‘Give It a Try:’ Trump Calls on Biden to Take a Cognitive Test

President Donald Trump is challenging 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to take a test, and it is one Trump says he has passed.

Trump took to Twitter Thursday evening to suggest Biden take a cognitive test, even if he believes Biden will not pass it.

“He cannot pass the test I ‘aced.’ He should give it a try!!!” Trump tweeted.

This is not the first time Trump has fixated on Biden’s mental status.

He has called Biden “sleepy Joe” in the past and on June 28 he issued a tweet slamming Biden as he claimed the former vice president has a “low IQ.”

“THE VAST SILENT MAJORITY IS ALIVE AND WELL!!! We will win this Election big,” Trump tweeted. “Nobody wants a Low IQ person in charge of our Country, and Sleepy Joe is definitely a Low IQ person!”

Trump has reportedly been focused on Biden’s cognitive function more recently.

According to some White House officials, Trump has encouraged advisers to attack Biden over his mental health.

Biden press secretary TJ Ducklo released a statement on June 22 responding to Trump’s repeated criticism of Biden.

“For someone so obsessed with appearing strong, Donald Trump shows us every day just how weak he is,” Ducklo said.

He added, “Donald Trump doesn’t care about the health or economic prosperity of the American people. He only cares about himself.”

Trump has received criticism of his own after The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump Republican group, released an advertisement on June 16 explaining why Trump is not fit for office.

“Something’s wrong with Donald Trump. He’s shaky, weak, trouble speaking, trouble walking,” the narrator said at the start of the ad.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Matthews issued a statement defending Trump.

“I challenge anyone who absurdly questions this president’s health to spend one day trying to keep up with his rigorous schedule,” Matthews said.

She added, “This president never stops — whether it’s working early in the morning or late into the evening.”


  1. Scotty the Imp maybe you should stay off the internet as they probably see your cookies and history on impersonating people and whatever porn sites you visit. The site works just fine and gives the who history and reasoning for the test.
    STFU you POS!

  2. Gropin’ Joe apparently is tested “regularly” for cognitive function. At least he says so. From his basement / not-so-supervillain base.

    1. why is he being tested so frequently?
    2. why can’t anyone see the results?

    If Joe had the cognition or balls he’d take a public test with public results to dispel rumors. But he won’t and he cannot.

    Just like his cokeriffic, stripper-addict son Hunter hid and evaded paternity results.

  3. It is as if Trump was screened for Down’s Syndrome, and was found not to have symptoms, but the screen was called a “test”, and Trump found out he passed with no points against him, and then started jumping around the room doing his Mar-a-Lago warrior dance, shouting, “Aced it! 100%! Most normal man there is! So normal, I exceed all standards! Off the charts normal! Where’s yours, Sleepy Joe?”

    Sorry, Paul, the pride he feels, and the challenge he puts forth to Biden to equal his accomplishment, is so ridiculous, there’s no point in talking about it. Makes me wonder why IJR brought it up, unless there’s somebody on staff secretly working to make Bullwinkle J. Trump look as stupid as he appears. (Note: Rocky’s pal’s full name was Bullwinkle J. Moose.) Sad to say, Paul, your boy is just getting dumber. Try to forget it.

  4. “I suggest you look at the MOCA site Mocatest.org. It truly is a cognitive test and a well known one. Was that your daily dose of bullshit posting for the day?” Lying Paul The Emeffer

    Lying Paul The Emeffer owns himself.

    “Intended for Health Professionals Only”

    One has to register as a professional to even access their site and to train as an administrator to be able to test someone else.

    You are a lying piece of shit through and through.

  5. Delbert, I suggest you look at the MOCA site Mocatest.org. It truly is a cognitive test and a well known one. Was that your daily dose of bullshit posting for the day?

  6. Delbert, I never said the test was an IQ test and his score was a 30. Whoever released his score is not the matter. They were released. Where is Bidens score. His Dr undoubtedly gave him a test.

  7. Paul, Mr. Trump’s MOCA result was announced by his lackey and pal, the Dr.-Feel-Good alcoholic Doctor Ronnie Jackson, whose nomination to run the V.A. was withdrawn after his scandals broke. Maybe you think a lot more of his honesty than I do. (“President Trump scored 26 out of 30, still a passing grade.” Yeah, like we’d ever hear that.)

    The MOCA test is not a measure of cognitive excellence; it’s not an IQ test. It’s there as part of a screen for Alzheimer’s and dementia. Brandishing my fresh PhD from Wikipedia University, I too can assure you that Trump is showing no signs of dementia. He is symptomatic of attention deficit disorder, narcissism, inferiority complex, megalomania, and acquired ignorance confundation, but not of dementia. Not seeing the signs in Joe, either.

    And I’m sure, Paul, that you could whip up a mob of confederate warriors to administer cognition tests, and help improve the electorate, as you see fit. Might not be enough of them to go around on election day; you might have to concentrate your efforts on the black neighborhoods, where you might expect to find the worst of the worst. I could probably round up some university professors and social workers here in Pennsylvania to administer tests and thin the MAGA herd on its way to the polls. However, as you’ve probably realized, some bunch of liberal judges ruled this kind of testing unconstitutional many years ago.

  8. Regarding Scotty the Imp and Johnny Boy, they should not be able to vote purely because of their stupidity.

  9. Delbert, regarding your first comment today, Trump already took a cognitive test and we know the results. It shows that you do not read before posting your stupid comments.
    Regarding your second comment, it clearly indicates that we not only need voter ID’s but also anyone wanting to vote take a 10 minute cognitive test before being allowed to vote if a person passes the test. It clearly indicates that there are a lot of people voting who do not have the mental facilities to vote responsibly.

  10. “it would take a person with a IQ lower than a retard to think biden would be better than trump” Tim

    Tim thinks that about 62% of the American electorate are dumber than a post. They don’t favor Joke Biden in recent polls because they think that he “would be BETTER” than King Donald The Loser. You have got that all wrong.

    They favor him 1) because Joke Biden ISN’T KDTL and 2) they want some sort of “normalcy” back in the White House again. At least 6 out of 10 voters are so fed up with having a fascist try to ruin this great country that they are willing to let Joke Biden take a term to calm the chaos for a few years. THAT is how badly they think things have gotten.

    In other words, Tim, we will now have two consecutive presidential elections in which we will have to choose between two very flawed candidates.

    We MUST elect better politicians.


    And Matt Gaetz is a tool.

  11. Phoenix: you are of course correct and my comment was lmore to point out the idiocy being displayed by both sides in this matter.

  12. who cares about any one of them? It doesn’t matter which one gets elected!!! It’s not gonna stop what’s coming! What’s coming is civil war! Your brain dead or living in denial if you think other wise. . Their are reasons why record gun sales are happening . Talking is over people, Don’t get scared now. you knew this day would come!!!

  13. I KNOW RIGHT!! THAT being said then you see how dumb Trumps looks huh? Then why would you want someone dumber than that? That’s what you get with biden

  14. Frankly, if Biden were drooling down his shirt and wearing a diaper, I’d vote for him instead of Donald J. Trump. But, that’s not the issue, is it? The only people who wonder about Biden’s mental aptitude are Trump and his lackeys. Biden’s always been a gaffe machine, but he’s never been stupid about government or his responsibilities, as opposed to the retard in orange that’s currently pretending to run the show.

  15. So Delbert outta the two candidates for the white house ( not to fond of either myself ) it would take a person with a IQ lower than a retard to think biden would be better than trump. The democrats blew it they could have chosen anyone and they picked biden . What dumbasses they are. They had a chance. Bidin is the very reason Trump got elected in the 1st place. He is tied to the odumber & Clinton administration . Trumps wins in a landfall! No on wants to see them in charge of shit!!

  16. So… Paul… are we going to see Trump’s cognitive assessment results? Or has he perhaps released them already? Bet he hasn’t. How come they tested him, anyway? Maybe they responsibly worried that somebody who screws up so often must have something wrong. Anyway, as Donald assures us, he aced it… yeah… maybe.

  17. David, then we have a lot of 65 year olds that Medicare (The test was implemented in 2011 and is to be done every 12 months) has doctors test their patients with who are really 5-8 years old. Biden must have taken the test. Lets see the results.
    Phoenix, again just one of your bullshit comments.

  18. Morte – voters can listen to debates and speeches to decide fitness. That’s how its supposed to work. Apparently, the bar after the 2016 presidency is if a candidate has the mental capacity of a 5 year old then they are the best man for the job.

    It’s embarrassing that a sitting president feels he needs to brag about a perfect score. It’s questions like identifying a picture of a lion and explaining what a train and bike have in common.

  19. Trumps test he took is from a children’s book is for age levels 5 to 8 years of age…

  20. Not seeing many hands Cherl which means even their Libtard comrades don’t read his crap. Ah lets throw Scotty the Imposter’s crap in there too.

  21. Biden’s been demented for years. His wife the doctor keeps him propped up with pills.

  22. Morte
    And you’re the voice of reason in a plethora of idiots. Sounds good to me!

  23. Good grief. The Phylliphilis and whoever the other one calls himself seem to love seeing theIt name and thousands of words in print. Raise your virtual hand if you read their droning on and on.

  24. Phyllis: so it seems Cult-45 DO actually have things to weight before they vote for the loser their second time around. Wow, THAT is gonna hurt.

    Let’s see. Vote for a weak, racist, narcissistic, neo-fascist whose incompetence is killing tens of thousands of us on an ongoing basis, and killed a great economy (only for the wealthy, the corrupt and the connected), millions more unemployeed than when he started, and lost control of protests against police corruption and brutality — or not?

    That will be such a difficult choice FOR THEM to make. I won’t have any problems deciding what is right for this country or whether to vote for someone who is weak and incompetent. Apparently, 62% of us now won’t have that problem either.

  25. I say make them both take the same cognitive test at the same time and let the chips fall where they may.

  26. Is the president bragging that he passed a cognitive test? Well, i guess he doesn’t have much else to be proud of – someone give that man a dog treat! Good job mr. President.

  27. Let’s review. The guy who claims to be a “stable genius”
    1. Praise the Revolutionary soldiers for successfully defending the airports
    2. Had a celebration in the Rose Garden when the House passed a bill (the 71st time) to repeal Obamacare.
    3. Told the PM of India that he did not need to worry about China because it wasn’t as if China was on their border.
    4. Publicly asked Dr. Birx if implantation of UV light and injection of disinfectant could be explored for the treatment of COVID-19.
    5. Publicly claimed “nobody knows” what the 19 following COVID stands for.
    6. Publicly claimed “hundreds of governors” were calling him to praise his efforts to control COVID-19.
    7. Praised China 15 times for their “handling,” “transparency” and “control” of COVID-19.
    8. Publicly asked God to bless the memory of those who died from gun violence in “Toledo” when the shooting took place in Daytona, Ohio.
    9. Claims to have the “best words” then publicly speaks of “oranges of the investigation,” “the slock market” and “409k’s” He tweets of “Marine core,” “covfefe” “hamberders” “Rupbulicans” and “highjacked.”
    10. Claimed Aliy Ahem Ali received the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize for something Trump did.

    There are possibly hundreds of politicians that could speak of Biden’s gaffes. When Trump tries to do it, it simply reminds the country of the current POTUS’ bizarre conclusions.

  28. John: Take a look at the Montreal Cognitive Assessment. Even King Donald The Loser still had enough facilities left to tell the difference between a rhino and a giraffe.

    It was a very low bar to pass, but weak Bunker Boy still has to brag about it as if it means something. Maybe it does, to him.

  29. The protuberant pussy trumpuke has no mind and

    only is concerned with himself.

    There’s no way he passed any cognitive test.

    His constant bragging that he did proves it.

    The Caucasian supremacist n*gger shit has

    no heart or soul either.


    Even King Donald The Loser could pass THAT test that he is talking about, the Montreal Cognitive Assessment!

    What a loser!

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