Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers Says Biden ‘Did a Great Job Reaching Out’ During Kenosha Visit

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) is commending Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for how he handled his visit to Kenosha after the city experienced a week of unrest following the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Appearing on CNN on Thursday, Evers was asked what he makes of Biden’s trip.

He compared Biden’s visit with President Donald Trump’s visit calling them “night and day.”

“I think from what I saw from Vice President Biden; he did a great job in reaching out. But that’s him,” Evers said.

He continued, “He hears the empathy, he understands people. You compare that to two days ago when the candidate Trump was in Wisconsin.”

Watch his comments below:

Evers noted he spoke with Jacob Blake’s mother and father and explained while they are hurt over what happened to their son, they are moving forward and demanding change.

“They’re just extraordinary human beings, lots of empathy, lots of hope for the future,” Evers said.

He continued, “Obviously they have lots of hard feelings about what happened to their son, but at the end of the day they’re calling for changes in policy. They want to make sure that the state of Wisconsin hears that.”

Before the president’s visit, Evers wrote a letter to him and requested he reconsider coming to the city at the moment, as IJR previously reported.

Evers said he was concerned Trump’s visit would “only hinder our healing.”

Trump visited the city on Tuesday to attend a roundtable meeting with law enforcement officials, community leaders, and elected representatives, as IJR previously reported.

The president revealed the federal government would be providing $1 million to the Kenosha law enforcement, nearly $4 million to small businesses, and over $42 million to statewide public safety.

Protests grew violent after a gunman took to the streets and opened fire on demonstrators killing two and injuring a third.


  1. Evers made a fool of himself on the news when asked if he sent a message to Biden not to come to Kenosha. He lied like a SOB. Let the recall of this jerk and his Lt Gov prevail.

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