Texas Governor Abbott Orders That Masks Be Used, Limits Gatherings to 10 People

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has issued a statewide order that face masks must be worn in public in counties with more than 20 coronavirus cases, according to a written statement released by the governor’s office.

Abbott also gave local authorities the power to limit gatherings to no more than 10 people in Texas, where coronavirus cases, deaths and hospitalizations have been spiking. The governor has resisted calls from local leaders for more than two months to force everyone in Texas to wear masks.

(Reporting by Brad Brooks in Lubbock, Texas; Editing by Chris Reese)


  1. The article did not make clear what Gov Abbott’s mandate entailed. He only limited OUTDOOR gatherings to 10. The Texas RNC is still planning to hold their in-person convention in HOUSTON on July 16-18. On Thursday evening, the TX RNC again approved the in-person event at the George R Brown Convention Center. They anticipate “roughly 6,000 attendees.”

  2. “Apparently moronic reasoning is bigger in Texas, how else to account for not voluntarily using a mask.” Morte206

    This is the result of relinquishing personal responsibility and placing it in the hands of a moronic cult leader who is only out for personal gain (winning re-election), a person who follows conspiracy theories and disavows science, and has no interest AT ALL in the safety and care of people that he swore to protect. Look at Brazil. Same thing. Two right-wing fascists who don’t care about people and just look at THEIR graphs compared to most other countries around the world. This is our fault. We allowed this to happen.

    Dear Leader is weak and incompetent and he is a danger to us all. We can fix this, in November. This is our responsibility.

  3. Apparently moronic reasoning is bigger in Texas, how else to account for not voluntarily using a mask.

    It’s about damn time this order was issued though I agree with John (it happens) about the toothless-ness of enforcement.

  4. What, if any, will be the consequence for not complying ?

    This order is worthless without a consequence for not complying.

    Do not write checks your ass can’t cash.

  5. Governor Abbott must be confusing all the Texans that are still claiming the virus is a hoax. Unlike Lt. Gov. Dannie Goeb Patrick, Abbott appears to be listening to the MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS.

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