Trump Demands Governors Reopen Churches: Houses of Worship Are ‘Essential’

President Donald Trump is demanding that churches reopen as the United States heads into the Memorial Day weekend.

During a press briefing on Friday, the president identified “houses of worship” including churches, synagogues, and mosques as “essential places that provide essential services.”

Trump went on to accuse governors of allowing liquor stores and abortion clinics to take precedence over churches. As a result of the new essential classification of churches, Trump also demanded churches open immediately.

“Some governors have deemed liquor stores and abortion clinics essential, but have left out churches,” Trump said. “It’s not right. So I am correcting this injustice and calling houses of worship essential.”

He continued, “I call upon governors to allow churches and places of worship to open right now.”

Trump went on to challenge governors saying, “The governors need to do the right thing and allow these very important essential places of faith to open right now this weekend.”

See Trump’s remarks below:

Trump also noted that he would override governors’ orders if they disagree with his demand.

“If they don’t do it I will override the governors. America, we need more prayer, not less,” Trump said.

When asked if the president had the authority to override, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany deflected, citing the president’s demand without offering a direct answer to the question.

While some have raised questions about the safety of reopening churches, Dr. Anthony Fauci has weighed in with advice on how to remain safe as states reopen.

Ahead of the Memorial Day weekend, Fauci has appeared publicly with words of encouragement to those who are apprehensive about going out.

While he is encouraging Americans to enjoy the weekend, he also urged them to remain cognizant of their surroundings while continuing to practice social distancing, as previously reported on IJR.

Fauci has also noted the problems that could arise if the country stays closed for too long, saying that it could lead to “irreparable damage” for the U.S.

“I don’t want people to think that any of us feel that staying locked down for a prolonged period of time is the way to go,” he said.


  1. When is someone going to Address Governor Pritzker of Illinois and Tyrant Lori Lightfoot. Open up Illinois. This was about Flattening the Curve, Now we still are not open.

  2. Trump makes a pitch to his base by making false comparisons, and then blaming Democratic governors for the contradiction he has imagined. We get our best religious experience when we are in close company with our brethren, singing and praying within the sight of each other. This is high risk, and I don’t believe God will step in and keep somebody else’s virus away from me, just because I’m in church. Buying liquor in a store where a guard out front keeps customers out to prevent crowding is a relatively safe experience.

    1. Strange, Dilbert, how you so easily would infringe on someone’s right to worship. But, you talk like a Democrat and they’re trying to infringe on everyone’s rights to do anything. Democrats are all about power and control. Their actions of late prove that.

      1. Oh, please. You expect God to save you with a miracle, just because you’d rather not take the trouble yourself? That people in church have a sort of COVID vaccine? Be real.

        1. LOL, God saves me every day. I’ve seen many miracles. God protects His people and if we get sick and ask for healing, He will heal us. If He doesn’t, it is our time to be with Him in Heaven. Nothing to worry about.

          1. God gave you an immune system, and the tools of your hands and common sense. He put you in a world with malaria, cancer, spina bifida, and a variety of ailments that don’t distinguish between moral and immoral individuals. Don’t trust in God to do the heavy lifting that is within your own powers. Get smart, and go to work.

  3. I hope, when the dust settles in this crisus, there is a serious, non-partisan, discussion on when, by whom, and under what process and circumstances, portions of our constitution and rights can be suspended or denied.

    Yes, I ‘get’ the seriousness of an emergency, but I do nit believe suffucient due process or debate ocurred, and governors and mayors exceeded their authorities, even if
    for the ‘best reasons ‘

    Even when Abraham Lincoln suspended habeus corpus in 1861 and arrested the Maryland legislators to avoid a vote on secession, the Suprene Court later held that this action – which arguably saved the Union – was not justified.

    This is a dangerous precedent. We need to ensure the safety of Americans, but also need to protect constitutional freedoms that make America what it is. The potential for abuse is a slippery slope.

    1. Oh, please. I travel a lot, so my 4th Amendment tights have been shredded for almost 20 years now. Nevertheless, the country hasn’t collapsed.

      We made a lot of exceptions in regards to Constitutional rights , with lots of slippery slope warnings, since 9/11, yet our country lives on. I’m pretty sure that we could make it through temporary pandemic measures without collapsing into anarchy or fascism.

      1. Holy crap Ed, are you serious? Our rights have been taken away so who cares if more are taken away?!?!?!

    2. Protecting citizens’ lives is the first responsibility of government. I recall when I could run onto an airplane five minutes before takeoff, with a knife in my pocket. Can’t do that now; we have to protect ourselves from guys with bombs and box cutters, and we accept the safety protocols that mess with our freedoms and convenience. In the case of COVID, or any highly infectious and dangerous disease, we needed to act very quickly. In early March, the number of cases was doubling every week or ten days. At that rate, if government still kept its hands off the wheel, it would have been only a couple months before we had tens of millions of infected people, and a health system that was virtually shut down over the flood of intensely sick victims.

      1. You’re right Dilbert, we should save 40,000 people from dying every year and ban cars all together. Your logic, or lack thereof, is flawed in this case. It’s not the job of the government to infringe on our rights so we become a nanny state. Just look away what a great job government did with the TSA. . . . Perhaps everyone should be locked down every flu season hmmmmmmm?

          1. Dilbert – Perhaps you don’t know this, but a fetus doesn’t have the luxury of making decisions and needs to be protected, whereas adults can make decisions as to where they will go and what they will do. Democrats wish to have ultimate control and decide what people can do base on whether they agree with Democrats. If you don’t agree with Democrats, your rights are forfeit.

          2. Actually, Chuck, I’d rather not see unwanted pregnancies, but I’d trust in the woman to judge whether the unplanned fetus within her is one she’d like to bring to life, at her own considerable risk, not to mention expense. I am aligned with the Democrats, but it may surprise you that I don’t clap my hands at every abortion so I can add a fetuses into my salad. You might wonder why you draw comfort from ridiculous ideas like Democrats wanting ultimate control over everything.

  4. More at stake than being able to go to church, the left is trying to do away with our freedoms as laid out in the constitution and bill of rights…just one of the first steps.

    Go Mr. President!

    1. If you are truly concerned about having your rights taken away, then you should look into what Moscow Mitch is doing to your rights TODAY! You see, Moscow Mitch is the head of the Senate and he has ACTUAL power, not like the waffling Democrats. He wants to ramp up spying on you and me like you won’t believe, so keep focused on what really matters here. If you truly care about our rights and aren’t just talking out of your ass, that is.

      Moscow Mitch is the REAL danger, right now.

      1. BS, Scotty! Democrats have been infringing on our rights for decades. They are after ultimate control of everything we do and if we don’t agree with them, then we have no rights. You talk about spying on citizens? Perhaps you forget that the Obamanation had the NSA spying on every aspect of our telecommunications, all recorded in the storage facility in Utah. Of course, that Whistleblower, Snowden, was charged with treason and arrested. Strange that only fake “whistleblowers” that help the Democrats get protection. More Democrats dirty tricks.

        1. And there you have it, folks. Chuck is full of shit.

          If he think Obama spied on you (he did), wait until you see what Moscow Mitch has in store for you. You won’t be pleased.

          NO Democrat wants to control us. Why would they? That is beyond their purview.

          Now, the American Fascist Party is another story. They have been gradually taking out rights away for DECADES!

          “that Whistleblower, Snowden, was charged with treason and arrested” Chuck

          I saved this most interesting comment for last because it is undeniably just not true. The American hero (deal with it…), Eric Snowden, still lives and works in the Soviet Union. Moscow, Russia, specifically.

          1. You’re correct for once he wasn’t arrested, that was Assange, another whistleblower who outed the Hillarrhoid. However, Snowden was charged by the Obama administration for theft of government property and 2 counts of espionage on June 14, 2013. He is now living in exile because of Obama. Where was the Democrat protection of whistleblowers then? Again, When the whistleblower is outing the corrupt Democrats, they are charged, not protected. They are only protected and hidden from view when they are falsely accusing a Conservative. Again, double standard by hypocrites.

          2. The charges are made under rigged laws. Neither Snowden nor Assange will ever get a fair trial. They won’t even get to a trial because the government does not want them to speak openly and freely to the American people in court, on the record, about what they found. Never.

  5. Hysteria over Coronavirus has run its course, I’m 76 and if I get Covid, So be it. Enough is enough with this crap. Masks, gloves, Hazmet suits, whats next …. suits of armor? Most who have gotten it have recovered, everywhere. Blue state guvnas are using it as a tactic to wreck the economy, help Alzheimer Joe by blaming Mr Rectum for Covid. Outside is the best place to be, so out everybody should go, rather than be tethered to their house. Those who are terrorized by Covid should definitely crawl under their beds and hide in anticipation of the impending horror to befall them, rather than live

    1. You do NOT have the right to infect other people, Steve!

      NO governor is trying to wreck ANY economy. That would be self-defeating at THEIR end, too. That is just stupid partisan rhetoric.

      1. stay home stay scared is your own personal problem not everyone elses

        1. I am not scared, JLynn. Conservatives reserve the rights to being scared.

          I AM being smart, however, and there is a huge difference between being scared and being unemotionally smart.

  6. One would think that the seemingly fanatical states rights trumpukelicans would be outraged by THE RECTUM-IN-CHIEF’S absolute disregard for state’s rights and autonomy.
    That they are not betrays both their utter hypocrisy and their elevating the most destructive ass hole in America to both godhood and kingship over them.
    By blindly and very stupidly doing what he wants them to do without question they demonstrate their willingness to sacrifice their health and very lives on the altar of his overweening and grotesquely inflated ego.
    They and all whom they contact deserve exactly what they get for ignoring the warnings of those who actually know how this virus works in favor of the words of a self important, evil, murdering psychopath more than willing to tell them what they want to hear even if it kills them.

    1. If I recall, a freedom of religion is noted in the 1st amendment. You might be Trump’s rectum.

  7. As usual THE RECTUM-IN-CHIEF is full of shit. He has ZERO standing to order governors to do anything.
    Of course his base of stupid ass holes will eat up his bullshit, impotent bravado because like him they too are all show no go, impotent, loud mouthed jerks.

    1. All these hot shot loud mouths so tough online, I like to see you oh so tough guys go outside in the real world and say the same garbage you post but to real people. Of course that would require you lazy, fear ridden and entitled whinners to leave the safety of your home.

      1. Blow it up your ass JLynn { you do love having stuff blown up your ass. It’s been happening all of your life. }

          1. Yo Obsidian !

            For someone with such a substantial handle you are the most porous, least substantial yokel alive

    2. Multi-Friend does not comprehend history.

      During the 400 YEARS of the bubonic plague, churches, a place thought of as a sanctuary, were the ideal places where the disease was transmitted before we understood that it wasn’t just some torment from some vindictive god.

      It may take a while before the specific wording of orders for separation gets edited satisfactorily, but make no mistake about it, my Multi-Friend. Churches are AGAIN a breeding ground for the novel Trump Virus. Be smart and pray at home. Your god will understand.

      1. Scotty, you really are woefully ignorant. The Bubonic Plague was spread from fleas on rats biting humans. Church was NOT an ideal place where the virus was contracted, homes were. If you don’t know anything about the subject, perhaps you should keep your fingers still. You’re as relevant as Biden the plagiarizer.

  8. Essential? I will tell you about essential.

    In 2016, King Donald The Loser got plunked down on his golden throne by, essentially, only 79,646 votes in 3 essential states.

    KDTL has, essentially, killed about 100,000 Americans through the MIShandling of his Trump Virus. The families of those victims AND the families of the current 1,645,353 survivors, so far, are going to be pissed at him, to one degree or another, and will be LESS likely to re-elect him. With all of his other losses, he should be down way more than 80,000 votes.

    It is essential that we elect better politicians, for our own survival.


    1. Are your feelings hurt. Go fetch your pink pussycat hat and stay locked down forever

      1. Feelings? Who the f–k cares about MY feelings when 100,000 of my fellow countrymen have sacrificed themselves for no reason whatsoever! Because he have a heartless, idiotic fascist in the White House?


    2. Scotty, again you’re woefully ignorant. You cannot win an election by winning only 3 states. In addition, if you are saying that the death toll is from the President’s mishandling of the threat, then the death toll in all countries must be their leaders fault also. You blame leaders not the disease or it’s originator, China? Your accusation is ignorant at best. The President has mobilized more help, elicited more cooperation from companies to make needed healthcare equipment and sent more assistance than any President in history. He has focused his full time on addressing this epidemic, while Democrats have attempted to use it to gain power and control. The incompetent President you so dearly love, the Obamanation, did nothing to address, H1N1. NOTHING!!! 60.8 million cases and he did nothing! We are all lucky it wasn’t as deadly as Covid. But, you are only interested in bringing the President down so that perhaps the Democrats can win in Nov. Well, if people are smart in the least, they’ll keep this President in place to MAGA!

      1. Chuck is confused by how elections are won.

        “if you are saying that the death toll is from the President’s mishandling of the threat” Chuck

        Yeah, that’s what I said. A recent study showed that His Majesty’s incompetence claimed 54,000 UNnecessary deaths just by delaying remediation for two weeks alone. He delayed remediation for SIX weeks from the beginning of February when other nations were starting to look after their people. Yeah, I DO blame him for that because that is NOT how we make this country great. Fool.

        1. Ha, ha Scotty. You’re grasping at straws. What study, by whom? Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats no doubt.

          1. No, Chuck. I would never make a claim like this without knowing what was ttue. The projections were made by two epidemiologists. You know, 2 smart people.


          2. Actually, Markfart, the article was talking about the deaths in NYC and the adoption of social distancing. That city is under the direct control of Cuomo and Kiaser Wilhelm, so if you want to complain about someone, complain about them. As you love to point out, states have their rights and the President can’t tell them what to do. But, I predict that you’ll change your stance on that to argue, somehow, that’s “It’s Trump’s fault”. You’re a lying sore loser.

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