Trump Pardons Alice Johnson, Whose Cause Was Backed by Kim Kardashian

President Donald Trump granted a full pardon on Friday to Alice Marie Johnson, a Tennessee woman who received a life sentence for a first-time drug offense and whose cause was taken up by the celebrity Kim Kardashian West.

Trump, who commuted Johnson’s sentence in 2018 after she had served more than 20 years in prison, signed the pardon during a meeting with Johnson in the Oval Office.

“We’re taking Alice Johnson from a commutation to a full pardon,” Trump said. “Alice has done an incredible job since she’s been out, recommending other people” who may deserve clemency or a pardon.

Johnson, who spoke at the Republican National Convention this week about her initial commutation, wiped away tears after Trump’s announcement.

Kardashian West personally lobbied Trump about Johnson’s case.

(Reporting by Jeff Mason; Writing by Eric Beech; Editing by Leslie Adler)


  1. “They have no facts about anything. I wonder where confuction got his information about Chinese prisons.” Confused Boob The Projectionist

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA! You funny.

    You don’t give a shit about facts. Even if I showed my (public) sources, you still would believe what you WANT to believe.

  2. “You see general confusion when you say stupid shit I mean blatantly stupid like we have more people in prison than China.” William

    Don’t tell me what I know, William.

    The US has about 2.1 million people in prison. China has about 1.7 million. Which country has the most prisoners in the whole world? The US, by far, many of them because of our STUPID war on drugs and because of Joke Biden’s cruel crime bill.

    Don’t confuse what I said. I didn’t say one word about either country’s TREATMENT of their prisoners – yet. That is a completely separate issue.

  3. liquid: name anyone that >I< released. Just one person will do.

    You are giving me more powers than I actually have. Thank you, but I am in no position to release anyone from civilian prisons.

  4. General Confusion and the satanic democrats are just turning them lose for no reason so they wont catch covid

  5. I agree with you William. general confuction and all his friends on this comment site are nothing but losers, liars, racists, haters and ignorant leeches who know nothing and spew the fake news they are told to spread. The time is near that either the government will take care of these treasonous, communist/fascist rioting, looting, burning and murdering pieces of shit or “WE the People” will. They have no facts about anything. I wonder where confuction got his information about Chinese prisons. I’ll bet he got it from the same place his head is at, up his ass.

  6. You people don’t even know the facts of her case yet you’ll spew off like you were there. It’s already been stated she was merely a courier who knew very little of the overall operation. She also couldn’t get out because they threatened to kill her daughter and her so stop being a bunch of judgmental twats.

  7. You see general confusion when you say stupid shit I mean blatantly stupid like we have more people in prison than China. It negates anything you have ever said and some of the things i agreed with you on now I have to backtrack because you’re making yourself look like an absolute bias mouthpiece. You know China has over a million Muslims in prison camps making them do slave labor and killing them as well right? You know why China’s prison rate is lower because they just straight up kill you for things you get a slap on the wrist for over here and minor prison sentence. You get a DUI in China they tie you to a post and flog the skin literally off your back and ass. Oh and did I mention it’s mandatory everyone in the village or district attends or they also get charged with a crime. Yes let’s tout China’s lower prisoner numbers because flogging the skin off your body is a much better solution for minor offenders with death being fairly common.

  8. The other people involved in the Cocaine Cartel she was involved with are in prison for life. The ONLY reason she is walking around is because 1 (one) of the jurors couldn’t convict her. She was guilty as he&&, and should be sitting with the others convicted for the crimes.

  9. Regina: WTF are you complaining about? King Donald The Loser has ALREADY pardoned VERY guilty people, including friends / supporters (Stone, Arpaio, D’Souza, the Hammonds, Conrad Black, DeBartolo, Milken, Pogue, Ponder), associates / people in his or other administrations / army / or so-called “Republicans” (Libby, Behenna, Nolan, Golsteyn, Lorance, Stanton, Safavian, Kerik)! And just IMAGINE who he will pardon AFTER he loses in November!

    Get the picture yet, Regina?

  10. G.C. Scott: You’d rather he do like Obama and pardon actually GUILTY people in prison? like Bradley Manning or murderers or gang members?

  11. Greg: yes, he is playing the “game”. Let one unjustly imprisoned out, to make HIM look good before an election. What about the tens of thousands of OTHER unjustly imprisoned?

    We are the largest prison in the world! Worse than even China.

  12. Hopefully she wont get shot in the back while running to her car in a rainstorm with a cell phone in her hand. As well what about the thousands of others like (incidentally black) but who is playing the race card? Actually I suggest Trump is playing the race card..or is this his Trump card?

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