Trump Dismisses Nancy Pelosi’s Faith: ‘I Doubt She Prays at All’

President Donald Trump’s speech on Thursday included a number of rather vicious lines, but probably none was crueler than his questioning of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) faith.

Trump said, “Nancy Pelosi is a horrible person. And she wanted to impeach a long time ago, when she said ‘I pray for the president,’ — she doesn’t pray — she may pray but she prays for the opposite, but I doubt she prays at all.”

During that same segment, Trump also attacked House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), calling him a “vicious, horrible person.”

Pelosi is a devout Catholic who is frequently outspoken about her faith. The National Catholic Reporter named her as the 2019 Newsmaker of the Year for her “steady and thoughtful service to the nation at a time of extraordinary challenge and for exemplifying, in all its complexity, a public and, in this case, political role in which her Catholicism acts as a kind of moral bedrock.”

During her press conference on Thursday, Pelosi addressed Trump’s suggestion that she doesn’t pray, saying, “I don’t know if the president understands about prayer or people who do pray. But we do pray, for the United States of America. I pray for him. I pray for President Bush still. [I pray for] President Obama.”

She later added, “I pray hard for him because he’s so off the track, of our Constitution, our values, our country … He really needs our prayers, so he can say whatever he wants. He can say whatever he wants but I do pray for him and I do so sincerely and without anguish, you know, gently, just the way I pray for everybody else.”

Here’s that clip:

Though Trump has bashed Pelosi consistently over the past few months, there is little chance that he is going to be rid of her any time soon as the Democrats are expected to keep the House.


  1. Okay. I just rewatched Nancy’s antics from the SOTU. Who the hell (literally?) is she talking and gesturing to?

    It’s not Pence. Maybe she has invisible spirits as envoys from whatever she prays to.

    Watch it yourself if you doubt. Invisible spirits or mental illness? It’s hard to say.

  2. If she’s “Catholic” then I’m the Deli Llama.

    I wonder why the Pope doesn’t come right out and excommunicate child-murderers and those who support them? Let’s see:
    -defies church doctrine
    -murders children

    1. Speaker Pelosi is Catholic, so WHAT does the spiritual leader of the deli do? Provide guidance on what cheese to buy? Perhaps you meant Dalai Lama. On the Pope “wonder”, perhaps he is educated in the American government principle of separation of church and state. WHY would he invite the government to intervene in the Catholic church doctrine BY imposing religious doctrine into government? WHY did I think you were a supporter of “small government”? Apparently you are not, and I admit when I am incorrect.

      1. The Deli Llama is a religious leader originally from the Andes and who specializes in charcuterie, not cheese. Your lack of humor is showing.

        There are these things called “puns”.

      2. 1. Il Popo is in no way American, so again your ignorance is on full display.
        2. The Pope is the nominal spiritual leader of millions, the anointed successor as head of the Catholic church, and head the Vatican as a separate state.
        3. Excommunication is NOT a state function. Look it up.
        4. Your assumptions on what I believe are strictly your own. Also wrong.
        Geez you are dumber than usual.

  3. Trump is confused. It’s not WHETHER she prays. It’s WHO/WHAT she’s praying to.

    BIG CLUE: it involves child sacrifice.

    1. Interesting post. A self proclaimed atheist professes to know to WHOM Pelosi prays. BIG CLUE: It is not YOU.

      1. Thank God she doesn’t pray to me.

        Quick: Prove your ridiculous assertion. WHO EXACTLY DID I SAY SHE PRAYS TO ?

        Is this like the “anonymous sources” so often quoted by lying Dimocrats?

  4. “she doesn’t pray — she may pray but she prays for the opposite, but I doubt she prays at all.” King Donald The Loser

    Well, we ALL know that HE doesn’t pray.

    1. …and you know he doesn’t pray exactly how?

      Are you pretending to superhuman powers like Phil does? Wow are you people delusional and egotistical.

      Quick, what am I thinking now? You pinhead.

      1. Based on the evidence of his actions or inactions. Just because he shows a Bible in his hand doesn’t mean that he has actually read it or follows its messages.

  5. Every time Trump speaks on the world stage, we all PRAY he does not embarrass the country,. Even Republicans that railed against the teleprompter during Obama’s presidency, PRAY Trump sticks to the teleprompter. Me, I pray for someone to come up with a plan to Make America SANE Again.

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