Senate to Take up Impeachment in a Day of Ceremony and Formality

The U.S. Senate takes formal steps on Thursday to consider the removal of U.S. President Donald Trump on charges that he abused his power, even as key issues such as whether witnesses will appear at his impeachment trial remain up in the air.

The Democratic-led House of Representatives on Wednesday sent two formal charges against Trump to the Republican-led Senate, clearing the way for only the third impeachment trial of a U.S. president to begin in earnest next week.

Ceremony, rather than substance, will mark Thursday’s proceedings, with the seven House “managers” prosecuting Trump to present the articles of impeachment to the Senate at 12 p.m. (1700 GMT).

The Senate will invite U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts to the chamber at 2 p.m. to be sworn in to preside over the trial and, eventually, to swear in all 100 senators. It will then notify the White House of Trump’s impending trial.

House members voted 228-193, largely along party lines, to give the Senate the task of putting the Republican president on trial on charges of abuse of power for asking Ukraine to investigate political rival Joe Biden and obstruction of Congress for blocking testimony and documents sought by Democratic lawmakers.

The Senate is expected to acquit Trump, keeping him in office, as none of its 53 Republicans has voiced support for removing him, a step that requires a two-thirds majority.

But Trump’s impeachment by the House last month will stain his record and the televised Senate trial could be uncomfortable for him as he seeks re-election. Biden, a former vice president, is a leading contender for the Democratic nomination to challenge him in the Nov. 3 election. Trump denies wrongdoing and has called the impeachment process a sham.

A pivotal event leading to Trump’s impeachment was a July 25 call in which he asked Ukraine’s president to investigate Biden and his son Hunter Biden for corruption and to probe a discredited theory that Ukraine, not Russia, interfered in the 2016 U.S. election.

Democrats have called that an abuse of power, saying Trump asked a foreign government to interfere in a U.S. election for his own benefit at the expense of American national security.

Trump is also accused by Democrats of abusing his power by withholding $391 million in security aid to Ukraine to pressure Kiev into conducting investigations politically beneficial to him. The money – approved by Congress to help Ukraine combat Russia-backed separatists – eventually was provided to Ukraine in September after the controversy became public.

Republicans have argued that Trump’s actions did not rise to the level of impeachable offenses. They have accused Democrats of using the Ukraine affair as a way to nullify Trump’s 2016 election victory.

One bone of contention between Democrats and Republicans has been whether witnesses should appear in the trial, a wild card that could affect public sentiment toward Trump.

Democrats will push to hear from witnesses during the trial, something Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has resisted, arguing that senators should consider only the evidence amassed by the House.

(Reporting by Richard Cowan and David Morgan; Additional reporting by Susan Cornwell and Patricia Zengerle; Writing by Arshad Mohammed; Editing by Peter Cooney)


  1. Prove it with facts only and no hearsay syphilis. You cannot because there is NONE.

  2. Once again confuction you and your communist party are the party of totalitarian control (communism, fascism, socialism, etc) and you think the Constitution, Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence are to be destroyed to obtain your goal. You have no love for America so I really believe you should move to where your friends are in north korea. Here is a question for you: If we impeach the next demonrat president on the kind of (non) facts you have on President Trump, would that be ok with you?? You have NO evidence and the Senate is NOT going to do the house’s job. They only have a trial on the evidence the house has brought forward. Your communist party has set a precedence, like in the Senate, that will come back and bite you on the ass. Your done and if it is war you are looking for then don’t be surprised if it ends like 1776 when you and your buddy the king of England lost.

  3. Now it’s 15,500. Just last week it was 15,000. When does he have time to sleep? Come on, Phyll, even you aren’t that dumb. Or are you? And who is the mental giant doing the counting? Since you’re so into long written soliloquies please cite them ALL for those who don’t believe it.

  4. “Once real witnesses are called” Peter

    Uh, I think you have been confused about calling on “real witnesses” to testify, Peter. Do you have ANY idea how much harm could be inflicted onto your Dear Leader if only Bolton, Mulvaney, Charles Kupperman, Ghouliani testified? I don’t think that you really want these guys to talk. Some of them are just itching to be called.

    As for calling either of the Bidens or Chalupa, it is just laughable. Alexandra Chalupa would tear Dear Leader’s false narratives to pieces. The time spent on the Biden’s would be a total waste of resources, a cellulose burger.

    These are most of the “real witnesses” that are being sited, so unless you know of some others, please tell us.

    1. Why didn’t the House call these witnesses if they were so important? They could have challenged the Presidents executive privilege. I thought the House had all it needed to impeach. Why should the Senate have to do their work for them? Are the democrats in the House perhaps bumbling idiots?

  5. Re: Democrats – “they are anti-American” william jackson

    What is unAmerican about holding to account an elected president being lawful and fully compliant with our Constitution?

    Oh, he is YOUR fascist, unlawful, and unConstitutioanal president. I get it now.

    1. Where’s the PROOF of any wrong doing by THIS President? WHY wasn’t the Kenyan Marxist held to account for withholding funds to Ukraine, assisting Biden with his quid pro quo, lying to the American people repeatedly, sending taxpayer money – $150 BILLION – to our enemy Iran AND millions to his Muslim brothers (kinfolks ?) in the Muslim Brotherhood to oust a democratically elected President (in Egypt)? Complicit in the Benghazi murders? Complicit in the murders of an American Border Agent and Mexican civilians solely because of his Fast and Furious fiasco and plan to disarm law abiding citizens – like all Fascists want to do to retain POWER and CONTROL?

  6. Very few Democrats are smart enough to realize that the entire Democrat Congress and Senate, just stepped in “it”. “It” is sticking to their shoes, and is smelling up the place with a powerful stench. Once real witnesses are called, once President Trumps Lawyers have a go at what the Democrats have done, have put forward, have said, and examined how they have conducted themselves, they are doomed! The icing on the cake will be when the lawyers for President Trump call Joe and Hunter Biden in to testify. That’s when the fecal matter will hit the rotary cooling device, splattering every Democrat in the room and beyond with the stench of corruption.

    1. WHAT is the exculpatory evidence Hunter or Joe Biden can offer that exonerates Trump from EITHER Article of Impeachment??? I am apparently not smart enough to see it. Whataboutism is not even an acceptable middle school debate technique. But you are apparently not smart enough to have researched the impeachment trials. Trump’s attorneys do not get a vote on what witnesses are called. It will require 51 Senators to make that call.

  7. Political Genius and Master Strategist my ass the drunken old hag and her sidekicks Pencil Neck Schiff and Humpty Dumpty Nadler are going to get the maximum boomerang affect from this one, I’ll bet they not only get Trump re-elected but loose the HOR and more Senate seats.

    1. If you are so confident in your bet, WHY resort to childish name calling and insults? Were you simply nostalgic for your days on the playground? WHY are you not praising them for giving you 4 more years of Trump, control of the House, and more R Senators? Trumpism logic is the strangest aspect of Trumpism.

      1. Join the discussion…Because you are a childish *itch syphilis. You have no logic or live brain cells so stop with the lies.

  8. Pelosi was all smiles and smirks as she recited Longfellow’s Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. Looked like a skit from SNL. And the pens? Pelosi allowed her common sense ( yes that’s funny) to be overridden by the lunatic fringe of Schiff and Nadler. This began the day President Trump announced his intention to run for President. And then he won! But regardless of what antics they try he continues to succeed.

  9. Bunch of BS—waste of time and taxpayer dollars—this is nonsense. Will never ever vote for a dirty D-RAT—they are anti-American!

    1. Re: Democrats – “they are anti-American” william jackson

      What is unAmerican about holding to account an elected president being lawful and fully compliant with our Constitution?

      Oh, he is YOUR fascist, unlawful, and unConstitutioanal president. I get it now.

      1. Join the discussion…You confuction and your communist party are totalitarian and fascism is included in that a**hole.

  10. This woman is a whack job. She needs professional help. Shifty Schiff is a congenital liar. The way you can tell if he’s lying? His lips are moving. What a clown show. No Nads Nadler? Give me a break. The most dangerous place in the world is between him and an all you can eat buffet! Bring in the clowns!

  11. This is such a bogus abuse of oversight illicited by the House! If the tables were turned and obama had asked anyone to investigate Trump, we would have had a full blown investigation into Trump…oh wait, that did happen and not a peep about obama abusing his powers!!! Before any of this took place, time and money should have been spent on an investigation into corruption of Ukraine and the democrats who pursued the corruption. Yet, there is still no talk about an investigation!

    1. Kathy, under what rock have you been hiding? There are THREE investigations of the INVESTIGATIONS of the Trump campaign investigation. One (Horowitz’s) is complete but R’s need greater than 8 to drop the conspiracy. Have you forgotten the 8 Benghazi investigations–all disproving R conspiracies? Wackos still claim to believe the conspiracies. Have you forgotten the 6 investigations of Uranium One? The Huber investigation released a week ago was ordered by Sessions, AGAIN found no quid pro quo. The Clinton Foundation is in full operation while the Trump Foundation was shutdown under government oversight and Trump was fined $2 million for stealing from his own charity. BUT, Trumpers are forced to go with inane “whatabouts” to attempt to defend Trump’s lawlessness. LOL…When history reports the Trump presidency, they won’t be claiming the illegalities were okay “because Obama.”

  12. The year of the Boomerang. This impeachment trial will boomerang right back onto the Democrats and the Deep State, the ones behind all of the criminal lawlessness in our nation, and the world. This is why Trump has been goading the Democrats into taking him to trial. It was the goal, all along. How else do we expose their nefarious criminal activities for all to see? In a venue that will be the most watched venue, ever.

    1. Those in the Trump administration that are attempting to keep Trump’s lawless and wacky ideas under control prefer to be called the “Steady State.”—as per “A Warning” by Anonymous. Reading Trumpism “logic.” is exhausting and depressing — You perceive Trump got himself impeached, a designation he will carry forward for the each of his remaining days and into the history of his presidency, in order to expose activities that occurred in 2016 that have been investigated without finding legal justification for charges. And SIX IJR readers up vote the assertion. Make America SANE Again.

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