Trump Campaign Roasted Over Smaller Than Expected Crowd at Tulsa Rally

In the days leading up to President Donald Trump’s first campaign rally in months, he touted a reported 1 million ticket requests despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

But many on social media were quick to point out that the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was not filled to capacity.

Check out some of the pictures below:

Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, offered an explanation for the smaller than expected crowd size in a tweet, “Radical protestors, fueled by a week of apocalyptic media coverage, interfered with [Donald Trump] supporters at the rally. They even blocked access to the metal detectors, preventing people from entering.”

Trump later claimed that “a bunch of maniacs” who were “very violent people” had contributed to the smaller crowd sizes and overflow location. 


  1. Soooooo, Liberals/Democrats suppressed and obstructed the Trump rally. This seems to be the way they have and will act from now on. Lie, cheat, be corrupt. They suppress the truth, they deny Americans’ rights, they accuse others of their misdeeds and they attempt to win by cheating. The Hillarrhoid did it in 2016, hiring foreign agents to compile a fake dossier on Trump, then the Obamanation used it to spy on the Trump campaign for her. To cover it up, they accused the Trump campaign of collusion, engaging in a witch hunt that lasted over two years and wasted over $35 million. The DNC first rigged the nomination process for the Hillarrhoid, then gave her the debate questions. The moderators constantly interrupted Trump during the debates. The Democrats cheated during the voting, with the dead voting, multiple voting, millions of illegals voting, ballot box stuffing. Still she lost.

    This year, the Liberals/Democrats are removing ads from social media, removing articles from the press and TV, rewriting and spinning their ‘news’ stories to essentially lie about everything Trump has done concerning the coronavirus, jobs and the economy. Their latest stunt at the rally shows just how corrupt they are. They have to lie and cheat in an attempt to win. Calling in false ticket requests, blocking people from attending? Those are the actions that were previously only used in Middle East and Banana Republic elections. The Liberals/Democrats have brought this corruption to America. Then, they pat themselves on the back for being corrupt. They’re so proud of being underhanded lowlifes. Just read their comments in the article above. I’m sure that the usual suspects/Democrat posters here will do the same. They have brought the election process in America (what used to be the model for free elections) down to the level of total corruption. What will they try next in their quest to destroy America?

  2. teens? Like the ones who caused a nineteen year old to lose his life?
    Oh New York, AOC wants to destroy the country like Cuomo is destroying the state and De Blasio is destroying NYC. Although she might be worse considering how sad and ignorant she is.

  3. I enjoy seeing the A O C creature when it surfaces. It reinforces everything I dislike about the ignorant bug eyed Chica and the dangerous threat to America these communist represent.

  4. Oh wow so they’re under a few thousand nobody else comes close to his support at rallies

  5. That still looks like a lot of people to me.
    Looks like a Hundred Trillion Million compared to Biden’s little speech (rally) he gave last week.
    Especially considering there has been a pandemic going on.
    I watched it on TV. Even sounded like a Hundred Trillion Million.

  6. A lot has to do with the virus, but the majority had to do with the interference of the Democratic party, this is the party that wants fair election’s. What they managed to do was prove Trump was right about mail in ballots and electronic voting. I was a lifelong Democrat but the lies and their actions have made me and the people of my community Trump supporters WE ARE MILLIONS STRONG

  7. trumplenoskin is blaming news media for talking up

    the dangers of attending during the epidemic and

    bad actors for jamming the scanners at the entries.

    Meanwhile a group of hormone driven teenagers

    who hate him and all he stands for were scarfing

    pizza and resuming their quests to get laid

    in celebration of their having played trumpuke’s

    campaign by placing a million orders for tickets.

    1. Based on a full audience, estimates were that 200 attendees would have been infected. Of those about 20 would have been really effective in spreading the disease. They would have infected about 80 EACH, in the closed, crowded, and continuous conditions, so somewhere between 800-1000 would likely have gone on to spread the disease far and wide.

      The fortunate thing is that the audience size was maybe half of the total capacity of the venue.

      Numbers count.

      1. Hospitalizations…not numbers. Scientific data already concludes millions get it and don’t get sick. Watch old and informed closely and use one of several now proven therapeutics. It won’t be eradicated from our consciousness until November 4th.

    2. Look!
      The pitifully desperate to be noticed John is back.
      Spewing the usual dem/leftist garbage propaganda. AGAIN.
      John is still crushed that the corrupt, career criminal politician and the socialist/communist both lost the 2016 election. So now he will support the “creepy, love to touch ya, rub the hairs on my legs” uncle joe.
      John is looking forward to having his feelings crushed and spreading more leftist propaganda for another 4 years.

    1. The spin already started from the Liberals/Democrats and the media. Everything they say is BS.

    2. And what does it matter except to the juvenile democrats? They were there by choice. November is what matters.

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