Trump Administration Taking $3.8 Billion More From Military for Mexico Border Wall

The U.S. Defense Department sent Congress a request to shift nearly $4 billion from the military budget to pay for a wall on the border with Mexico, a central promise of President Donald Trump’s campaign for the White House four years ago and bid this year for a second term.

Lawmakers said they received a request on Thursday to reprogram more than $3.8 billion from funding for the National Guard and weapons programs, setting the stage for a possible confrontation with Democrats.

Democratic aides said $1.5 billion would come from the National Guard, and the rest from funds for procurement, including the Lockheed Martin Corp <LMT.N> F-35 fighter jet program, Lockheed C-130 aircraft, Boeing Co <BA.N> P-8 Poseidon aircraft, Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey helicopters and shipbuilding.

Congressional Democrats, who opposed Trump’s past diversion of billions of dollars in military spending to the border wall project, said the decision was dangerous and misguided.

“President Trump is once again disrespecting the separation of powers and endangering our security by raiding military resources to pay for his wasteful border wall,” Democratic Representatives Nita Lowey, chairwoman of the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee, and Pete Visclosky, chairman of the Defense Appropriations subcommittee, said in a statement.

“The Constitution gives Congress, not the President, the power of the purse. Congress rejected President Trump’s full request for wall funding, which is why he is now orchestrating this backdoor mechanism to prop up a political vanity project,” they said.

The Trump administration has vowed to build at least 400 miles (640 km) of wall along the border by November 2020, when Americans will vote for president. In his 2016 campaign, Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall. The Mexican government has consistently refused to do so.

Trump’s hard-line immigration policies, particularly for immigrants who come across the southern border with Mexico, have been a signature of his political campaign and first term in the White House.

The Trump administration has built nearly 100 miles (160 km) of border wall, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection statistics current to late December. All of those barriers replaced existing structures, the agency said.

(Reporting by Patricia Zengerle; editing by Jonathan Oatis)

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  1. I’d like to point out that my recommendations for minefields and snipers are NOT impractical.

    To ACTUALLY implement would take more will than Americans have. Maybe if I were dictator for life.

    The idiots on the Left throw around terms like “King” or “fascist” as if they know what they are talking about. Guess what? If either of these were true, they’d be dead or in re-education camps. Just like Bernie and his idiot cultist freeloaders envision.

    Consider the ridiculous concept of socialized medicine. They have NO idea what that is NOR have they lived it.

    1. OK, maybe not re-education camps. There are Super-fund sites still needing work. It’s Green. Why would they object?

    2. LOL….Are you now admitting that Obamacare was NOT socialized medicine? Admitting that YOU were CONNED by the FOX News and Conservative radio misinformation teams? MISLEAD by REPUBLICAN members of Congress? Or were you only PRETENDING to believe them? If you are not admitting Obamacare was never socialized medicine, please explain how “[Bernie Bros] have NO idea what that is NOR have they lived it.” Obamacare has been in effect since 2010 and the marketplace open since Oct, 2014.

      1. Commie Bernie’s Medicare for All is a modification of the failed Obamacare. The only difference is that EVERYONE will be REQUIRED to be on the Government’s dole; OR, pay for their healthcare out of their own pocket. NO private insurance which eliminates 150+ million policyholders; NO Union insurance plans and NO non-Union employer insurance plans are allowed. Like good little Commies, EVERYONE MUST be enrolled in the Government’s “we’ll pick and choose who receives medical care ” fiasco. Need a hip replaced at 70? Forget it; or, pay for it out of your pocket. You’re too old and near death according to the statistics for the Gov’t to waste the money on you.

      2. Phil…so you are admitting that Obozocare IS SOCIALIZED MEDICINE?

        Wow. How’s that working out for you, especially if any of the current Dim wannabes gets elected and starts attacking YOUR healthcare?

      3. SyPhyllis: “Are you admitting that YOU were CONNED by the FOX News and Conservative radio misinformation teams? ”

        If you’ll admit that you were conned by, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”. – Lefty Politifact’s “Lie of the Year”

        Convenient for them to come clean after Obama was re-elected. Better late than never.

        Unfortunately, a family friend of mine found out the hard way that she couldn’t keep her doctor OR insurance as she was going though breast cancer treatment. But never mind, our SyPhyllis can’t be bothered by actual real life examples of Obamacare casualties.

        1. WHC,

          Your efforts are obviously sincere, but the mentally-deficient TDS are beyond logic.

          Look at their posts here.

      4. Once again you’re assuming and guessing wrong. But you are a Dim.

        Fox? Recall that I haven’t paid for cable/TV for over ten years let alone watched it. I HAVE A LIFE, unlike you.

        But you are SOOOO wrong in many ways. Suppose I said you are a Russian ‘bot and not a smart one at that.

    3. I am all in for mine fields, drones, RPG’s and snipers. Keep the Illegal Aliens OUT of our sovereign Nation; deport those who are here and prosecute the politicians who care more for the Illegal Aliens than they do for the American citizenry. Eliminate Federal funding to ALL sanctuary cities and States.

      Also, well past time the Commies/Fascists tell the TRUTH about their asinine Medicare for All fiasco. Info is being leaked about how it WILL throw the United States into bankruptcy and REQUIRE the elimination of ALL private health insurance with EVERYONE put on the Government dole – as one would rightly expect under the Communist/Fascist dictatorship envisioned by Commie Bernie.. Anyone with at least one working brain cell can – in his/her head – calculate that deducting between $52 TRILLION and now up to $85 TRILLION (and growing) from the $4.5 TRILLION the IRS receives is far from being even fuzzy math and is plain stupidity; which is obvious and widespread among ALL the Commie/Fascist parrots parading in lockstep.

      The Nevada Culinary Union is fighting to keep their Union’s healthcare plan and rejecting Commie Bernie/Marxist AOC’s M4A idiocy 100%.

      1. James, the union declined to endorse A SINGLE CANDIDATE because that might hurt their own healthcare.

        Politics at its essence is self-interest.

    4. Question: why do none of the countries with “socialized medicine” fight to have OUR wonderfully corrupt, inefficient, dangerous to our health, and expensive system? Why?

      1. Name one country with socialize medicine which matches the successes of the US system.

        I’ll wait here. Canada, the UK, and even the Scandinavian countries allow PRIVATE INSURANCE, because socialized medicine sucks.

        Tell us again about your real experiences with socialized medicine, you armchair socialist.

    5. ST, “ I’d like to point out that my recommendations for minefields and snipers are NOT impractical”

      But they ARE subject to the whims of any politician in charge. If hi-tech was what we opted for, how long would it take for a Democrat President (God forbid) to turn it all off?

      Hint: No longer than a Brooklyn minute, as measured by a 76 year old con-man’s “KRolex” watches that he’s selling.

      1. It’s hypocritical (this is for the bobblehead called Phyllis) that the Dims are objecting to this reallocation of funds.

        They CELEBRATED (and Phil apprarently still does) when Obozo took BILLIONS from the military to pay for his self-aborting Obozocare.

      2. Nope. Properly installed minefields are “dumb” and live long past those who installed them.

        It’s a mix. Passive defenses like walls and minefields. Active defenses like snipers and the entire country of Mexico. (maybe Guatemala too).

        I still firmly believe that crucifying bodies along the border even the most illiterate and unskilled will understand. No need for multilingual signs (assuming these parasites can read).

        It’s Green too. Condors, vultures, coyotes, and other desert fauna got to eat too. Thanks Josey Wales.

  2. Wars come in many forms. So do walls.
    Having Mexico act as a “country-wide” wall is an excellent strategy.
    But all good defenses are multi-layered. A physical barrier is not bad to have. Nor are minefields and randomly placed snipers.

    An entrepreneurially-minded leader would make the southern border a part of the military’s sniper-training program. It would save money, provide psychological testing/weeding out, provide a testing ground for new loads and weapons, AND deter criminals entering our country. Win-win?

    I can’t wait for the same crowd that demands the ability to murder unborn children to object that these are innocent lives. Really? Except for that criminal trespass part.

    Too logical?

    1. WHC,
      You ask too much.
      The Genital is not only contused, he’s a ‘net ninja and keyboard commando with no credibility and limited experience of reality.

      He’d make an excellent Dim politician. Too bad he’s not Hunter Biden’s love child.

  3. King Donald The Loser is confused.

    Doesn’t he know that the Pentagon is STILL pissed over the LAST billions stolen from their budget? Apparently not.

    1. WHY then did they point out to MY PRESIDENT money they would not need? Another of your idiotic comments reeking of ignorance.

      1. Ha ha ha ha!

        They get told to find the money, so they have to find the money. That doesn’t mean that they are HAPPY about it. Get a grip.

        1. The Dept. of Defense budget (once appropriated) is considered DISCRETIONARY. I don’t have time to research it but I believe that means that the money can be allocated where needed, especially by THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF.

          1. Can you tell us WHAT your response would be if Obama, COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF from 2009-2017 had taken BILLIONS from the MILITARY to pay for Obamacare?

          2. Phil,
            You say that like it was a good thing.

            It was stupid and shortsighted, like so many of his policies.

            In his mind he didn’t need a mijlitary to enforce “red lines”, protect our borders from invaders, counter the Russians, or not act like our NATO allies.

            Mr. Flexy was a spineless socialist poseur who hated this country.

        2. WRONG. The money was already allocated for military construction projects; projects which were NOT deemed to be “high priority”. Wake up. Pay attention to the adults in the room.

          1. That STILL doesn’t mean that they are happy about it. They are NOT.

            On top of that, if they don’t really NEED that money, then the House should cut their budget.

    2. Why would the Pentagon be pissed over an expenditure that makes their job easier and saves them money.

      And When TF did the General start caring about whether the Pentagon is pissed or not?

      The General’s hypocrisy is either glaring or now I’m confused over his/it’s transmogrification!!!

        1. Well then IF you anti-American Fascists don’t give a crap about what happens in the United States, SHUT UP. Your asinine remarks only prove what an idiot you are and how much you hate the US.

      1. “And When TF did the General start caring about whether the Pentagon is pissed or not?”

        He’s projecting. Would expect more from someone who lies about his military service?

        1. “ Would expect more from someone who lies about his military service?”

          John Sharpensteen?? Are you the Genitally Confused One??? How’s the goat f*ing going? Is the wife suspicious as to the new additions to the flock’s resemblance to you?

          Now that you mention it, ST, their arguments are just feeble.

      2. PLEASE, see I asked nicely, explain how taking BILLIONS from the military budget for a silly 10th century idea make the military’s job easier.

        1. It’s NOT rocket science. Keeping the INVADERS out of our sovereign Nation (according to the LAW) by any means possible releases the military for other more important tasks. C’mon Phyllis. Re-read what you wrote to see how utterly stupid it is.

        2. SyPhyllis,
          Because walls are permanent and effective, unlike politician’s views on illegal immigrants.

          How’s that front door on your house working? Also an ancient but effective idea. Try taking it off and then distribute flyers telling your local homeless to, “come on in!” Like the Democrat party did in Central America just recently.

        3. Says the woman who celebrated taking billions for Obozocare.

          OK. Lets suppose we have open borders. Let’s suppose your grandchildren are crowded out and suffer school defunding for English as 2nd language programs. Timmy can’t read unless it’s in Spanish.

          Let’s have the wages of American workers (many union) depressed because illegals will work off the books for much less. Cesar Chavez recognized and fought this.

          Let’s have disease outbreaks because no one checked them. At least they get “free” healthcare paid we pay for.

          Let’s have citizens killed by illegals (I know this well), raped, molested, etc. They have a “right” to be here according to YOUR party.

        4. Phil, I’m not going to ask about walls, doors, or locks you obviously have which are ideas pre-dating the 10th century.

          Medicine, fire, and wheels pre-date the 10th century. Got any comments on those?

          Jeez are your arguments as shallow as your thinking. Go surf the net for obscure shit and type us a page or two.

          How are you feeling about Gropin’ Joe now?

    3. Interesting take but also wrong.
      -Consider what the title “commander in chief” means.
      -Measured “happiness” of the military (how would you know?) is not a priority in national defense.
      -The Supreme Court previously ruled (July 2019) that the president could allocate military funds to wall construction mostly because those who objected “no cause of action to obtain review”* This set precedent.

      *this sounds like the “no standing” finding used to dismiss the emoluments case.

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