Trump Likes the Idea of Cruise Lines Registering in the US to Qualify for Aid

Between the economic downturn and growing coronavirus cases, cruise lines are looking for aid to bail them out.

This does not seem probable as they do not qualify for aid under the coronavirus relief package recently passed by the Senate.

The $2.2 trillion coronavirus aid bill includes financial assistance for families, businesses and other industries, as well as unemployment benefits.

There are exceptions to the aid, especially for companies. In order to qualify, the company must be “created or organized in the United States or under the laws of the United States,” according to reports.

They must also have “significant operations in” the United States, as well as a large number of employees who are based in the U.S. With cruise lines often stationed in other countries, this proves to be a problem.

President Donald Trump addressed this issue during a briefing with the Coronavirus Task Force.

A reporter asked Trump if he agrees with Josh Hawley’s (Mo.) sentiment that they should move back to the United States before they can receive the aid and if they should pay U.S. taxes to get the relief.

Watch his comments below (starting at 26:30):

Hawley tweeted his response to the issue.

“Come back to America. And pay your taxes. How about that?” he wrote.

Trump pointed out that cruise lines such as Carnival are registered in different places and how it can be difficult to provide aid for them.

“I do like the concept of perhaps coming in and registering here. Coming into the United States,” Trump said, adding, “It’s very tough to make a loan to a company when they’re based in a different country.”

Trump proceeded to explain how important the industry is.

“It’s a big business. It’s a great business. It’s a business that employs a tremendous number of people,” Trump said.

Trump closed the question with the reassurance that the administration is going to try and work something out.


  1. This is a great idea. Why should a company that pays taxes to another country qualify for American tax payer funded aid? They shouldn’t—-Trump is spot on. However, companies like Carnival automatically do not qualify for aid—go Trump go!

  2. If it was anyone but Trump, I’ld think ” he can’t be serious”. DUMP TRUMP

      1. Nothing was wrong. Some people are so embittered by hatred they can’t make a sensible point.

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