Trump Believes Biden Has Been ‘Brainwashed’ by Democrats

President Donald Trump believes Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has been “brainwashed” by Democrats.

During a phone interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Trump discussed Biden’s presidential campaign, where he claimed the former vice president has been “brainwashed.”

“They brainwashed him, he doesn’t know where he is, he doesn’t know what he’s doing and our country will suffer. Our stock markets will crash, bad things will happen,” Trump said on Thursday evening.

According to Trump, the former vice president has been “taken over by the radical left.”

“Joe is just, look let’s face it, he’s been taken over by the radical left. He has no clue what they’re doing and what they’re getting him into,” Trump said.

In fact, he also described Biden as “worse than Bernie Sanders at his best.” Trump also discussed an alleged deal the Democratic Party made with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). While Trump did not offer any details about the basis of the deal he referred to, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) recently spoke on his team’s work with Biden’s campaign.

“This is worse than Bernie Sanders at his best and you look at the deal they made with Bernie Sanders now and the group and its all crazy radical left stuff,” Trump said.

“He has been totally taken over,” Trump later said of Biden. “I think it’s because he doesn’t understand what’s going on.”

See Trump’s remarks below (starting at 10:20):

Trump’s latest remarks about Biden come amid boastful claims about his own alleged cognitive test results. After raising questions about Biden’s cognitive abilities, the president claims he “surprised” the doctors when he “aced” the test.

“I actually took one very recently when, you know, the radical left was saying, ‘Is he all there? Is he all there?’ I proved I was all there because I aced it,” Trump said.

He added, “I aced the test. He should take the same exact test, a very standard test. I took it at Walter Reed Medical Center in front of doctors and they were very surprised. They said, ‘That’s an unbelievable thing. Rarely does anyone do what you just did.’”

The president has yet to release official documentation of his most recent cognitive test results.


  1. If he weren’t so despicable, I would almost feel sorry for the man. He wants the Presidency so bad he is willing to do anything, say anything and align himself with any cause in hopes that he might catch the elusive bird. He is a known liar and plagiarizer. His boasts of physical prowess are laughable. Really Joe? You are challenging a man half your age to a fistfight? The amoeba or Alzheimers is winning.

  2. Wouldn’t you have to first have a brain in order for it to be brainwashed?

  3. Trump is light years ahead of Quid Pro Joe. Joe can’t make sentences. Joe is being pulled further to the left and will be so far left the average Dem won’t vote for him. He has a couple of bad scandals hanging over him that have yet to be resolved. And just because the lame stream media doesn’t talk about them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. He can’t have a real press conference without a teleprompter and pre screened softball questions. He lies or can’t remember about facts. Joe and Obama did nothing to help the Black community. All they did was try to separate the races. They put laws and policies so impossible that businesses couldn’t survive. They declared manufacturing dead, you can keep your doctor and save $2500 a year. All intentional lies. And yet you and they are so hypocritical you can’t see beyond the things they did. And let’s not forget their desperate deep state attempts to take Trump down. But Killary didn’t win. And now the real truth is coming out. They counted their eggs before they hatched. So don’t throw stones. You may hit your own party when it comes back.

  4. I think Mafia Donald risks a lot to accuse Biden of cognitive decline. Trump’s one step out of the looney bin. I’m sure his niece will have many very interesting psychological evaluations of her uncle!

  5. If it ever happened they’d have to set the machine on “Light load” and “Delicates”.

    What in Joe’s shift to supporting extreme-Left agendas says he’s been brainwashed by the Right Occam’s razor. His handlers ARE the Left and desperate for a win.

  6. Thanks to Kellyanne’s assistance, #CreepyTrump is now trending.

  7. “I took it at Walter Reed Medical Center in front of doctors and they were very surprised. They said, ‘That’s an unbelievable thing. Rarely does anyone do what you just did.’” King Donal The Loser

    King Donald The Loser is bragging about passing a test in which 10% of the test is properly naming a lion, a rhino (he should be able to ace THIS one!), and a camel.

    His Majesty is the definition of pathetic.

    We MUST elect better politicians. This covers Matt Gaetz, too, who is a tool.


  8. Given the hundreds of bizarre things that Trump has told us he believes, no one is surprised at this one. Airports during the revolutionary war. Implantation of UV light and Injection of disinfectant. China is transparent. North Korea is denuclearized. Putin is a credible denier. and “No collusion. No obstruction” in the Mueller Report. Just a usual day of the Trump reality show presidency.

  9. When he talks about his cognitive test it is just WEIRD. Unless you have a mental disability then you should be getting a passing or perfect score. I wouldn’t brag that the doctors were surprised.

    I’m going to assume he was given a sticker afterwards and proudly showed it to everyone for like a week afterwards.

  10. This is just King Donald The Loser fearmongering his Cult-45.

    One third of this country has been brainwashed by a Dear Leader. I would call that the greater tragedy.

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