Trump Clashes With Reporter Over HHS Inspector General Report on Coronavirus Testing

President Donald Trump says that a 34-page report by the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) inspector general on the availability for testing for the coronavirus is “just wrong.

The inspector general released a report on Monday that found “severe” shortages of testing for the virus as well as a “widespread” lack of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers. 

However, when asked about the report during a press conference at the White House, Trump said, “It’s just wrong.”

He asked, “Did I hear the word inspector general?”

He continued to ask who the inspector general is and when they were appointed, “Where did he come from, the inspector general?”

When ABC News’ Jon Karl said the inspector general “did serve in the previous administration,” Trump fired back. 

“Oh, you didn’t tell me that. Oh I see. You didn’t tell me that, Jon. You didn’t tell me that […] You mean the Obama Administration. Thank you for telling me that, see there’s a typical fake news deal,” Trump said. 

He continued, “Look, look, you’re a third-rate reporter, and what you just said is a disgrace, Okay?”

Watch the video below:

Trump appeared to suggest that Karl had asked a misleading question by suggesting that the inspector general had recently been appointed despite serving in a position in the Obama administration.

CNN’s Jim Acosta tweeted that the inspector general is Christi Grimm, the deputy general inspector general for HHS, who was appointed to that position in January. 


  1. There are plenty of things the president has done that i have supported and commented my support.

    I do NOT support attacking someone for asking a valid question at a press conference. Explain why that was a bad question and the president was right to start trashing the reporter rather than answer.

    The president spent years bashing the media and so these responses are seemingly acceptable in the eyes of his hard core supporters. Just look at Sherri’s response of, “Deserved it.” THAT frustrates me.

    He could have just said he hadn’t had a chance to look at the report yet and it would have been totally fine. Now, even if the report does shine light on actual concerns, its forever going to be considered partisan drivel – and he hadn’t even looked at it yet. THAT frustrates me.

    1. “There are plenty of things the president has done that i have supported and commented my support.” LIAR. You are nothing but the typical POS liberal. PERIOD. You PROVED that with your “trained” comment.

  2. This wasn’t a ridiculous question. This was a valid question on a report that was recently released.

    The president lashes out when he doesn’t want to answer a question. He has his supporters trained though – they won’t care and will celebrate him bashing the media.

    1. “He has his supporters trained though”. Your liberal bullshit is coming through more and more. What ‘superpowers” do you claim Trump has over his supporters? Talk about being trained, you liberals are just like Pavlov’s dog. You hear or see the name Trump, and your ignorant bullshit comes spewing out of your mouths.

    2. Straight from USA Today(a real conservative newspaper,sarc) “in 2015, New York’s Task Force on Life and the Law reported, ‘in a 1918 flu-like pandemic, peak ventilator need was expected to reach around 18,619 machines, leaving the state with an expected shortage of 15,783 ventilators.'” The paper also reported that the cost of the needed 16,000 ventilators was $576 million, or 0.5% of cuomo’s state budget. cuomo could’t even come up with 0.5% of a $143.9 billion state budget, but you mindless mynah bird’s and chicken little’s just keep repeating your same old garbage, “The sky is falling and Trump is to blame.”

    3. How sick in the brain they must be to believe that everyone is out to get Trump over the reality that they are asking for some competence and leadership during a global emergency.

  3. Don Lemmon thought he was in movies tonight, but he failed to cry. Try again kid.
    Still 32 minutes in Don… no detail about Boris. Shoot me.
    I surely missed where he and that girl mentioned that the eyedog report was wrong for April 6th, over 2 weeks old instead – hearing gotta be bad, Dr. B wrong too.
    Good thing I watch these things to find out what’s happening today April 6th

    Chris Coumo gonna write about it to save us all 99% who will survive anyway.
    Tell me again if you get it at 82 yrs old though please as I want the update.

    Back to March 23rd, it’s a rainy day outside right now.

  4. “CNN’s Jim Acosta tweeted that the inspector general is Christi Grimm, the deputy general inspector general for HHS, who was appointed to that position in January.” Well, according to an article right here on IJR, Meaghan Ellis says the “Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Inspector General Ann Maxwell released a 41-page report on Monday . . .”. So either Meaghan Ellis or jim acosta is lying. My money is on jim acosta

    1. From the actual report:
      Christi A. Grimm
      Principal Deputy Inspector General
      April 2020, OEI-06-20-00300

      1. In her capacity as Principal Deputy Inspector General, she would sign any report that comes out of her office. Doesn’t mean she wrote it and doesn’t mean that was who Trump was talking about. “Daily Kos is a group blog and internet forum focused on center-left politics, the Democratic Party and center-left liberal American politics.” A direct quote from Daily Kos ,”A reporter brought up Maxwell’s report on the dire state of American hospitals with regards to coronavirus testing. . .”. Pretty much makes your comment irrelevant, doesn’t it?

    1. So it’s finally dawned on you what 99% of the readers here think about you and your BS comments.

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