Simon & Schuster To Publish a Children’s Picture Book About Kamala Harris

Just over a week after Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) was named Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s running mate, publisher Simon & Schuster is announcing the publication of a new children’s picture book about her life.

The publisher announced on Wednesday that it will release a new children’s book, “Kamala Harris, Rooted in Justice,” which will tell the “incredible story of a young daughter of immigrants who would grow up to defend the rights of people everywhere and be named the Democratic vice presidential candidate.”

The book is scheduled to be published on August 25. It is written by Nikki Grimes and features illustrations by Laura Freeman.

“This picture book biography brings to life a story that shows all young people that the American dream can belong to all of us if we fight for one another,” the publisher said in its announcement. 

Harris is scheduled to speak on Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention. In her speech, Harris is expected to make a forceful case against President Donald Trump

Biden announced on August 11 that he had chosen Harris to be his running mate, as IJR reported

If Biden defeats Trump in the general election in November, Harris would be the first Black woman to serve as vice president. 


  1. Chuck has yet to discover that details can change over time.

    Strange how that can happen, huh, Chuck? You look away for a second and POOF things are not what they used to be. Try to keep up, willya?

  2. Chapter 1) lie, lie, and lie some more
    Chapter2) How to promote your self while lying on your lying on your back
    Chapter3) How to make your father a liar while denying you’re not BLACK
    Chapter 4) how to deny your family were SLAVE-OWNERS
    Chapter 5) etc,etc,etc,

  3. Obsidian
    A huge thumbs up for you!! She was 29 Brown was 60 and married. Maybe that’s why she is hidin’ with Biden. No questions for her.

  4. The book will show that if you sleep with the right powerfully connected men, then you too can play second fiddle to a man with dementia. This Cinderella story will truly be an inspiration to young girls.

  5. How age-appropriate for the typical Democrat/Leftist.
    I hope it sells better than Chelsea Clinton’s “She Persisted”.

  6. Make sure you get quotes from all those minority men she incarcerated knowing they were innocent. While you are at it, get some pictures of all the homeless encampments in San Francisco and Oakland.

  7. Linda, only the history that doesn’t support their agenda. They do get confused in their efforts to erase their terrible history. For instance: They call for the removal of Andrew Jackson from everywhere (money and statues), but the dolts don’t realize that the man who sent the indians to a reservation in OK was also the creator of the Democrat Party. They call for the removal of Confederate Generals names on military bases, but forget that all those Generals were Democrats and the plantation owning Democrats were the ones that convinced the Southern states to secede so they could keep their slave labor. They attempt to project the KKK onto Republicans, but forget that it was Democrats that formed the KKK and many prominent Democrats as governors, Senators and Representatives were members of the KKK. Democrats forget that the 1924 Democrat Convention was called the Klan Bake after 20,000 Klan members marched on the convention to affect the selection of the Democrat nomination. Compare the speeches of Democrats in 1860 calling the Republican Union enforcing the law in the Southern states as a violation of states’ rights to the same type speeches about ICE enforcing the law in Democrat run ‘sanctuary’ cities and states, crying “State rights”. Compare the Democrat speeches in Southern states calling Federal enforcement of law in Southern states as “occupation” and “Northern aggression” to the recent Democrats’ speeches and accusations of “occupation” when the President sent federal agents to Portland to stop attacks on Federal property. Remember, Democrats segregated blacks from white restaurants, drinking fountains, bathrooms, schools, etc. and Republicans, especially Nixon, that desegregated those very same states. Read up on Sen. Robert Byrd, Hillary’s mentor, and his affiliation with the Klan (Grand Kleagal, Exalted Cyclops) until he ran for the House in 1952. Read his description of blacks as sub humanoid. That is the history that the Democrats are trying to destroy. They always try to prevent accountability, just like the Hillarrhoid and Bill Clinton.

  8. Gee, a propaganda book in time for the election. Democrats are really pulling out every dirty trick in the book and then adding some new ones. Free TV time, free books, media bias, legislating the ability to cheat, lies, lies, lies.

  9. Will Willie Brown be mentioned? He was after all a major part of her “successes”.

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