Trump Rips Biden for Lack of Public Appearances Calling Him a ‘Low Energy Individual’

President Donald Trump is criticizing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for failing to make a public appearance over the past several days suggesting he cannot handle the responsibilities of a presidency.

“Sleepy Joe Biden just closed down his campaign for the day (Again),” Trump said.

He added, “Wants to rest! He is a very LOW ENERGY INDIVIDUAL, and our Country cannot make it in these exciting, but complex and competitive times, with a Low Energy President !!!”

Biden’s campaign called for a “lid” on Thursday’s events in the early morning, signaling he will not hold any more public affairs for the day.

Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates weighed in on the media’s response to the lid.

“More often than not, there’s an inverse relationship between how panicked editors are about something and how much voters care,” Bates said.

He added, “This is almost universally true when it concerns process & it *is* universally true when it has to do with both inside jargon *&* process – e.g, ‘lid.'”

Trump claimed in August Biden “doesn’t come out of his basement” and “hasn’t taken one question” from the media, as IJR previously reported.

Biden told reporters on Wednesday he will be preparing for his upcoming debate with Trump on Thursday.

“I started to prepare, but I haven’t gotten into it really heavily, I will be beginning tomorrow,” Biden said.

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced on Tuesday the topics Trump and Biden will discuss during the first presidential debate, as IJR previously reported.

Chris Wallace, the moderator of the first presidential debate and host of “Fox News Sunday,” selected the topics including the Trump and Biden records, the Supreme Court, COVID-19, the economy, race and violence in our cities, and the integrity of our election.

It is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 29, at 9 p.m. at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.


  1. “how will you defend him if he is a no show?” Lying Paul The Emeffer

    Uh, they haven’t even had the first debate yet and YOU are already assuming what will happen. Why is that, Lying Paul The Emeffer? Why?

    Also, have you EVER seen me defend Joke Biden for ANYTHING (excluding denying the lies people like YOU unjustly tell about him)? If I have, it must have been over something trivial. I am not like you. I don’t kiss the boots or ass of a Dear Leader. I have no loyalty to Biden nor do I agree with most of his policies or actions. What makes YOU think that I would blindly fall in line behind him the way YOU do with His Royal Highness? What ever gave YOU that idea? It certainly didn’t come from me.

  2. Pinhead how will you defend him if he is a no show? Don’t answer because I already know how you will answer in some assinine way.
    Piglosi is even trying to have him to be a no show.

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