Trump: Americans Should Wear a Mask When They Cannot Keep Social Distance

President Donald Trump, in a shift in rhetoric on facial coverings, encouraged Americans on Tuesday to wear a mask if they cannot maintain social distance from people around them in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

In his first briefing focused on the pandemic in months, Trump told reporters at the White House that the virus will probably get worse before it gets better.

Trump has been reluctant to wear a mask himself in public. He wore one for the first time in public during a recent visit to a military hospital but has otherwise eschewed putting one on in front of the press.

As cases rises in states around the country, including in politically important states such as Florida, Texas and Arizona, Trump is shifting his tone to try to get the number of cases under control.

“We’re asking everybody that when you are not able to socially distance, wear a mask, get a mask. Whether you like the mask or not, they have an impact, they’ll have an effect and we need everything we can get,” he said.

Trump said he was getting used to masks and would wear one himself in groups or when on an elevator.

“I will use it, gladly,” he said. “Anything that potentially can help … is a good thing.”

The president also urged young Americans to avoid crowded bars where the virus could spread.

(Reporting by Alexandra Alper and Jeff Mason; additional reporting by David Brunnstrom; Editing by Sandra Maler and Alistair Bell)


  1. So Screweduptape is still an asshole

    and trumpuke is still a lying son of a b*tch.

  2. One does have to wonder if Rep. Jordan took the Trump recommending masks for all as hard Screw. Sure sounded as if he threw you under the bus.

  3. “Stay the F home if you’re that afraid and refuse entry to any who venture out.” Says the tough guy who won’t leave home and walk through Portland without his EDC. 😂

  4. “Whether you like the mask or not, they have an impact, they’ll have an effect and we need everything we can get.” King Donald The Loser

    Translation: I am drowning in the polls and I need to show some courage by wearing a mask in public, so that my ass will be saved in November.

    Yes, Phyllis, it was the right thing to do MONTHS ago, which makes this as disingenuous as always.

  5. Wash your hands. (or hand, so as not exclude the differently-abled).
    Don’t touch your face.
    Microwave or bleach your contacts.
    Don’t touch your loved ones.
    Don’t touch your pets.

    Install a walk-in tanning bed or microwave, ’cause the KungFlu hates that.

    Don’t eat anything that has not been microwaved for at least five minutes on full power or broiled/grilled at the “charcoal” setting.

    Burn any items you’ve carried in public. This means everything including your tech. Buy many burner phones.

    Buy a new wardrobe and microwave it all or bleach it for at least 30 minutes. This includes your hair and skin. Sodium hydroxide is effective but not recommended.

    Have everything delivered and sterilized, including the delivery persons. Or leave it outside for at least two weeks.

    Microwave/grill/bleach all your produce.

    Stay the F home if you’re that afraid and refuse entry to any who venture out.

  6. THAT is what the country has asked for months! We can debate the delay later. TODAY Trump did what was needed to get the virus under control. YES, I realize it was “Tuesday Trump” and “Thursday Trump” can return without warning. BUT TODAY “Tuesday Trump” took the steps the country NEEDED him to do: TAKE COVID SERIOUSLY! Tell is supporters to TAKE COVID SERIOUSLY. For the first time since the virus appeared, it can be said to LISTEN TO TRUMP! THANK YOU, Donald Trump.

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