GOP Senator Calls for Head of WHO to Testify Before the Senate

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee wants the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) to testify about the agency’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

In a statement on Thursday, Sen. Todd Young (R-Ind.) called for WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to appear before a subcommittee hearing on his agency’s response to the coronavirus.

“I appreciate the immense pressure the Chinese government places on leaders of international organizations,” Young wrote.

He continued, “As the largest single contributor to the World Health Organization’s budget, American taxpayers deserve to know the truth about the WHO’s response to COVID-19, so that the world may learn from its mistakes.”

Young ripped into the agency’s decision to “congratulate China” despite efforts by the Chinese government to “hide the truth of the disease from international observers and its own people.”

“From the earliest stages, the leadership of the Chinese government sought to hide the truth of the disease from international observers and its own people. In response to this obfuscation, your organization chose to not condemn and push for greater access, but rather to congratulate China.”

Specifically, Young referenced a tweet from the WHO in January that stated, “Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel [coronavirus.]”

Additionally, Young said that it appears officials from Taiwan tried to alert the WHO about how contagious the virus is but were “rebuffed.”

“It is now abundantly clear that other states than China were active and forthcoming about the real dangers of this novel coronavirus. Taiwan made repeated efforts to inform the WHO about the highly transmittable nature of COVID-19, and was repeatedly rebuffed.”

Young’s statement comes shortly after President Donald Trump accused the organization of being “China-centric” and said the U.S. would hold back on funding as the administration looks into the organization’s response to the pandemic.

During a press conference at the White House on Wednesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the U.S. was “reevaluating” its funding of the organization.

“They have to execute on the mission that they are designed to achieve, and we’ve seen with respect to the World Health Organization … here we are. It hasn’t accomplished what it was intended to deliver,” he said.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) has also called for an investigation of the agency, as IJR has previously reported.

Republicans have suggested that the WHO was too trusting of China, and some have accused it of parroting Chinese propaganda. They have also blasted the agency for not recommending travel restrictions in the early days of the outbreak.

Tedros has continued to defend his agency’s handling of the pandemic.


  1. At my most paranoid I find myself asking this question m: What happened to COVID 1-18? Not deadly enough for China’s purposes?

  2. The US disproportionately funds the WHO AND the UN. They damn well should be answerable to us.

    If we had the political will we’d kick them out of the US and send them to one of their “friends” like the PRC, the EU, etc. since they have continually demonstrated an anti-US stance. Let them bite the hand of the PRC and see what it gets them.

  3. Trump and his clowns need to be brought in front of Congress and be held accountable for their inept response and the numerous lies they have told! This is the most corrupt and cold Administration we have EVER had!!!

    1. How bout holding cuomo, defakio, bardot, liu and kavanaugh responsible for their comments telling New Yorkers, as late as March 13, that they had NOTHING to worry about this virus. They told New Yorkers to go about their daily lives as if nothing could happen. “Former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Tom Frieden said in a new interview that implementing social distancing measures two weeks earlier could have reduced New York’s coronavirus death toll up to 80 percent.” When will prog/left/lib/dims like you finally pull your head out of your ass and hold the PROPER people responsible for their actions instead of just being a an uniformed idiot that blames Trump for EVERY evil in the world?

    2. The only response one could make to your untrue comment (expected for hating liberals, of course), is first, how uninformed you are, and then just to smile. 🙂

      1. Your words might have meaning if you backed them with facts. You failed to do so, so your unfounded opinions are literally just like an asshole. Everyone has one. (apologies to those with colostomy bags or birth defects)

        1. You mean “facts” like Ronnie presented in the comment I responded to? 🙂 The word hypocrite comes to mind here. And as my Mama taught me early on? “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” Bye, User! 🙂

      2. Carol:
        DeMoron, No-mo, Doc Ox (aka Dr Barbot) and Kava-no (Dems one and all) have no small amount of blame for what is happening here in NY.

        Just as some Republicans have given their constitutients lousy advice so have Democrat’s. At least acknowledge that much through your “Trump is evil” lenses.

        1. I think you may have misunderstood, Carla — I don’t think “Trump is evil” at all. I appreciate him, and will vote for him AGAIN. I was disputing Ronald’s comment.

    3. Totally agree Ronald, Trump is only good at pointing fingers. Trump denied EVERYTHING about this virus. He didn’t want to see the numbers go up because it would hurt him politically. He could care less about Americans. Presidents are supposed to be leaders, Trump gave NO guidance. His lackluster reading from the notes that he’s handed everyday is a total joke.

  4. WHO is a China asset. What they and China unleashed upon the world will never be forgotten.

    1. You are 100% correct, Sherri. WHO has lied their asses off about this pandemic and should be held accountable for their actions. The leader of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, basically threatened Trump yesterday with his comment about body bags. When you threaten The President of the United States, you are threatening EVERY citizen of The United States.

    2. Sherri Kudos to you on that point let’s not forget that H1N1, SARS and MERSA were all bio created where??? China, they need to be brought up on charges of biochemical warfare and crimes against humanity!!!

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