Trump Adamant Universal Mail-In Voting Will ‘Be the Greatest Fraud in the History of Elections’

President Donald Trump is suggesting the most prominent issue facing the American electoral system is not foreign; it is right here in the United States, and it is universal mail-in voting.

During his press briefing on Wednesday, Trump argued Democrats are the biggest threat to Democracy as they are pushing for nationwide mail-in voting.

“Now they want to take it countrywide mail-in voting. It’s going to be the greatest fraud in the history of elections,” Trump said.

He added, “When you always talk about Russia, Russia, Russia, China, Iran on voting, your biggest problem is going to be with the Democrats, not with China, Russia, and Iran.”

Check out his comments below:

Trump launched his attack on universal mail-in voting when he floated the idea of delaying the 2020 presidential election, as IJR previously reported.

He claimed if Americans choose to vote using this system, it will be the most “fraudulent” and “inaccurate” election in history.

Speaking with reporters at the White House on July 31, Trump said mail-in voting could delay election results for “weeks, months, maybe years,” as IJR previously reported.

Trump seemed to have changed his tone surrounding mail-in voting when he called Florid’s mail-in ballots “safe and secure, tried and true.”

While he approves of Florida’s voting system, the president and his re-election campaign are suing the state of Nevada for a bill that would automatically send ballots to registered voters calling it unconstitutional.

Despite Trump’s critique of mail-in voting, governors have testified it works in their states.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) said on Sunday, his state has “long experience in voting by mail,” and it has “worked exceedingly well.”

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) also expressed his approval for mail-in voting during an Oval Office meeting with Trump on Sunday.

According to Ducey, Arizona has “established a system that works and can be trusted.”


  1. The new stooge that Dear Leader just installed to run the post office is having sorting machines removed and inside workers now have to sort the junk mail first, before sorting important mail. Administrators who know how the post office works and who are the ones who know how to mitigate oroblems just got fired.

    Dear Leader, his administration, and the American Fascists are doing what they can NOW to make sure that the post office will be a bottleneck during the vote.

    If there are problems with mail-in voting, blame fascist Dear Leader and his incompetent royal cronies.

  2. “It’s going to be the greatest fraud in the history of elections.” King Donald The Loser

    King Donald The Loser is confused.

    King Donald The Loser is the greatest fraud in the history of our presidents.

  3. Screwtape – they likely were investigated and either resulted in an arrest OR the more likely the scenario was falsely portrayed to rile people and no wrong doing was found. Shouting voter fraud is an old play by Republicans. Where’s the convictions? Where’s the proof? There isn’t any. This is just his play to call foul if he loses the election.

    Also, most states have been ramping up vote by mail programs since quarantine. I know the Trump Admin likes to be caught flat footed with regards to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the country has.

  4. so….four out of fifty states have mail-in voting and make it work.
    I’m unconvinced that the remaining states could set up a working system, THREE months, out. Voter ID aside.

    It makes one wonder why no one is exploring the voter fraud in states like NJ or IL or the votes “found in a car trunk”.

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