Trump Says He Was Not Taken Down to the White House Bunker Due to Protests

President Donald Trump says it is a “false report” that he was taken to a secure bunker while protesters gathered outside the White House on Friday night. 

However, he said he went to the bunker during the for an “inspection” during the day.

“It was a false report, I wasn’t down … I went down during the day, and I was there for a tiny, little short period of time. And it was much more for an inspection,” Trump said during an interview on Fox News radio on Wednesday.

He continued, “I went down. I looked at it. It was during the day. It was not a problem. And I read about it like a big thing. There was never a problem. We never had a problem. Nobody ever came close to giving us a problem.”

When asked if the Secret Service tried to take the president to the bunker, he said, “Nope.”

He continued, “But they said it would be a good time to go down, take a look because maybe sometime you’re going to need it.”

“I looked, I was down for a very, very short period of time — very, very short period of time. I can’t tell you who went with me, but a whole group of people went with me … as an inspecting factor,” he added. 

Listen to the interview below:

Throughout the interview, Trump stressed that his “inspection” was during day, and not when demonstrations turned violent at night.

Additionally, Trump said he has gone to the bunker “two and a half” times because, “I’ve done different things.”

On Sunday, The New York Times reported that the Secret Service rushed Trump to an underground bunker at the White House on Friday night.

White House spokesperson Judd Deere did not confirm or deny that Trump was taken to the bunker.

He said, “The White House does not comment on security protocols and decisions.”

Hundreds of people gathered outside the White House to protest police brutality over the weekend. Throughout the night, demonstrations reportedly threw bricks at Secret Service officers outside the White House.

Additionally, a barricade at the Treasury Department, next to the White House, was breached.

In recent days, law enforcement has put up extra barricades in front of the White House to prevent protesters from getting too close to the building.


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  2. 😂 Bunker boy had his finger all the way up his nose, and rather than admit to digging for gold, continues his unpararalleled gaslighting campaign and claims he was just checking to see how far up his fat, short finger could go.

  3. Two profiles in courage:

    Private Bonespurs gets nicknamed Bunker Boy because he turned off the lights and hid from protesters.

    AOC discovers that police have purposely trapped protesters on a bridge, to teargas them, and she goes to support them. Police opened up one end of the bridge to let them out.

  4. Look at the supplied header picture.

    ALL lights are turned off, the White House is dark. Do you really think that Private Bonespurs is hiding in his room just peaking out from behind the curtains? No, the coward is hunkered down watching a golf reruns on TV somewhere or angrily tweeting because he got called Bunker Boy.

  5. Of course the scared shitless TYRANT TODDLER was taken to the bunker because of the protests.

    He sucks at lying just as terribly as he sucks at everything.

    2 1/2 times eh.

    Only a moron would believe that ridiculous bullshit.

  6. Can any Trump supporter not be embarrassed by this childish, deceiving old fool?

    1. Nothing matters to Cult-45. You won’t hear anything from them, except a few may say their Dear Leader makes them uncomfortable when he speaks. That’s as far as I have seen any of them go.

  7. “Trump said he has gone to the bunker “two and a half” times because, “I’ve done different things.”

    Well, that certainly clears up any confusion.

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