Jon Stewart Challenges Those Against Masks: Tell Your Surgeon to Take Their Mask Off

Comedian Jon Stewart has a message for those who choose to dismiss the importance of wearing a mask during the pandemic.

During an appearance on ABC’s “The View,” Stewart expressed concern about the increasing efforts to politicize mask-wearing despite the coronavirus spreading around the United States at an accelerated, unprecedented pace.

“There has been an increased campaign to discredit expertise or to tribalize or to politicize expertise. There’s a whole undercurrent that this pandemic is a hoax or a power grab,” Stewart added. “Living in the Northeast, we don’t realize, like, this is real, and it’s brutal.”

When asked what he would say to those who oppose masks, he offered a number of different scenarios arguing the importance of them.

“I would just say, have you been in operating rooms? Surgeons wear masks, not because they listen to NPR and drive Volvos. They wear masks because that’s more sanitary,” he quipped.

See Stewart’s remarks below:

He added, “I would say to the people aren’t wearing masks, who don’t want to wear masks, the next time you get an operation, just tell the surgeon, ‘You take that mask off and you don’t wash your hands because that’s for liberals, and I want you coughing into my open wounds for America.’”

Stewart’s remarks come as more than 37 states are reporting significant upticks in coronavirus infection rates. Only two states have seen a decrease in cases over the last seven days.

As a result of the alarming spikes, some states have even opted to halt reopening in hopes of slowing the spread.

As many local and state officials have raised concerns about increased community spread, they are also focused on incorporating different strategies for mitigation, testing, and contact tracing.

As of Monday afternoon, there are more than 2.6 million known coronavirus cases in the United States as the death toll approaches 130,000.


  1. Jon: How about comparing apples to apples and not to mangos.
    Doctors are within 6 feet of their patients. When you are out shopping, you can be 6 feet and more from others.
    So wear your own mask and stop trying to force others to do things YOUR way.

  2. I do not get the absolute refusal to wear a mask. My toddler was able to adjust immediately and without issue. Its not that big of deal.

    These people are ridiculous.

    1. It’s really simple, Phoenix.

      Dear Leader does not wear a mask because he thinks that it makes him look weak, therefore Cult-45 think that he is strong without a mask. THEY want to look tough, too. So they can’t look weak by wearing a madk, either.

      Also, there is a morbid fear of truth. If someone with authority says that they SHOULD do something that will protect them, then they automatically MUST nihilistically do the opposite.

      They are quite willing to do the opposite of their best interests if Dear Leader says don’t do it. They trust their idiot Dear Leader over trained medical people. Perry posted as much on IJR today. They think wearing a mask is like taking poison. They don’t understand that carbon dioxide is the trigger for the body to INHALE, to get MORE oxygen. CO2 is what helps to keep us alive! Cult-45 have no understanding of basic science or medicine. They have no common sense, so how can they make ANY sense to you? How?

      Your toddler accepted wearing a mask because you set the example for him/her. Cult-45 are dumber than toddlers.

      1. “Your toddler accepted wearing a mask because you set the example for him/her. Cult-45 are dumber than toddlers.”

        I agree with the first sentence, but not the second. They are apparently more on par with a todddler – which means everyone is just one good example from those they trust (and a paw patrol toy for good behavior) away from compliance.

          1. Is it “reliable advice” only if you agree with it?
            I’m sure you know there are medical professionals that don’t agree with mandatory mask rulings.

          2. No, Regina, it is reliable advice if it comes from reliable sources filled with professionals and is accepted by normal people. Abnormal people listen to a fascistic Dear Leader.

      2. Scott: I’m so amazed! You have read my mind and know my heart as to why I won’t wear a mask. NOT !!
        BTW keep on proving why you are such a controller.

        1. OBSIDIAN is confused.

          A conservative is afraid from birth onward. It is in your genes. Even your belief in a god ensures that you feed your fears. Being part of a flock already means that you are a follower, not a fearless leader. Baaaaa!

          1. Yes, I follow the creator. Ever heard of, don’t bite the hand that feeds you? Baal

  3. Only trurephucklican morons with their heads permanently

    lodged in their rectums refuse to wear a mask.

    I fully support relocating all of you to the desert

    of Eastern Montana and Wyoming, walling you in,

    and letting nature take her course with you.