Sioux President Calls for the Removal of Mount Rushmore

One of the most famous monuments in America is now facing calls for its removal.

Oglala Sioux President Julian Bear Runner says the land where Mount Rushmore is situated belongs Great Sioux Reservation and not the United States. Bear Runner says the monument to four American presidents should be removed.

“I don’t believe it should be blown up, because it would cause more damage to the land,” he told the Argus Leader.

“Removed but not blown up,” Bear Runner specified. He added that Sioux leaders were not consulted before Mount Rushmore was sculpted and said, “To me, it’s a great sign of disrespect.”

For decades, Native American tribes have pushed for the removal of Mount Rushmore which is located in what they consider sacred territory.

And in recent years, stories have revealed that Gutzon Borglum, Mount Rushmore’s sculptor, had ties to the KKK and white supremacy.

Bear Runner’s comments come roughly a week before President Donald Trump is scheduled to travel to Mount Rushmore for a Fourth of July celebration.

His comments also come as protesters have called for the removal of statues as protests calling for racial justice erupted around the country. 

In several states, statues of Confederate figures and Christopher Columbus have been defaced or torn down.

And in recent days, protesters have targeted statues of President George Washington and President Ulysses S. Grant. Washington, D.C.’s, delegate to the House of Representatives Eleanor Norton Holmes announced plans to introduce legislation to remove a statue of former President Abraham Lincoln, as IJR reported

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro weighed in on the removal or vandalism of statues on Twitter and asked, “So, when is our woke historical revisionist priesthood going to insist on blowing up Mount Rushmore?”

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R), the state where Mount Rushmore is located, shared Shapiro’s tweet and said, “Not on my watch.”

As monuments are being torn down, Trump announced that he plans to sign an executive order to force cities to protect monuments, as IJR reported


  1. It will never happen. And I don’t mean that in a dig-in-my-heels, from-my-cold-dead-hands, idiot conservative perspective. I mean from a factual standpoint, it just won’t happen. The Sioux don’t have the leverage to MAKE it happen, and there will never be enough widespread American support for such a thing to happen. Jefferson was an asshole, and Teddy certainly wasn’t a founder or anything, but the idea that there would be enough widespread support to get rid of Washington and Lincoln? Never. “WaShINgToN oWnEd SlAv-” shut up. Just shut up. EVERYONE with any kind of privilege did back then, and while that doesn’t justify it in any way, it makes it exceedingly silly to try to hold one individual accountable for it.

    The reality is that this silly movement is never going to result in Mt. Rushmore being returned to the Sioux or it being destroyed. What it WILL result in is making sure Confederate monuments stay right where they are. The people who keep them up don’t rely on factual, logical arguments to keep them. They rely on hysterical, amygdala-hijacking theatrics about how our history is being destroyed, and by extending the movement to include anyone with any kind of tie to anything deemed racially insensitive or offensive by MODERN standards, we turn their strawman into the actual argument that we’re making, and that argument, hysterical and absurd as it is, is extremely easy to swat away. So just get out of your own way and drop this Mt. Rushmore foolishness.

  2. “delegate to the House of Representatives Eleanor Norton Holmes announced plans to introduce legislation to remove a statue of former President Abraham Lincoln” Another Democrat fool. Does she not know that Lincoln did everything to free the slaves? What a maroon. Of course, the House will pass it. Pelosi will be so proud. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats. What next, the monuments around the National Mall?

  3. Liberal/Democrat insanity. BS, BS, BS. This is their way to destroy America and build a 3rd world Socialist state. We’re getting closer and closer to another Revolution. Personally, I can’t wait.

  4. I am pretty confident that Joe Biden is not proposing Julian Bear Runner for his vice-presidential candidate. Mount Rushmore is safe, no matter what loony fantasies you guys may tell yourselves.

  5. Ok, then give back all the land you stole from other tribes and replace all the people you killed to get the land

  6. Well now the Indian’s are in on it. Well sorry deals were made but even if it was bad to late to fight for it. If the win here it be the state next then the country. But think most tribes got something out of it. But instead of fighting for land and a mountain why not fight for a future. So Indians wanted casino’s they got it. Well am concern some have made money some have not. There are lots of very poor Indian’s that should be talked about. I feel that is very disrespectful.
    Like that kid who was checking out the Indian drum. Sorry most kids would be interested in that. And that showed respect for the the past of the Indian . But look at the Chinese national Network getting the Indian to change his story . Glad the kid won out and keeps on winning.
    Yes Indians have a great pass that needs to be protected but they have to protect ours as well.
    Like sen. Warren proving a point that pissed Indians off . They are like us and came from the same place. Seems we came by boat they came from a land bridge over the polar ice cape that not there anymore. But we are all bothers. Until we get there we will never get along.
    But what is funny people are afraid to admit all this is racism. They are not trying to get rid of our past only . They want to get rid of all Whites. If not why is it happening in countries that Whites settled in. They want to be able to say we were never here.
    This is happening in the middle east. The Muslims take over a temple and change it over to a mosque. Only thing the bible is a history book. Maybe that is why a comment was made about burning churches. Well communist did that and don’t forget the “Night of Broken Glass, when synagogue were burning .
    The demarcates are looking for traction for the election but at what cost. You start burning churches watch this world go up in flames. The bible said it.

  7. You Caucasian n*gger trash assholes will go apeshit behind this.

    OORAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey, fool, you were never a Marine. They’re looking for real men. Stop with the Marine battle cry. We all know that you would wet your panties.

    1. You are so correct Jeffrey and Kristi has bigger gonads then any male Democrat, unless of course they decide to become another sex.

  8. I have the solution: Let us settle the issue once and for all. Take down all statues, monuments, pictures and any portrayal of anything or anyone that doesn’t agree with minorities or offends someone. Close all museums, eradicate Plymouth Rock and put an end to anything not representing minorities. Virginia should change its name to “Invasion State”, New York to “Old Indian Village” and Mew Hampshire to “Deplorable Colony”. After all of this is done some minority group will not be satisfied. It is time for all people living in this country to become an American and act like an American. Then stop codding all the whims and demands of every group that comes along that feels hurt. Like Bubba Wallace crying about a “noose” that wasn’t a noose. He was so offended by hateful people that were harming him. Well please notice that he drives around in a car with Black Lives Matters and other hateful stuff on it. No one takes him to task for that? So he hates white people and makes stuff up to get sympathy. Sound familiar with all that is going on? Stop making up stuff so you can be offended. Get on-board or get out already.

  9. When is any White Supremacist Group going to require those statues of people of different ethnicity other than whites be torn down, and what will the reactions be then? That’s the real question???? As long as people are going bat shit crazy……why not the White Supremacist Groups, and KKK type groups? Are they not American and does not their opinions count as part of article 1, “Free Speach”? Asking for a friend…………

    1. You got it Brad. I don’t like MLK on every street in every town to soothe the souls of people that wish to tear this country down.

  10. This idiot is just looking for his 15 seconds of fame. Unfortunately he’s so stupid he doesn’t realize that his brainless comments are causing FAR more anger and division than being helpful or making folks sympathetic to his supposed plight.
    I realize the Indians got the short end of a dirty stick, way back when, but this kind of rhetoric is certainly NOT going to help win allies among most citizens of the USA.

  11. I didn’t realize that Indians hate white eyes as well. This is a shocker!

    1. Jim, they didn’t until instigators and agitators from the Obamanation arrived to stir things up. I live on a reservation and everyone was cooperating until Obama started his BS. Things have gotten racially tense with complaining and appeasing.

  12. Wouldn’t It would be a lot easier and better for everyone all around just to eliminate the Sioux president? When this thing started somebody joked you watch some piss aunt person will want to blow up Mount Rushmore.

  13. This is one country not two or more! We fought a civil war to unify the country at a cost of over 561,000 brothers against brothers. If you don’t like the USA then get the hell out!

    1. Well it’s a good thing we saved our Confederate money, the South will rise again!
      Except this time we will be fighting the black overseers employed by the Democrat plantation..

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