Senators Seek Ethics Investigation Into Ivanka Trump’s Endorsement of Goya Foods

White House senior adviser and daughter of President Donald TrumpIvanka Trump, is receiving backlash for her controversial decision to endorse Goya Foods, and now, two senators are seeking an investigation into whether she violated federal ethics rules.

Sens. Tom Carper (D-Del.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) penned a letter to the Office of Government Ethics requesting answers to a list of questions including what disciplinary actions can be taken against Ivanka Trump.

The letter opens with the senators explaining what Ivanka Trump’s tweet consisted of.

On July 14, Ivanka Trump posted a photo of herself posing with one of the brand’s products, as IJR previously reported.

She added the company’s slogan in both English and Spanish, “If it’s Goya, it has to be good. Si es Goya, tiene que ser bueno.”

Carper and Warren pointed out the rule enforced by the Office of Government Ethics against misuse of a position held in public office.

“An employee shall not use his public office for his own private gain, for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise, or for the private gain of friends, relatives, or persons with whom the employee is affiliated in a nongovernmental capacity… and persons with whom the employee has or seeks employment or business relations,” the rule reads.

The senators noted Ivanka Trump’s tweet comes just five days after Goya CEO Robert Unanue offered praise to the president for his leadership. Goya saw a boycott following his remarks.

“The timing of her remarks creates the appearance, at least, that praise for Trump Administration officials may elicit later endorsements from these same officials,” the senators wrote.

The letter went on to acknowledge the president’s photo of himself with Goya products at his desk.

See the photo below:

Carper and Warren requested an answer to their questions by August 10.


  1. Hey, William Lee: if you want to complain about wealthy Congress members, you might want to help clean up the American Fascist Party first before you complain about Democrats! Right?

    Source: Roll Call (2018)[1]
    Rank Name Party State Incumbent Net Worth ($ million)
    1 Sen. Kelly Loeffler Republican Georgia Y 500.0
    2 Rep. Greg Gianforte Republican Montana Y 135.7
    3 Rep. Nancy Pelosi Democratic California Y 120.0
    4 Rep. Michael McCaul Republican Texas Y 113.0
    5 Sen. Mark Warner Democratic Virginia Y 90.2
    6 Rep. Vern Buchanan Republican Florida Y 73.9
    7 Sen. Richard Blumenthal Democratic Connecticut Y 70.0
    8 Sen. Dianne Feinstein Democratic California Y 58.5
    9 Rep. Trey Hollingsworth Republican Indiana Y 50.1
    10 Rep. Paul Mitchell Republican Michigan Y 37.7
    11 Rep. Scott Peters Democratic California Y 32.0
    12 Rep. Don Beyer Democratic Virginia Y 31.2
    13 Rep. Suzan DelBene Democratic Washington Y 28.4
    14 Rep. Roger Williams Republican Texas Y 27.7
    15 Rep. Ro Khanna Democratic California Y 27.0
    16 Rep. Francis Rooney Republican Florida Y 22.6
    17 Sen. Mitch McConnell Republican Kentucky Y 22.5
    18 Rep. Joe Kennedy III Democratic Massachusetts Y 18.7
    19 Rep. Ralph Norman Republican South Carolina Y 18.3
    20 Sen. John Hoeven Republican North Dakota Y 17.9
    25 Sen. David Perdue Republican Georgia Y 15.8
    26 Sen. Jim Risch Republican Idaho Y 15.6
    27 Rep. Brad Schneider Democratic Illinois Y 14.9
    28 Rep. Buddy Carter Republican Georgia Y 13.2
    29 Rep. Lloyd Doggett Democratic Texas Y 13.1
    30 Rep. Jim Cooper Democratic Tennessee Y 12.3
    31 Rep. Rick Allen Republican Georgia Y 11.7
    32 Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner Republican Wisconsin Y 11.1
    33 Rep. Fred Upton Republican Michigan Y 11.0
    34 Rep. Nita Lowey Democratic New York Y 10.9
    35 Rep. Carolyn Maloney Democratic New York Y 10.8
    36 Rep. Mike Kelly Republican Pennsylvania Y 10.4
    37 Sen. Ron Johnson Republican Wisconsin Y 10.4
    38 Rep. Rod Blum Republican Iowa 10.2
    39 Rep. Bill Foster Democratic Illinois Y 9.3
    40 Sen. Rob Portman Republican Ohio Y 8.6

  2. She does not get payed for her time at the white house as an advisor to her father. According to the IRS she is not a government employee. Hence she is not obligated to play by their rules.

  3. No one expects Trumpers to care about ethics in the Trump WH. They did not care when the Kushner family was promising visas to Chinese buyers of their real estate properties. They did not care when China was investing in the Trump Org project in Indonesia. They did not care when Sec of Transportation, McConnell’s wife, and daughter of owners of shipping business, Elaine Chao took her family to meet the representatives of the Chinese government. Tom Price disappeared quickly but IJR Trumpers were opposed for months of calling for Scott Pruitt and Ryan Zinke to resign. They did not care when Kellyanne was hawking Ivanka’s made in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia fashions. They did not care that Michael Flynn lied to the FBI. They didn’t care when Stone, Manafort, & Cohen lied to Congress or law enforcement. They don’t care that Trump committed 10 acts of obstruction of justice, multiple acts of abuse of power and contempt of Congress. Don’t care that Trump violated the Impoundment of Appropriations Act.
    We can overlook the Trumpers’ repeated blind eye to the legal and ethical breaches, but PLEASE stop claiming “hypocrisy.” Trumpers have NO IDEA what the word means.

  4. Democrats are so pathetic that they jump on any perceived slight as though they are holier-than-thou. The need to focus on their own failing districts instead of wasting time and tax dollars pointing the finger. We need to make tar and feathering great again.

  5. OK you shills for Satan: Just explain exactly HOW you have become millionaires while being in office? Die in Hell you miserable hypocrites!

  6. Just because she disagrees with you doesn’t mean she’s wrong. I thought your side was the ‘tolerant’ side allowing everyone with a voice to express their feelings, thoughts, etc. I guess it only works if they totally agree with you. Hypocrites, thy name is Democrat.

  7. If they are looking at ethical and legal issues, the NY Times has an interesting piece on Trump urging Amb Woody Johnson to ask the British government to move the British Open to Turnberry.

  8. It’s so amusing when the Dim factions turn on themselves. Even when those pretending to be POC do so.

    “herding cats” comes to mind.

  9. So the Indian wants to harass the largest and most sucessful Hispanic business? Brilliant.

    How many Dems appeared at private corporations over the years? Have we forgotten “Billy Beer” so soon?

    What morons.

    1. You forgot to mention an ETHNIC business that’s employed many, including minorities, for generations.

      But intersectionality is not a web so much as a gigantic and unflushable clog swollen with stupid.

  10. Is there anything the liberals won’t make an issue of if it pertains to anything Trump? Where was their criticism when Biden’s son was scooping up the millions from Burisma? What? Nothing?
    Sure hope Goya didn’t give her a case of beans! That would be just shocking!

  11. Office of Government Ethics, simply tell carper and warren to take a hike and just do their jobs for their constituents.

  12. So when a poltician appears on a talk show, either playing the sax, or dad dancing that’s not a direct endorsement of that show and/or host. Right?

    When a politician does a bad cover of a musician’s work that’s not an endorsement of that singer?

    Is sitting front-row at Chicago Bulls games an endorsement of that team? Is visiting a golf course an endorsement of that club?

    When a politican pulls a bottle of hot sauce out of her purse is that an endorsement of that sauce or just idiot pandering?

      1. ??? Sorry, don’t get that one.

        Chocolate itself is a massive cultural appropriation.
        Let’s not even consider the ecological consequences of growing, shipping, and processing.

        I’m going to bring this up the next time a Lefty moron brings up cultural appropriation, even if they are appropriating English or internet technology to do so.

        Next I’ll ask them about appropriating Western med tech. Why are they hoping for vaccines instead of their native folk remedies?

        1. It was just a quote from Hillary to some kids while she was having a psychotic episode on the campaign trail.

  13. full disclosure: I’ve used and enjoyed Goya products for years. Except the sazon, which I can make better at home and wish I could buy their dried gandules. The next best choice is canned, which isn’t the same.

      1. It’s about two men in the strangest place.
        …the 60s had some really imaginative, if far-fetched ideas. q.v. I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, Gilligan’s Island.

        Too bad PC and bad writing forced the real entertainment to other venues.

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