‘I’ll Boo’: Tlaib Boos Hillary Clinton’s ‘Nobody Likes’ Sanders Remarks at 2020 Dems’ Campaign Event

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) didn’t refrain from offering her view of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a campaign event for 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

Tlaib was among another Democratic freshmen lawmakers who is known as “the squad,” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), at Friday night’s event. They were also joined by Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) — the three Congresswomen have endorsed Sanders.

The three lawmakers were attending Sanders’ first “caucus concert” event in Iowa on Friday night. When they were wrapping up the discussion, activist and moderator of the discussion Dionna Langford mentioned Clinton’s remarks claiming “nobody likes” Sanders.

“We’re not gonna boo, we’re not gonna boo,” Langford said, adding, “We’re classy here.”

However, Tlaib — who has been an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump — interjected and said, “I’ll boo. Boo.”

Tlaib added, “You all know I can’t be quiet. No, we’re going to boo. That’s alright, the haters will shut up on Monday when we win.”

Watch the video below:

The booing follows shortly after Clinton recently told The Hollywood Reporter that she stands by comments she made in an upcoming documentary, where she said of Sanders, “Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it,” as IJR previously reported.

The former secretary of state’s remarks caused push back from some 2020 Democratic hopefuls, who said, “It’s time to grow up, you know? This isn’t high school.” Sanders though told reporters after Clinton’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “On a good day, my wife likes me.”

Clinton, however, doesn’t seem to be backing down from her comments criticizing Sanders, as she also told the Los Angeles Times she “absolutely” stands by them.

Tlaib’s booing also sparked reaction on Twitter:


Tlaib’s reaction to Clinton comes ahead of the Iowa Democratic caucuses on Monday. Additionally, the Democratic National Committee announced on Friday new debate rules for the Democratic debate on Feb. 19, which will likely bring Michael Bloomberg to the debate stage.


  1. “How classy! Are the Democrats proud? And who really cares what they think is the bigger question.” Cherl

    I am confused.

    You want classy? You STILL approve of someone who bragged about grabbing women by their crotch, or has been accused by numerous women who say that he assaulted or even raped them. He had affairs while still in each of his three marriages. He shuns one of his daughters. He illegally paid money to at least two women who might have affected his election chances, and has gotten away with this, so far. You don’t seem to care about any of this at all!

    Any you talk about CLASSY? I’d hate to see what you think the opposite of classy is. That would be way too confusing.

    1. Phyllis replied:

      Cherl is not alone in her perception that she destroyed the criteria for public officer ONLY FOR TRUMP. That belies their 2017 support for Roy Moore and Greg Gianforte & 2018 support for Kavanaugh, Collins, Hunter. I can think of dozens of IJR posters that want every Democrat held to the former standards at the same time as they continue to support the acceptance of ANY actions, legal or illegal, Trump chooses to make on a daily basis. A simple reminder, all the folks who chanted “The Deficit” that have remained silent during Trump’s 3 yrs of Trillion dollar budget deficits will return to the forefront with their “DEFICIT” chants if ANY Democrat is elected. Being a Trump supporter means never being self aware.

  2. I do love when the extreme-Left (and potty-mouthed Palestinian) eats the old Left which includes Hillary and bunches of idiot, Left-voting Jews.

    fun fact: did you know that BDS and other anti-Semitic policies are pushed by Leftist Jewish academics and voters? There’s some self-hate for you, just like white-guilt.

    1. That is a complete, deliberate mischaracterization of BDS.

  3. Neither Hillary’s nor Tlaib’s comments are classy. Nor is Bernie.
    Hillary is an excuse-making, unlikeable and bitter, has-been.
    Tlaib is a Palestinian first and American second. She’s said so.
    Bernie is a cowardly Commie mole, seriously questionable sexist, and never-will be.

  4. So you agree but you would rather give the laundry list of but…..what about? And then go into a long list. I thought that was you and crazy GC who abhorred such dialogue. Hmmmm

    1. Let me explain how having ONE standard works. You judge everyone by the same standard. You do not claim fantasy policies are okay for one candidate and not others. You don’t call out the free stuff offered by one candidate and pretend the other side of the aisle is not offering free stuff. You don’t call insults a sign of strength on one side and only return to reality when the insults are wielded by someone else. You don’t express concern regarding class if you praise the absence of class of the current POTUS. IF your attention span allows, read the examples I provided that CLEARLY date back to days Trump was a Democrat and I am Republican.. This double standard,hypocrisy, lack of civility and class has been going on for most of my adult life. My apologies if calling out your hypocrisy makes you unhappy. BUT how do you explain TO yourself your disdain for unclassy acts of one person and praise it with a POTUS? As your pointed out, I called out Tlaib’s comment and I will continue to do so NO MATTER WHO IT IS. Will you do the same?

  5. “Being a Trump supporter means never being self aware.” Phyllis

    All of our accusations about them “not caring”, “not being self-aware”, or whatever, can easily be summed up with them being fascists worshipping a Dear Leader. That’s what fascists DO.

    1. I have waited 1,109 days for Trump to show a modicum of respect and class expected of A POTUS. While I find Talib’s comment disrespectful, she is a U.S. Representative for a district. WHERE is your concern for the disrespectful comments made on a daily basis by the current POTUS who is a representative FOR THE ENTIRE NATION?

  6. The Squad (or the Quad—whatever) all belong in GITMO or Somalia!

  7. “hillary clinton has been vocally, searingly, personally insulting toward bernie in the run-up to iowa because she doesn’t want him to win the caucus. she’s free to shoot her shot. but why is it a crisis for democracy if rashida tlaib does the same thing? — Elizabeth Bruenig”

    Hillary mounted a vicious campaign against Obama. She is trying to keep the establishment corruption going now. She deserves all the boos she gets.

  8. How classy! Are the Democrats proud? And who really cares what they think is the bigger question.

  9. The 4 musketeers have never taken there jobs seriously. They act as though there sorority sisters just having fun using ther ed girl friends as there information network. For example again getting caught up in the hype with out remembering her position. Some people called out boo boo then asked to stop Tlaib then said I’ll do it I’ll do it boo boo then reacted with excitement child like.

  10. How very like the woman who shouted profanity on her inauguration ceremony. Wonder how she got elected oh wait the Muslim community clusters in those two states how odd…..

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