Trump, Pence Applaud US Service Members on Nat’l Medal of Honor Day

Wednesday is a day of recognition for the United States’ military heroes.

The U.S. Army started National Medal of Honor Day with commemorative posts in honor of the service members being awarded.

“The Medal of Honor is the nation’s highest medal for Valor in combat that can be awarded to members of the armed forces,” the U.S Army tweeted. “It is awarded sparingly and is bestowed only to the bravest of the brave.”

The Disabled American Veterans organization also tweeted, “We’re honoring those who have earned the highest of military honors.”

The White House recognized multiple service members and shared candid photos of ceremonies honoring acts of valor.

The tweet read, “Since March 25, 1863, our Nation has recognized extraordinary acts of valor by members of the Armed Forces with the Medal of Honor. Today, we thank all those who have received the Medal of Honor for their great courage and self-sacrifice—above and beyond the call of duty.”

Both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence also took to Twitter to join in the “Moment of Honor” as they thanked those who have served.

“Today is National [Medal of Honor Day]. Join me in a [Moment of Honor] to remember those who have earned our Nation’s highest award for valor in combat,” Trump tweeted.

The president continued, “The Nation is eternally grateful to these patriots who so valiantly fought for America’s values and the American way of life!”

Pence also echoed similar sentiments tweeting, “Today, on National Medal of Honor Day, we honor those whose military actions have gone above and beyond call of duty.”

“As a Nation, we are tremendously proud of you. I salute you all,” he concluded.