be responsible for YOUR actions.

        1. You are a miserable hateful person. Your hate for a man who doesn’t know that you exist is such a waste of time. Do something productive. And stop being hateful and critical because you can’t control people who are smarter than you.

          1. What you are saying everyone can control Trump hell a pet rock can control him

          2. Holy crap! Are YOU ever confused!

            I am not a hateful person just because I disagree with you. What is wrong with you?

            Critical? When it comes to the amount of incompetence coming out of this administration and KILLING 90,000 of us, I’ve just begun.

            THAT is inexcusable and unconscionable!

          3. Cheryl, Trump doesn’t know that you or anyone else exists outside of his family. He has denied knowing countless people every time he gets into hot water. He loves inciting all of you at his rally’s because he’s a bully. You are just an amusement to him. Wise up.

      2. Well said. But soon you will notice that he feeds on criticizing and condemning other people. In his addled mind only he is right.

    1. John: How can ANYONE take you seriously when all you do is show obnoxious, disgusting behavior?
      If you’re just needing to vent, how about going outside and screaming at the sky.

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