Trump Campaign Tells Sessions to Stop Tying Himself to the President

Former Alabama senator and attorney general Jeff Sessions has had a difficult time trying to re-take his Senate seat after President Donald Trump endorsed his opponent.

Now, Trump’s campaign is telling Sessions to stop tying himself to the president.

Trump’s campaign took issue with a mailer sent out by Sessions campaign, according to a copy of a letter from the Trump campaign to Sessions that was obtained by the New York Times. In the mailer, Sessions referenced the president 22 times.

But, Trump has endorsed former football coach Tommy Tuberville for the Alabama senate seat that is currently occupied by Sen. Doug Jones (D).

Trump campaign chief Michael Glassner wrote in a letter to Sessions, “The Trump campaign has learned that your U.S. Senate campaign is circulating mailers like the one I have enclosed, in which you misleadingly promote your connections to and ‘support’ of President Trump.”

“The letter even makes the delusional assertion that you are President ‘Trump’s #1 supporter,” Glassner added.

The letter continues:

“We only assume your campaign is doing this to confuse President Trump’s loyal supporters in Alabama into believing the president supports your candidacy in the upcoming primary runoff election. Nothing could be further from the truth […] President Trump and his campaign do not support your efforts to return to the U.S. Senate.”

When Sessions announced his senate bid, he did so with a video in which he positioned himself as a loyalist of the president, saying that he has never said a “cross” word about Trump and pointing out that he didn’t write a book after leaving the White House.

And even after Trump endorsed his opponent, Sessions went on Twitter and called himself “one of the architects of the Trump agenda,” and said “nothing the president can do will deter me from supporting this agenda.”

Alabama goes to the polls for their primary on July 14 after it was delayed over the coronavirus pandemic.


  1. Sessions was the architect of the Separation of Families immigration policy. Michael Glassner appears to be misreading the info he is presenting. Sessions is not claiming he has Trump’s support, only that Sessions is a supporter of Trump. In what world would the voters of Alabama not know the insults Trump put out frequently on his twitter fed?? For a campaign that floats Russian propaganda, they certainly are sensitive.
    LOL….they attempted to sue the Biden campaign for including Trump’s own, unedited, words in a campaign ad. The only way an opponent would not include stupid stuff Trump says is if Trump quit saying stupid stuff. If past is precedent, the odds on that occurring are nil.

  2. jeff sessions IS the reason why so much of the bullshit crap has been thrown at the President of the United States. If this guy had any balls, the country would be in a different place than it is now.

    1. HOW did you arrive at that conclusion? The “bullshit crap” thrown at Trump, with the exception of the Coronavirus has ALL been self-inflicted. HOW exactly would the country be in a different place than it is now?

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