Trump, Azar Blast Ousted Vaccine Chief’s Testimony

As Dr. Rick Bright was testifying before Congress, President Donald Trump and Health and Human Services Secretary (HHS) Alex Azar blasted his testimony.

“Everything he is complaining about was achieved. Everything he talked about was done,” Azar told reporters on Thursday.

Bright, who was in charge of the department charged with developing a coronavirus vaccine, was testifying before a House subcommittee about the federal government’s response to the coronavirus. 

In his testimony, Bright warned, “Our window of opportunity is closing … Without clear planning and implementation of the steps that I and other experts have outlined, 2020 will be darkest winter in modern history.”

But Azar claimed that the administration took the steps that Bright recommended.

“He says he talked about the need for respirators. We procured respirators under the president’s direction. He said we need a Manhattan project for vaccines. This president initiates a vaccine Manhattan project, diagnostic Manhattan project, therapeutic Manhattan project.”

Watch the video below: 

Bright filed a whistleblower complaint that claimed, “HHS leadership pressured Dr. Bright and BARDA to ignore expert recommendations and instead to award lucrative contracts based on political connections and cronyism.”

He also said that contracts were given to “companies with political connections to the administration.” Additionally, he claimed his early warnings about the virus were ignored. 

Additionally, he alleged that his removal from his position was due to his decision to limit the use of hydroxychloroquine — which Trump once touted as a “game-changer— as a potential treatment for the virus. 

But, Azar claimed that Bright was “the sponsor” of the drug. “So, his allegations do not hold water,” he added. 

“I never met Dr. Bright. I don’t know who he is,” Trump told reporters last week after Bright filed his whistleblower complaint. 

He added, “And to me, he seems like a disgruntled employee that’s trying to help the Democrats win an election.”


  1. President Trump only retaliates, Scotty dear.
    Boy does he do it well !!
    And you and your pals seem to like him retaliating otherwise you would shut up.
    But I would like to thank you and your dem/leftist pals for your trash talk. These comment boards were covered in the same and even worse during the 2016 election and we all know how that turned out.
    So, Scotty, thanks so much for your support in President Trump’s re-election.

  2. Apparently “whistle blower” is synonymous with “whiner”. Another valid mechanism destroyed by the haters.
    Example: #poundmetoo. Believe the women, except when they accuse Democrats.
    Example: impeachment now a political weapon to oust a duly elected opponent.

    1. “Example: impeachment now a political weapon to oust a duly elected opponent.” Marc

      Example of a whiner trying to defend a corrupt or otherwise lawless president.

    1. When people don’t have anything even halfway intelligent to say, they usually revert to trash talk.
      Just like you did, CHILD.

  3. What the IJR article and the quotes don’t mention is that 45 waited several weeks to follow through with Dr. Brights recommendations
    “He says he talked about the need for respirators. We procured respirators under the president’s direction (WHEN?). He said we need a Manhattan project for vaccines. This president initiates a vaccine Manhattan project (WHEN?), diagnostic Manhattan project (WHEN?), therapeutic Manhattan project (WHEN?).”
    45’s response to all this a day late and a dollar short. The horse left the barn before the doors were closed.

    1. So I guess you were allowed in all the official meetings in Washington DC concerning all that, right? So how soon you gonna introduce the rest of us so we can attend all these meetings too?
      You know, quoting the leftist news doesn’t make you smart, CHILD. Actually it will make you dumb.

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        1. Again, Tom shows us exactly the type of people we don’t want in Washington DC.

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          1. Much like you got the teacher to respond to your childishness in school, Scottie.

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