Trump Orders Voting Districts to Exclude People in US Illegally

President Donald Trump signed a memorandum on Tuesday that would prevent migrants who are in the United States illegally from being counted when U.S. congressional voting districts are redrawn in the next round of redistricting.

U.S. Census experts and lawyers say the action is legally dubious. In theory, it would benefit Trump’s Republican Party by eliminating the largely non-white population of migrants in the U.S. illegally, creating voting districts that skew more Caucasian.

“Including these illegal aliens in the population of the State for the purpose of apportionment could result in the allocation of two or three more congressional seats than would otherwise be allocated,” the memo said.

Responses from Democrats and immigration advocates were swift and condemnatory.

Dale Ho, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, vowed litigation.

“We’ll see (Trump) in court, and win,” he said in a statement.

Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, derided what he viewed as an “unconstitutional order that has no purpose other than to silence and disempower Latino voices and communities of color.”

Proponents of citizens-only voting districts argue each vote should carry the same weight. If one district has far fewer eligible voters than another, they say, each vote there has more influence on election outcomes.

But the move carries major legal questions.

While the U.S. Supreme Court has left the door open for citizen-based voting maps for state legislatures, experts see it as a long-shot at the federal level, because the U.S. Constitution explicitly says that congressional districts must be based on “the whole number of persons” in each district.

In the memo, Trump said the word “persons” “has never been understood to include … every individual physically present within a state’s boundaries.”

Census experts say that is wrong: multiple federal laws have reinforced that apportionment must include everyone, and U.S. Supreme Court precedent has endorsed that view, said Joshua Geltzer, a constitutional law expert and professor at Georgetown Law.

“All of this makes Trump’s position outrageous,” Geltzer said.

(Reporting by Alexandra Alper in Washington and Nick Brown in New York; Additional reporting by Richard Cowan in Washington, Mica Rosenberg in New York and Mimi Dwyer and Kristina Cooke in Los Angeles; Editing by Nick Zieminski and Matthew Lewis)


  1. Incidentally, at the time the Constitution was written and enacted, citizenship was something you got from your state, or even from the city you lived in. The United States didn’t mess around with granting formal citizenship back around 1800. Lots more US residents were born outside of the US then. So, that’s the context in which the laws of this country were first drafted.

  2. Your children are counted as persons within your congressional district. People in mental institutions are counted. Legal immigrants are counted. Everybody who resides in the district, according to the United States Constitution, is entitled to be counted for the district’s representation in Congress. Illegal immigrants also reside.
    If the Constitution matters, then everybody gets counted, when it comes to allocation of seats in Congress.
    And, it doesn’t mean that everybody represented has a vote. They’re just counted.

  3. How does illegal entry into the United States require legal representation in Congress?

  4. Duh, ya think? Illegals voting is a constitutional right? How would anyone in their right mind, that excludes any Democrat, think that a right to vote in this country includes illegal people. Get citizenship, get an I.D. card and vote.

  5. Illegals have no standing in this country and as such should be excluded. They should, however, be rounded up and thrown back over the border. That’s the law!! They can’t vote legally, although the Liberals/Democrats give them fake documents so they can. The Democrats made sure voter ID wasn’t required, Pre-registration wasn’t required and mail in ballots (outside absentee ballots) can be used, all so illegals can vote. Strange that Democrats still don’t want illegals to be able to buy a gun. Form 4473 still has the citizenship question on it. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

    Squat equates removing illegals from the country and voting rolls as a racism. I didn’t see any mention of a particular race. Squat lies.

    The Democrats created sanctuary cities and states to gain votes in the House. That’s why they fought so hard to keep the citizenship question off the census. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats. If it weren’t for cheating, the Democrats couldn’t win anything.

  6. The General Asswipe finds The Constitution to be a convenient piece of paper to hide behind when it suits him. He wipes his ass with it otherwise.

    Let the Supreme Court take this up. The founders never envisioned the flood of illegals that are here now. I’m quite sure they assumed immigration laws would be enforced, not eschewed.

  7. “the U.S. Constitution explicitly says that congressional districts must be based on “the whole number of persons” in each district.” Article

    The Constitution is supposed to be the final word, but not with this racist administration.

    1. Persons, meaning CITIZENS. We The People, not We the Mexicans, Iranians, whoever wants to choose our politicians. BTW, your race card was declined. Do you have another form of argument?

  8. Jaybird please inform us how not including illegals in the count is cheating. It is to the contrary who is cheating by allowing the counts.

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